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Thread: Mental Burn

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    Mental Burn

    I do not have a rogue to test recipe. A cross check does not show this recipe for Mental Burn. Only found it because of the duplicate name, no recipe ID known yet. Please investigate.

    Make Poison Components: Advanced Poison Vial, Celestial Suspension, Drop of Mercury, Smashed War Grubs, Undead Shissar Venom Sac
    In: Mortar and Pestle, Marble Mortar and Pestle, Collapsible Mortar and Pestle
    Yield: 1
    On Failure Returns: Advanced Poison Vial
    This combine may only be made by Rogues
    Trivial at: 322

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    it's valid - I think these types of questions should go into the tradeskill question forums.


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    Might there any other poison making that are similar to this that need to be searched for unreported recipes? So far this might be the only recipe I came across with wildly different materials and trivials for the same item. I don't know the different "classes" of poisons to see what needs to be poked.

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