Copied from Community News November 2017

New Tradeskill Questline

Crestra, an alaran worshiper of Oseka, came to the shores of The Overthere to craft a gift for their beloved. Once they arrived, they realized that they were in a bit over their head - but all is not lost. Norrathian adventurers abound in the region! If the players scout for Crestra, they will be able to take on the challenges with more focus and less risk. In return for the player's aid, they will help the players make an earring of exceptional quality for their own use.

There is a six quest series granted by Crestra on the docks of Overthere. These quests span all six zones of the expansion and entail the killing of many creatures along the way. The adventurer's skill in crafting will be tested in all but the class and race specific trades. The risks are not small, but in the end the reward is grand.