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Thread: Main Site down Thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eepok View Post
    Throwing down some cash. It's about **** time I contributed something.
    What he said

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    Yes, a different month, and AGAIN we are out of bandwidth before the end of the month. I was in mid-edit on an article for EQ2 when it gave me the raspberry at around 1 a.m. {sigh}

    I'm leaving a note for the hubbyogre to see in a few hours when he wakes up, so hopefully he can ping them right away and get more added again.

    It looks like we're may have to permanently buy additional bandwidth after this. I KNOW this month was heavy traffic due to the EQ2 tradeskill signature line finally going live 3 months after the expansion went live, on top of stuff going on in EQ. So ... blarg.

    Anyway, I know about it. The ogre will know about it as soon as he's awake. I'll update once I know more.

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