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Thread: Todays Patch-- Metals to drop in proper content now

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    Todays Patch-- Metals to drop in proper content now

    *** Tradeskills ***

    - Cultural metal drops have been adjusted to drop in the proper content now.

    This is the message. Was just curious if anyone knew more about this. My guess is it means they removed Porous Loam drops from Thallasius and Zhizsa but i dont know. Is Porous Loam a metal? Or is this ores only? Any info would be great.

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    Tin Ore and Ruined Animal Pelts were dropping from higher level mobs, in particular NPC's out of Beza/Zeka. Maybe some other places too but I remember seeing it for certain there.

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    Also had a couple Ruined Animal Pelts drop in Fortress Mechanotus, I wasn't aware it was a widespread issue until I saw the patch notes.

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    Well this being about metals im guessing has nothing to do with the ruined animal pelts which had a line in the patch message of its on. I ran 2 and a half Thallasius missions before my eq time was up tonight and got 0 level 80 drops as oppose to at least 10 (silks,ore,pelts included in those 10 drops)per clearing before the patch.

    anyone else confirm weather porous loam still drops in either of these zones since patch?

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    Metals where dropping 1 "rank" higher than they should have in a number of places.
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    No, really.

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    Aye that is why im guessing on Thall and Zhisa. Although there are golems in zhisa that are higher level.

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