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Thread: Prism Goggles

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    Prism Goggles

    Somehow those 5 tinkering recipes from the Veil of Alaris expansion are still missing. They're from the book "The New World of Tinkering".

    The goggles come in 5 shades : ruby red, sapphire blue, topaz yellow, emerald green, and amethyst purple.

    All 5 recipes are trivial at 292 and require :
    1 x Alaris Gemstone
    1 x Cured Leather Tubing
    1 x Essence of Alaris
    1 x Metal Fastening
    1 x Prism Shard

    Add for each shade :
    1 x Reflective Shard (Amethyst Prism Goggles - Recipe ID: 77204)
    1 x Platinum Bar (Emerald Prism Goggles - Recipe ID: 77205)
    1 x Small Lantern (Rbuy Prism Goggles - Recipe ID: 77201)
    1 x Vial of Gases (Sapphire Prism Goggles - Recipe ID: 77202)
    1 x Static Orb (Topaz Prism Goggles - Recipe ID: 77203)

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