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  • Now That You're An Artisan - Mechanics

    Q: I took damage while tradeskilling. What's up with that?
    A: (from ‘Mum) Just like in real life, when you're working with complex tradeskills, things can go awry - molten metal can cool/heat improperly, a knot of wood can make your saw go askew, and so forth. For each item that you make, there will be various events, and 3 basic responses for them. In most cases, the events will "just" harm the progress of your item, but in the worst cases, an event that is not responded to proper *can* hurt you, so it is recommended that you respond to every tradeskill event that occurs during the progress of your item. (You will find the responses in your Knowledge Book, found by hitting 'K' in-game.) In simplest terms, match the event icon at the bottom of your tradeskill screen, with the proper response icon from your Knowledge Book. (These responses can be made into hotkeys.) For even MORE detail, please check out the Tradeskill Guide Forum and the How To section of the main site.

    Q: Why is "quality" important, and what quality levels are there?
    A: Definitely check out the article Item Quality - Why Worry?

    Q: What are all those tradeskill abilities?
    A: These are abilities that are used while crafting, much like the various combat and spell abilities that are used while adventuring. More than that and this won't be a FAQ any more, it'll be a guide! So check out the Tradeskill Guide Submission Forum and the How To Section of the main site for more help.

    Q: When do I get those abilities?
    A: [I]You get your first set at level 2 when you can actually start crafting. Thereafter, you get a new set every tier, though the last tiers are a little skewed due to the interaction of the basic game (which was up to 50 - technically the beginning of the 6th tier) and the expansions which let you go beyond 50. So, the levels are: 2, 10, 20, 30, 40, 51, 61.[I]

    Q: Help! My skills are low for my level!
    A: [I]Ok, not so much a question, but the solution is fairly simple: you need to use your highest level abilities. That's it. Do that and you'll find your skill will advance quite rapidly. Now those particular skills may not be your top choice, but they will advance your skill level![I]

    Q: So, what's the best way to use those abilities?
    A: [I]There are too many ways to use those abilities to count. People definitely have favorite patterns, but the root of it is to use them for more than countering events! And since I don't want to write a dissertation on the various philosophies of use, I'll point you to the General Forum where a lot of discussion takes place and to the search function.

    Q: Is it possible to make an entire batch of items? For example, If I am making a whole bunch of sepia ink, can i do say 20 a shot instead of 1 at a time.
    A: While some recipes may inherently make multiples, there is currently no way to do "batches" of items beyond that. So while you can get multiples from food, for example, you cannot do multiples of armor.

    Q: What is this "discovery" XP I keep hearing about?
    A: (From 'Mum) The first time you make an item, yes, you get extra tradeskill experience for having learning something totally new. After that, it goes down to "normal" xp. This is, in part, to prevent grinding, and to encourage folks to try new things.

    Trainers - Class Choice
    Q: Where do I go to choose my level 10 artisan class? My level 20?
    Q: I have reached level 9 and 100% but I keep getting the message
    "You must complete your class quest before you can obtain level 10".
    What's going on? How is this quest started?
    Q: Where are the trainers?
    A: For both your level 10 and your level 20 crafting choice, hail the nearest NPC that has the <Crafting Trainer> tag. These can be found outside of the residential tradeskill instances in Qeynos and Freeport, as well as outside Tunare's Pages in Kelethin.

    Q: I already talked with this person! I've got more than 100% experience, why am I not 10 yet?
    A: If you're close to or above 10, just go and make one more item to reach the next level! Ding!
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