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Thread: Master List of Tradeskill Guides

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    Master List of Tradeskill Guides

    Hi, all!

    I've been asked to keep an eye on this forum and so one of the first things I would like to do is to make a sticky post listing all of the submitted guides on these boards. As more guides are posted here for review, this list will be updated. The purpose is to keep track of everyone's guides so they will be easy to track down later on, and to see where we may be lacking.

    Of course, remember that people post guides here often looking for feedback to make them better, so if they ask for it, please give them a hand. The first URL in the links below is to the guide itself (if posted on an external link) and the second is the eqtraders thread in which to post comments/suggestions/praise.

    As a reminder, as stated in the READ BEFORE POSTING thread:
    This forum is for:

    1. In-progress tradeskill guides that are not currently hosted on the site

    2. Links to tradeskill guides that you've written that are hosted elsewhere

    3. Comments regarding the above-mentioned guides

    4. Links to various tradeskill UI mods

    Baking Guides

    Quichon's Baking to 191 Guide

    Aellas's Baking Guide

    Rendi's Baking Guide - 2006

    Brewing Guides

    The Grandmasterís Guide to Brewing v1.0
    By Ceryn Bwahahahahahaha of the Stromm Server:

    Rendi's Brewing Guide - 2006

    Fletching Guides

    Eniamn's Fletching Guide:

    Zebedi's Shawl Questers Fletching Guide

    Jewelcraft Guides

    Laziris's Guide to Jewelcraft:

    Pottery Guides

    Smithing Guides

    High Level Character's Guide to Smithing
    By Monual
    Posted on EQTraders

    Economical Smith 6.0:
    Note: already on eqtraders site.

    Tailoring Guides

    Nichola Smith's Guides:
    LoY Ribbons-
    LoY Robes-
    Robes Guide posted on EQTraders

    Csimene's Ribbon Guide:

    Alchemy Guides


    Zyrtryx's Guide:

    Poisonmaking Guides

    Tinkering Guides

    Kritta's Guide:
    No thread yet to comment on

    Multi-Trade Guides

    Byelka's Guides (link may require registration to view guides)

    German Guides

    Secone's Complete Guide v 3.0

    Cuva's Blue Mob Tradeskilling Guide

    Guides involving Quests

    Silverfur Mangycoat's guide to JP Armor

    Augment Guides
    Qmaus' OoW Augments Guide

    --Myrron Lifewarder
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