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Thread: Complete Tradeskill Guide 2.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiroon
    The Medium Quality Folded Sheet Metal you need for a bracer is made from one Block of MQ Ore @ 20.5p not three bricks @ 20.5 each.

    Large Bricks cost 6.8p and you can make a Block using 3 Large Bricks but since you can buy blocks from vendors there is no point in using bricks.

    This brings the price down by 41 plat making this a very cost effective method of skilling up beating EVB's provided you have the leather padding.
    Thanks for pointing this out to me. Forgot you could buy the Block of Medium Quality Ore directly from merchant and had a brain fart while looking at the recipe. Saw the combine section and totally forgot to scroll down a little ways to see that merchants also sold it(with out combines). Looks like you actually recoop all costs or majority on these combines and only loose money for failures. Now time for me to go for not scrolling down a bit further before opening my mouth
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    Wink Many Thanks to ALL !!!

    HI...i am new to this forum...and this guide has done wonders for me..and i would like to express my thanks to all that have put work into this...will be of great help to many...and i too will contribute...providing i can find something that you guys have not. LMAO

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    your welcome, and i would like to thank those who came to help med getting my epic 1.5. You know who you are
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    I think Epithieck's power belt might be interesting to skill tailoting to 252.

    The cost here is in "platinum thread" 209pp and the belt sells back for 165. so costs 44pp per comb.

    Good side is, enthrails might be faster farmable than othmir furs.

    Furthermore, if pp are not an issue, the belt can be used for a further combine 252 making 5 small belts.

    Small belts sell at 47pp each. So cost would be 418 and resell value 235. Making a 90pp cost per combine out of 1 single farmed component.

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    If ppl do not mind farming some. They can kill the fire elementals in lavastorm for bloodstones. bloodstones and a gold bar will make a bloodstone necklace trivals at 156 JC. Sell it back, lose 5 silver for total combine. about 11 plat per fail,There is no need to enchant it (you can if you want to).

    plus as a added bonus you get lava rocks to drop (rare) If your dwarf paladin is like me, I use the lava rocks for don cultural stuff to get to 222 smithing.
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    At almost 210 plat a pop not cheap but very easy since only one compoment (corathus entrail) is farmed and fairly common drop. Maybe suggest it as alternatve to acrylia reinforced armor which requires a rare drop: flawless rockhopper hide which can yeild just a few drops per hour or 500+ plats in bazaar

    Just my imo that corathus entrail would be easier and possibly cheapr for those who takes bazaar route

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    anyone know what the new ingrediants are for alchemy? i realy need to know about SoW potions, lev, unlife awaireness, ect...

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    Any chance of getting a sticky for this thread? Please?

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    While I will agree that this is the thread I am usually looking for in this forum, remember that there is already a sticky in this forum that links this (and the other) guides.

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