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Thread: 300 tailors, sound off! =)

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    Dinged 300 after 6 years off and on! yay me! now just need to max trophy. Got that to 13% already, so I'll see it done in a couple months. Need me a break.
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    4/28/2012 maxed Tailoring trophy. 4 trophies down, smithing, brewing and fletching to go.
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    Just got 300 at Povar - second 300 TS!!
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    Gratz, Bud! Keep 'em going!

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    I know it may not seem like an achievement any more, but since this is my first toon to get 300 tailoring I had to post. Got my bard to 300 in a bit over a month. Also got her a fabled akhevan shadow shears, actually got those first which is why I decided to level her tailoring. Of course even with that and tailoring mastery 3 I still fail transcendent backpacks like crazy.

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    Congrats Ausversucht!
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