I'm becoming more and more a fan of shared spreadsheets, so I'm giving this one a try with Jewelcrafting. I've put together a sheet that summarizes what I know so far of the new gems, their cuts, and what stats they give with each metal. Feel free to browse or add to it; the sheet is open for everyone to edit.


The max stats information should be copied from Lucy, EQItems, Magelo, or a similar authenticated source.

The information for each metal should be taken from in game. In other words, if you don't see the stats in game, please don't post them here. No guesses or assumptions, please. For gems that can be both slot 10 or slot 11 with different cuts, please post the slot 11 cut stats.

Once the sheet is mostly filled in, I hope to make a JC calculator or assembler of some sort that lets you select a base metal and your preferred gems and cuts, then see what the final stats will look like.

And remember that since the spreadsheet is shared, any change you make is immediately visible to everyone! Please be careful about deleting cells by accident. If you want to reserve some cells for yourself, you can lock that range of cells and make a note of why you locked it.

Let me know what you think.