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Thread: Just getting started

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    Just getting started

    Been playing this game of love for 7 years now and have yet to do ANY crafting, I know it's blasphemy. I am tired of spending countless hours trying to get someone to make me some cultural armor/augs. Anyway, getting started on blacksmithing and a few questions.

    1. What determines your skill up for blacksmithing? IE: STR, INT, WIS or does it even determine anything. (Whichever is higher)

    2. Do the AA's come in handy for blacksmithing?

    Thanks for the input.

    Got 1 answer already. Amazing things happen when you keep reading. =)
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    First off, good luck with your smithing endeavor. I am sure you will have many hours of frustration and occasional satisfaction ahead /giggle.

    The highest of your Str/Int/Wis will determine your skill-up rate so try to max one (I used to have a set of gear specifically for skilling-up). Remember that some buffs can increase caps of above stats.

    The salvage aa is handy when making expensive/difficult items.
    The mastery aa's will certainly help skill-up rate as you are more likely to skill-up on a success than on a failure. Smithing mastery will also be useful when you make your own armour (I failed twice on elegant bp before success with mastery 1 and will not try another piece until I have at least mastery 2).

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    Forgot about the over cap buffs on STR. Nice to know that.

    Thanks for the info on the AA's. after I get warrior up higher in levels then I will pop those first since we are only a casual/family style guild with not much direction lol

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    For skillup rates check the calculators here on EQTraders (simple and advanced). Check there before spending too much time maxing your Str/Int/Wis...depending on your skill and the trivial level there comes a point where more stats don't help that much or at all.
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    How does the new herioc stats effect your skill up rate?

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    only indirectly.

    You base stat goes up by the same amount as the heroic stat. And heroics can give "over cap" increases to that stat.

    There is no additional help though.
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