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Now That You're An Artisan - Harvesting

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  • Now That You're An Artisan - Harvesting

    Q: What skill levels do I need to harvest in zone X?
    A: It's all based upon the tier of the zone. There is currently some variance in the individual skills, but Tier 2 is around 40 skill, Tier 3 is around 90. You'll find more info in The Node Knows - Which What is Where .

    Q: So how do I find out what my skill level is?
    A: Press the EQII button then choose Skills - or just press 'L' on your keyboard. Choose the tab that contains your skill of interest!

    Q: Where do I get the resources I need?
    Q: What do I have to harvest to get what type of resources?
    A: Check out Mum's Guide to Harvesting and The Node Knows - Which What is Where!

    Q: So where do I find tin, plants, liquid etc?
    A: Yet another article! The Node Knows - Which What is Where . What? You thought I'd list 'em all here?

    Q: Why can't I find the resource node I want?!?
    A: (from 'Mum) Lots of times, after a zone has been picked over by folks for a bit, it seems there's not only a lot of gardens lying around, but a ton of fish nodes. As there are only a certain number of nodes per zone, make sure you're clearing the fish nodes out of the water (if the hand icon shows up when you mouse over a fish, it's harvestable) in order to clear up some spawns and have a chance at random respawn of something more useful. It won't totally make up for the fact that there's the standard "just after launch" crowding at the lower levels, but it will help a bit. (As an example, I found twenty fish nodes active at the same time in the front pond in the Forest Ruins - no wonder nobody could find anything else there!)

    Q: How is my maximum harvesting determined?
    A: It is based off of the higher of your Adventurer and Artisan levels. Just watch those Tier 3 zones if you're only a level 3 Adventurer!

    Q: What's up with the harvesting tools?
    A: Whelp, previously they didn't do anything. Then they give a (really) small bonus to the relevant harvesting skill (before being removed, again). Currently, they increase the speed with which you harvest. Normally, harvesting takes 5 seconds. The tools decrease that time by a half-second or more!

    Q: I'm farming all the nodes to make the type of node I need spawn. I now have a lot of resources I don't need for my class. Should I just destroy them?
    A: That's really up to you at this point. Early in the game (and each time an expansion is released) raws are in high demand. As time goes on, there's more available. You can still sell your harvests on the broker for a bit of extra cash, but you have to decide if that's your style or not.

    Q: Can I make big money just off harvesting and selling rares?
    A: Yes and no. You would probably get as much money off selling all the commons you get while looking for those rares. The rares in EQ2 are often termed "mythical" on this site due to just how extremely rare they are. We don't really have a good estimate of how "rare" rare is; it was original placed around 1 in 2000 or so, but there have been various changes to that, including changing the frequency based upon Tier (where Tier 1 rares are more common than Tier 2, which is more common than T3, etc.).

    Q: What's up with those odd things that look like nodes, but I can't harvest from?
    A: Those, which can be things like decaying corpses, nests or siege towers, are the dynamic adventure camps. The actual node types are fairly well documented elsewhere. For these camps, clearing all those group mobs around it and beating respawn time will trigger a spawn from the thing-that-looks-like-node which is a slight harder group encounter than the mobs you had to clear. You may eventually have a chance for a named mob within them as well or so other result. (Thanks to Oufti for the description.)

    Q: Woot! I just harvested a rare! Now what can I make with it?
    A: There's a nice guide What To Do With Your Rares.

    Q: What are "blue-silver sheet," "perfectly cut purple geode," "a perfect osseous lumber," & "a strip of supple leather?"
    A: These are "special" T7 rare harvests that are used in the KoS Heritage Quest "Draco Mortuus Vos Liberatio".

    Q: What is Strange Black Ore?
    A: This is used to make Wyrmsteel items from the recipe books you can purchase at a high enough guild level (currently 25).

    Q: Anything I can do to see the harvesting nodes better/farther away/easier?
    A: Yup!
    Originally posted by jeger View Post
    Options -> models -> Model bias -> maximum... you can see even difficult nodes (dens, logs) from MUCH MUCH further away.

    I've been asked if I had some showeq sort of program running by other harvesters. (I don't, at all, but setting the model bias to maximum really does make that much difference). While you're in your in game client options screen, take away all that grass and stuff too, if you haven't... just slows you down and makes the nodes harder to see.

    Good luck!

    Jeger, Runnyeye
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