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Dec. 4: Frostfell!

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  • Dec. 4: Frostfell!

    Frostfell 2017 will begin as soon as the servers come back up from patching in the morning. Have you seen all the lovely new Frostfell items this year? Remember to visit Santa every day if you want those new gifts and keep an eye out for impromptu snowball fights!

    Meanwhile, that morning patch also has a few items of note on the tradeskill front:
    • Corrected an issue that prevented rare harvests from being used in expert spell recipes.
    • Corrected an issue that prevented Innovation Tinkering recipes from showing up on crafting trainers. Mum note: we are getting some tinkered temporary adorns that can be used on level 101 and higher gear, it seems.
    • Sprocket's Interlocking Plane Builder's Kit recipes have been converted to use geomancy to be useable on Time-Locked servers. Mum note: the fuel still does not match the equipment it is made on, so I put in a /bug on Test after the Monday night Test patch.
    • Corrected a bug that caused some tinkered items to become unlimited charges.

    I also put together a quick reference guide for Planes of Prophecies rares that should help folks figure out which rares they need to save for what items. If any tinkered rares are added with the patch, I'll update the guide to include them as well.

    In other other news, due to the Far Seas strike that was occuring for most of Saturday, the New Halas City Festival this month will be running through the end of december 8th. (Personally, I think they were actually out drinking with the coldain and barbarians Friday night and nursing hangovers on Saturday.)
    Last edited by Niami DenMother; 12-05-2017, 04:33 AM. Reason: updated Mum notes after a Test patch Monday night