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Thread: Tradeskillers Declaration Of Independence

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    Tradeskillers Declaration Of Independence

    Now do not get me wrong, I ADORE tradeskilling.
    I loves the ups and downs, the farming, the research, the surreal amount of help EQTC gives us. I love the "wow" moments when I hand a guy a piece of upgrade gear. I love the skillups, I love the trophies, I love the titles, I love tradeskilling. is hard sometimes to deal with the inanities of the un-informed, the scammers or the just plain rude. Ergo:

    The Tradeskillers Declaration of Independence

    1) If you do not have your materials do not expect me to farm them while you go and EXP.
    2) Do not insult me over prices. I don't gouge. I know how hard it was to get to this skill level and to get these materials. I parse the /bazaar, I know what's a fair price.
    3) Don't tell me you SoW'd me back in 1999 and expect me to give you a 20k item.
    4) Do not expect me to remember the name of your alt_08. I deal with 100s of questions and combines per week.
    5) I will not gate from a raid, hunt, Shadowhaven-swim-athon because I am a gnome and can not get out of the pool to make metal bits for you.
    6) Please and thank you really do work in real life and in EQ. You would be amazed.
    7) Do not swear at me. I don't want to fizzle your combine any more than you want it fizzled.
    8) Do not expect me to know every recipe, combine, drop. If I know the information I will tell you. If I refer you to EQTC do not tell me I am being "dismissive" or "uppity".
    9) If I make you an item and you tip me 50pp then it shows up in /bazaar for 150k, you might as well go fishing with Fredo in the dingy 'cause you are dead to me.
    10) Do not tell me "gimme that for free j/k".
    11) I don't take Paypal, Visa or MC.
    12) Words like BAH, WTF, PC PLZ DUDEZ do not constitute a friendly hello.
    13) I do not run casinos, buy/sell plats or want your Golden Ticket.
    14) I do actually hunt. I exp, loot, kill, die, fizzle, mez myself, root myself and get in way over my head. If I am not at your leisure I apologize.
    15) If I am naked at bind it is a bad time to ask me to do GM cultural combine. (Incidentally, binding outside Nest instanced is also a bad idea, no matter how many MDS you give me I doubt I'll make anything except more of my own corpses.)
    16) Do not ask for a price check then undercut my price or overcharge me for materials.
    17) Do not spam me for prices or combine requests. Sometimes I am talking to others or negotiating for supplies. Also: AFK means I am Away From The Keyboard or just declining comment.
    18) Do not Levitate, SoE, FoE or DMF me. I get airsick, it lags my system and I know you are looking up my skirt.
    19) "Wow you must be rich! Everyone knows tradeskillers have tons of plat! Can I have 10k?" No, no & no.
    20) I can not affect Sony's Nerf-Stick. I will never knowingly sell you an item that I know will ne nerfed negatively in the next patch but I can not predict what will happen to an item I make for you down the road.
    21) Do not mock, tease, /emote, hassle or tap on the aquariam glass. A tradeskiller is like a nest of angry hornets and I think your med-alert bareclet says you are allergic to stings.
    22) I started playing a long time ago, probably before you did. There were no books, spires, very few porters, no nexus, no PoK, no in-game maps. I sold stuff at the first torch in the tunnel in East Commons on the weekends. If you can not travel 2 zones to meet me you are unlikely to evoke sympathy and admiration.
    23) We live and die by the RNG. Sometimes we are up, sometiems we are down. In the end it evens out. If we seem cranky, the RNG has been to visit and it rained on my parade.
    24) "Someone told me..", "I heard that you....", "A friend of a friend said that..." is likely to be innaccurate. Ask me, I'll tell you what you need to know.
    25) I don't know how they do it on "other servers". I've been on this one forever.
    26) I have a real life. I am not sitting in front of the screen 24/7 waiting for your tell. If you miss me and get my /afk from the bazaar do not "Bah!" me. I am not pale, pasty and chubby. I enjoy being outside and doing things other than EQ. Every customer *is* important to me and I always try to follow up a missed tell.
    27) Do not offer me plats to make something for you on commission then come back a day later and say "I found it somewhere else cheaper" or "I got someone else it for me." If you do, I will make a voodoo doll of you and poke you in your naughty bits.
    28) Even trivial items sometimes fizzle. It happens, trust me. Hate the sin, love the sinner.
    And Finally: TEAM: Together everyone achieves more. We must all hang together or we will most certainly hang separately.
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    Someone sticky this. Please!
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    BAH, WTF, PC PLZ DUDEZ gimme that for free j/k!
    VERY nice greeting in my opionion.

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    Definate case for sticky.

    I've lost count of the times people ask me to do a combine for them if they provide the ingrediants, only to find out they have no comprehension of how many subcombines an item has, or that they have only provided one or two key ingrediants, and have no idea about the rest.

    Its no use asking me to make up your Tourmaline and Discordant Scoria into a completed OoW aug, if you then expect me to do the run around to get all the other lesser ingrediants.

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    13) Just because I can enchant an item doesn't mean I am under any obligation to spend my time and mana on enchanting an item.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrimwoodCT
    1) If you do not have your materials do not expect me to farm them while you go and EXP.
    1a) If you do not have all your vendor purchased materials, do not expect me to run around the PoK and Abysmal Sea collecting them for you.

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    Can I add to this that some people are awfully nice too.

    A bard (darn name escapes me now) on AB asked in /ooc if chanter could do a combine , as I was idling in PoK I said I could and what he needed, he needed a diamond of nightmare, told him I could not as I did not have the spell. So he said he had everything, brought me all ingredients +spell, I offered to pay for those and he said no it was OK, he then also gave me a spare vial of blood he had.
    Then we got chatting about tradeskilling, and told him I really loved tradeskill quests but at times they were impossible to finish (because of being in a small guild/farming cannot be done alone) so he asked what I was questing (chouderly's bowl) and what I missed (webbed tail fin) he then took me to PoN and hunted till I got my webfin and let me keep all the legs and eyestalks too.

    talk about one nice person, he made my day and gave me hope that between the rude/ungrateful ones are also some who truly are treasures.
    *hands him Arte's special tradeskillers friend medal*

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    I agree Art, there are some unbelievably nice people out there. People that bring extra parts in case of a fail then donate them or agree to pay with hard to get TS pieces verus plats. People that /ooc a thank you and link something you made them (though that will often lead to a bevy of /tells from all over PoK or /bazaar), people that will defend your tradeskilling prowess when some disgruntled player attacks you. People that take their alts and farm for you "just 'cause you said you needed these, here take them".

    There are good people out there, no doubt. But they are too rare these days. Its so sad that the good ones stand out from the crowd these days when it used to be the rude/mean ones that were the exception rather than the rule.

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    Instead of refusing outright to come to whatever zone just for one combine, here's my plan: if I have to travel far the combine will be 10K per zone I have to travel.

    My guild spends a lot of time in Vex Thal and it's a long run to PoK If someone was desperate enough for something that isn't master or GM level, they'd be paying 60k total.

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    I liked number 21 myself.
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    Most people for whom I do TS combines are very cool, but I remember working on sickles for smithing, and selling them to guildmates for 150pp just to recoup some of my loss while I was skilling up. (They tribute for 1312 and I had already filled up my tribute, my alt's tribute, and my guild's tribute).

    Once I got done with smithing people asked me if I wanted to sell some more. I said I am done with skilling up, but they cost about 350pp to make if they wanted to pay for the materials I could make some for them. "Oh, never mind, then". And people wonder why tradeskillers are sometimes less than friendly about it.

    My current thing is to click for free, given the materials (particularly for spells) and people STILL think it's too much to gather the parchments, scales, etc. (One person offered me 500pp to make his 70 spells....that includes my providing the materials).

    Very nicely should be more than stickied, it should be a patch message.
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    Quote Originally Posted by olhoss View Post


    (One person offered me 500pp to make his 70 spells....that includes my providing the materials).


    What? You don't keep a large quantity supplies (particularly the rare, difficult to farm and expensive) for all possible combines that every person on your server would want you to make for them? How inconsiderate of you.

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    Talking Nice story

    A few days ago...perhaps a week or two, my time runs together when clicking constantly, a guy asked if i could make a set of elegant gear for his wife. i simply asked, in payment, he provide his own loams and cover my supply cost, as some of that is rather expensive. IAW rule #7, I held my breath every time i hit "combine" (no fails!). Total cost to make was about 3k. He paid me 60k. Wow.
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    Amen to this.

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    Thank you guys!

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