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Thread: Complete Tradeskill Guide 5.0 (rev.10/2007)

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    Complete Tradeskill Guide 5.0 (rev.10/2007)

    Complete Tradeskill Guide 5.0 Revised May 13, 2009. Suggestions on corrections/recipes to include are welcome!

    Well, Secone has left the building and I've spent some time updating Secone's outdated tradeskill guide with additional links, updates and alternatives to make my revision the most comprehensive skillup guide around. So, credit goes to Secone for the original 3.0 guide that this is based on. EQ has changed and will continue to change and I'll keep this guide as up to date as possible, with updates reflected from posts, comments and my personal trade skilling, time permitting.

    Enjoy this revised guide and continue using it. If you like it, feel free to Donate so that I can buy some real food.

    The following is a recommended path for skilling up. As with all items requiring foraging or farming, if you have the plat to buy items for sale in the Bazaar or the means to set up a Buyer toon in the bazaar, it could decrease or eliminate your farming time dramatically or even entirely. Also, use your own best judgment for your own skill up path. For example, if you're rolling in the dough and can afford to buy all your items instead of farming them, then it might be faster for you to stick to one of the higher trivial path items rather than switching from making one item to another. On the other hand, if you're strapped for plat and have all the time in the world to farm items and maybe those items just happen to drop from mobs that will yield you experience and levels, then maybe a farming route is more for you. In such cases, if farming is required, it has been noted to the best of my knowledge and personal experience. Finally, the freebie skillup Gates of Discord quests have been included for those interested in being able to self refine GoD drops.

    This charm gains power as your baking, brewing, fletching, jewelry making, pottery, black smithing and tailoring skills increase.

    Quick Trivial List
    Tradeskill Trophy Quest
    Alternative with +15% mod if you're in a raiding guild: Umbracite Swarm Orb (Diabo Xi Va Temariel in Vex Thal)
    Alchemist Charm

    0 - 54 Alchemy Freebie: Lita Hegeway
    55 - 95 Effusion of E'ci IV
    96 - 106 Skinspikes IV
    106 - 110 Immunization IV
    110 - 148 Antidote V
    149 - 156 Tonic of Gelid Affinity II (cost 5.244p/combine)
    157 - 164 Philter of Faerune
    165 - 170 Philter of the Wolf IV (cost 4.257p/combine)
    171 - 210 Philter of the Wolf V
    211 - 220 Formed Suspension Of Toxin VII
    221 - 228 Basic Suspension Of Slime VII
    229 - 231 Formed Suspension Of Slime VII
    232 - 300 Recipes using Nodding Blue Lily or Deepwater Ink

    Foraged path to 255: Distillate Of Alacrity VIII - DoN Red Cups
    Farmed path to 300: Distillate Of Alacrity IX - Deepwater Ink
    Alternate TSS path to 262: Alchemist Ceramic Clay (involves farming medicinal moss)

    Quick Trivial List
    Tradeskill Trophy Quest
    Baker Charm

    Baking Freebie: Ordin's Tasks
    0 - 135 Fish Rolls
    136 - 143 Filleted Bear
    144 - 191 Patty Melt
    192 - 226 Halas 10lb Meat Pie
    227 - 300 Misty Thicket Picnic - Shoppinglist to 100 MTP Tries.

    Alternative to 242: Barbequed Crab Souffle or Barbequed Tuna Souffle - involves some fishing, farming, foraging
    Alternative to 282: Jord Meat Pie - needs farming, Boar Chops - needs farming, Planar Fruit Pies - Needs foraging
    Alternative to 284: Casseroles - veggie, griffon, anaconda needs farming or foraging in Jaggedpine.
    Alternative to 295: Hero Sandwich - Needs a lot of farming.
    Alternative to 300: Hobgoblin Surprise - Needs a lot of farming

    Quick Trivial List
    Tradeskill Trophy Quest
    Brewer Charm

    Brewing Freebie: Work for Yitimis
    0-122 Fetid Essence (can be used later in Smithing Bile Spine)
    123 -135 Ol'tujim's Fierce Brew
    136 - 162 Jumjum Spiced Beer
    163 - 187 Shar Vahl Essence (requires foraged or ground spawns)
    188 - 248 Minotaur Hero's Brew
    248 - 300 Kaladim Constitutional

    Alternative to 150: Sherry (all store bought items)
    Alternative to 188: Faydwer Shaker (all store bought)
    Alternative to 282: Fish Fungus Wine (requires fishing in Depths of Darkhollow)
    Alternative to 295: Blindfish Pale Ale (requires fishing in Depths of Darkhollow)
    Alternative to 300: Brut Champagne a bit more expensive but less farming..

    0 - 177 Fish Bones - Use Fresh Fish
    178 - 200 Stand by the water and fish ... a lot

    List of fishing spots and what to expect to catch.

    Recommended: Make Anizok's Bait Dispenser (242 tinkering) or buy one to save from making multiple bait buying trips

    Quick Trivial List
    Tradeskill Trophy Quest
    Fletcher Charm

    0 - 54 Fletching Freebie: Imildu's Tasks
    55 - 68 Class 1 Bone Point Arrow
    69 - 82 Class 3 Wood Point Arrow
    83 - 102 Class 1 Wood Hooked Arrow
    103 - 122 Class 4 Wood Point Arrow
    123 - 135 Class 1 Ceramic Point Arrow
    136 - 162 Class 5 Wood Point Arrow
    163 - 182 Class 1 Wood Silver Tip Arrow or Serrated Arrowhead(needed later for Serrated Tip Arrow)
    183 - 202 Class 6 Wood Point Arrow or Class 1 Steel Point Arrow (large Groove)
    203 - 227 Class 1 Steel Discord - Serrated Tip Arrow
    228 - 235 Shaped Darkwood Compound Bow
    236 - 268 Flame - Ice - Shadow Tipped Acrylia Arrow
    269 - 282 Shaped Shadewood Compound Bow (silk)
    283 - 291 Oak Treant Recurve Bow
    292 - 298 Desiccated Treant Recurve Bow(involves farming and/or foraging)
    299 - 300 Desiccated Treant Laminated Recurve Bow(involves farming and/or foraging)

    Alternative TSS path to 262: Fletcher Ceramic Clay (involves farming Leopard Intestines)

    Alternative path from 202 till 300 for Wood Elves:
    Blessed Champion Arrows
    Mithril Champion Arrows

    Alternative path to 300 for those with Karana diety:
    Blessed Guardian Arrows
    Steel Guardian Arrows

    Alternative to 300: Glowing Energeiac Bow and other staff and bow combines involving farmed or foraged treant branches and/or battle blades.
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    Master Artisan + GM trophies for all
    Alts: 300 Poison making, 297 Tinkering
    Half Elf Bard of Xegony

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