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  • General Crafting Questions

    === General Questions ===
    Q: Who can craft?
    A: Anyone can craft!

    Q: Can I be an Adventurer and an Artisan?
    A: Yes, you can! Every character can be one, the other or both!

    Q: Can I change or reset profession/tradeskill choice if I don't like the one that I chose?
    A: Unfortunately, just like your adventuring profession, once youíve chosen, thatís it. However, Artisans have the nifty bonus of not having to choose until the class level, 10th.

    Q: Can I be multiple artisan class at one time?
    A: Nope. But you never lose the skills you before branching into a specialty. So you will still be able to craft rawhide backpacks even if you are a provisioner.

    Q: Do stats have ANY effect upon tradeskilling?
    A: It has been confirmed several times that stats have no effect upon tradeskills.

    Q: Does race have ANY effect upon tradeskills? Does class have ANY effect?
    A: (from Ngreth) It looks like race will, but only if you work on your adventurer level. (Does not matter which adventurer class, just your adventurer level.) We do not currently have a full list of what each race gets, but check out Tradeskill-related Racial Traditions. Currently, these all appear to give a flat +5 bonus to the selected skill.

    Q: Are there any tradeskills that are standing out as the big money makers?
    A: Not that we yet know of! Besides, donít you want them all to be balanced? Right? Itís all for fun, right?

    Q: Whatís up with citizenship?
    A: Whelp, under beta, an attempt was added to automatically grant Artisanís citizenship at Artisan level 6. Reaching this point before you finished your Adventurerís citizenship quest let you enter the city proper, but you did not get the gate ability nor the weapon and item. Being a bit too buggy, they removed this. Now-a-days, however, you get your citizenship automagically! (And that's just much cooler than automatically!)

    Q: Is there any difference in choosing Adventurer or Artisan at Citizenship Quest/Banker?
    A: (from Ngreth's post in this thread) It is PURELY flavor text. They actually added artisan at my request, because a certain percentage of the rabid tradeskillers would never let it stay and would drive us crazy on the boards because they HAD to choose adventurer when they were in fact an artisan.

    For further confirmation of this, check out this post by Blackguard on the official boards.
    Originally posted by Blackguard
    Selecting Adventurer or Artisan during your citizenship quest will not have an effect on your gameplay. It is simply a role-playing choice as far as your conversation with the banker is concerned, and does not impact your character at all.

    Ryan "Blackguard" Shwayder

    Q: If you do all (or maybe most) of your own foraging is it possible to be self sufficient in crafting (ie, you don't have make oodles of money adventuring so you can spend oodles of money to gain crafting skill)?
    A: There are tradeskill quests you can do! And they do return a decent amount of coin, though you'll have to determine if it's "enough" for you.

    Q: You can turn off your Adventure experience? How?
    A: Yes, you can! Just right-click on your experience bar and choose disable experience. HOWEVER, you will still gain all other types of experience, including quest exp! Also, you can switch to see your Artisan experience as well!

    Q: What artisan classes make what spell/combat arts upgrades?
    A: Jewelers make runes for all scout-type classes.
    Sages make spells for all mage/priest-type classes.
    Alchemists make essences for all fighter-type classes
    [Answer courtesy of Durgok]

    Those are the distinctions from Tier 3 up, but Tier 1 can be made by any artisan and any scholar can make any Tier 2 skill upgrade.
    [Clarification courtesy of Amaera]
    (And thanks to RuadhTheRed for the write-up!)

    Q: Which rares are used for which adept abilities?
    A: [I]Ok, so this isn't really a trick question. Tier 1 rares make Tier 1 abilities. Kind of like, "duh". Heh. However, there have been considerations in the past - like the level 50 abilities in the basic game used the Tier 5 rare, even though it was technically Tier 6. That got changed and now the Tiers DO align up (so level 50 abilities take Tier 6, i.e. DoF rares), though the very last level right now, 70, still takes Tier 7.
    [Thanks to Prrasha for the info!][I]

    Q: What in the world is a WORT?
    A: It had been a standard term for the alchemical liquids used by all the classes: Wash, Oil, Resin, Temper. With the revamp, all of these "subcombines" have been removed!

    === Tradeskill/Recipe Specific (For Now) ===
    Q: What are the benefits of player made food over merchant food?
    A: The exact numbers are still being compiled, but in general the Player made foods are longer lasting and have a higher regen rate compared to the merchant bought versions. There have been quite a few changes regarding this and to date no one has submitted a comprehensive analysis - why don't you?

    Food also provides some stat bonuses in addition to its health regen effect.
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