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Thread: Jewelry in VoA

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    Jewelry in VoA

    Ok so I have this book. It says it is a special metal to make the jewelry in VoA. Platinum and Essence of Alaris and apply heat. I will be first to say I am totally confused.

    I don't know if I am missing another book I need to reclick or not. I was guessing I needed to find Comparmented something but that did not happen for the level 95 jewelry.

    So if you got some clues you want to give me, I am *happy* to take them. Down to the last part of the cultural to figure out.

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    Not all books can be scribed. Some you have to read and figure it out. The new jewelcraft bar recipe and the recipes to enchant said bar are already in the database. The jewelry recipes are still probably an enchanted bar of Alaran Metal, the appropriate mold and the appropriate tool in a jewelkit - but no one has turned them in yet and I haven't had time to experiment myself yet. Good Luck!
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    Thank you Aanuvane!! I was trying to figure our the jewelry recipes myself and just couldn't understand what's wrong with it!!

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