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Are you going to make a site for ____ game?

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  • Are you going to make a site for ____ game?

    Folks ask this question rather frequently these days, whether asking about EQOA, Star Wars, DAoC, whatever.

    We have no plans to branch out to make a site for any other game at this time -- nor to add other EQ game version offerings to the current site.

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    Just to nudge this up in visibility (especially since many folks default to a forum view that only shows posts from the last month or so) ...

    We still have no plans to branch into other games. It isn't really a question of hosting space or starter material, but of time and inclination. I'd rather focus my attentions and variable energy levels on this game (and the frequent changes to tradeskills that cause so much database chaos), than branch out into yet more demands on our time.