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Thread: Say it isn't so!

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    Say it isn't so!

    ** Tradeskills ***

    - Sub combine items for Crestra's Earring are now no-trade.

    I have not quite gotten there yet but seeing that Polished Sebilisian Marble Bead (one of the components) is created by research skill with a trivial of 423. Already I have one alt with the feather version of the research trophy, a second alt at 300 and almost at the feather version. PLEASE NO! I do not want to have to train my main tradeskill character in research!

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    I'm pretty sure they were all updated

    All I can say is binding powders - start collecting them now.

    Intricate Binding Powder will take you over 300 - no need to go higher than that unless you find them.

    The Hive, Stoneroot, Plane of Air, LDoNs all great places to farm them.
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