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Now That You're An Artisan - Managing Recipies

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  • Now That You're An Artisan - Managing Recipies

    Q: Where do I get new recipes?
    A: You can buy them from the merchant near the various Societies. You will only be able to see those books you can use! For the expansions, you can find more specific information in the Recipe Book article in the Tradeskill Guide section of the main page.

    Q: But that's not all the recipes!
    A: There are "rare" recipes that are in dropped only books. YOU DO NOT REQUIRE THESE TO PROGRESS!! They do have additional and alternate recipes that utilize those rare, rare, rare, resources.

    Q: Fine, fine, but I still want them! Where do I find them? Can I go farm greys?
    A: The appropriate Tier zone has a chance to drop the equivalent level book (so Tier 1 can drop the 3-9 books, etc). However, they only drop in chests, so you cannot find them from greys as you will never get a chest from one unless you can mentor down! There is an exception to this in that you can purchase the Tier 1 (level 3-9) and ONLY Tier 1 advanced books from the merchant outside your local society.

    Q: But you still haven't told me what actually drops the advanced recipe books! Can't you just give me a list?
    A: Well, actually, no. They're random chest drops (which, as mentioned above, you can't get from a grey) off of any level appropriate mob. With that said, you're much more likely to get a chest from an encounter with up arrows (^) and even more from heroics. Advanced books aren't that rare of a drop, but it make take some time to find just the one you are looking for. So what's a level appropriate mob? I would say, and this is personal opinion here, that your best shot is to hunt encounters that are within 3 or 4 levels of the book you are looking for, but try to stay within Tier. So if you're looking for Craftsman Volume 11, you'll probably do better by hunting 10-15 (Tier 2) than anything less than 10 (Tier 1). Again, the exception to this are the Tier 1 books available on the merchant outside of your local society.

    Q: Ack! I've lost some recipes!
    A: Make sure you are looking at an unfiltered recipe book. At the top there's a selection, if it is set to anything else, you won't see all of your recipes!

    Q: How do I find out which books I have scribed?
    A: That self-same problem child from the previous question, the filter option! Choose edit and then scroll down the menu until you find the book listings. Please note that there is a large scroll bar to scroll through the options that all have smaller scroll bars.

    Q: So what's "Unknown" then?
    A: Everyone has this - it's the initial recipes you are automatically given (like Tin Bar and Tin Spike). So don't worry, it's suppose to be there!

    Q: Where do I get Artisan Book 10? The wholesaler doesn't have it.
    A: Once you get to 10th level, you're no longer an Artisan. You need to look for your specific class books.

    Q: I have a recipe in my book I don't want. Can I delete it?
    A: It is not possible to delete recipes. If nothing else, you can get an additional pristine bonus from completing it as it counts as a completely different recipe!

    Q: What does the number in the corner of the recipe icon mean?
    A: Absolutely nothing. It's apparently a leftover from beta that was never implemented. There's a lot of speculation as to what it means and I invite you to go find the discussions if you're really interested, but it doesn't mean a thing.
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