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  • T10 Food and Drinnk

    Hello! I just noticed that the link for the T10 Food and Drink stats is broken. When I clicky, it just takes me to the list for T9...

    If the information isn't actually available, that is, you don't have the stat info on them, I'd be happy to do some investigating and put together a chart.


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    Hrm .. I can't find the page either, and if it did exist, it probably didn't include everything it should have. If you could put together a chart, that'd be divine - I'm eyeballs-deep, and then some, in another project for the site right now, so it would be a while before I have the oomph to spare to get to the foodstuff.



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      Successfully googled the T10 food and drink page:


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        Thank you - this totally slipped my mind. The link has been fixed to point to the right page. Now I "just" need to do the T11 food/drink chart some day.


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          I hope they won't mind me mentioning but the MiddleEarth Guild of Freeport has a very good crafting page with all the T11 foods and drinks listed if it helps.


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            Apologies, but I note that the link to the Middle Earth of Freeport guild is no longer working. It may be just a temporary hiatus but if not it's a shame since it had some very good content.

            It was temporary - seems to be working again
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              I finally made a T11 chart for here.