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EQ2TC Correction: Ornate Vase

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  • EQ2TC Correction: Ornate Vase

    This is my first post, so it wont let me post links, but the error I found is on the Ornate Vase: EQ2TC > Knicknacks > Ornate Vase

    The recipe shown on the page is for an Embellished Rug instead of an Ornate Vase.

    I found the Ornate Vase recipe but cant post the link to it. However, the recipe number seems to be #3293 according to the url. Here's the pasted text from that recipe page for clarification.

    Ornate Vase

    Crafting an ornate vase

    Process: Final Product
    Level: 28
    Technique: Sculpting
    Device: Work Bench

    Primary Component: Raw Gold(1)
    Gold Cluster
    Build Component 1: Raw Ash(1)
    Severed Ash
    Build Component 2: Raw Belladonna Root(1)
    Belladonna Root
    Build Component 3: Raw Carbonite(1)
    Carbonite Cluster
    Fuel Component 1: Dull Black Coal(3)

    Dull Black Coal(3)
    Dull Black Coal(3)
    Dull Black Coal(3)
    Pristine Ornate Vase

    Class: Carpenter
    Recipe Book: Carpenter Essentials Volume 28
    EQ2TC Notes:Updated: 9/23/06

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    Thanks a ton! It should be fixed now.

    I'm not sure why the first column is acting up, but staring at the raw code right now is making my eyes cross, so I'll poke at it later. At least the right recipe is now linked to the vase!