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Nov 28: Planes of Prophecy

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  • Nov 28: Planes of Prophecy

    We expect the servers to unlock around noonish Pacific today for the Planes of Prophecy expansion. While I do also recommend reading the patch notes for things like changes to any of your adventuring spells and abilities and things like that, it leaves a lot of stuff out. Hopefully I have managed to cover most of the major crafting and housing news in the PoP Information Clearinghouse, but I am sure I will be adding to it and updating it for several days as we find other undocumented bits and pieces after launch.

    Update: There is an issue with stats on gear. They are working on it. Meanwhile, for those who haven't already ground out their factions/tokens for KA and ToT recipe books, you can now find them on the guild recipe vendors for coin.

    Update 2: The claimed level 100 crafting buff bauble also buffs you to 500 tinkering and 500 adorning. Enjoy!

    Update 3: For those who missed it in my preview, and have missed it in chat channels, go collect from all of your Obulus Gardens. Really. Yum!

    Update 4: I know it has been a while since level caps were raised, so: You will not see your new tier of recipe books on recipe book vendors until you are level 101.
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