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Thread: Complete Tradeskill Guide

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    Complete Tradeskill Guide

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    0 - 54 Fletching Freebie: Imildu's Tasks
    55 - 68 Class 1 Bone Point Arrow
    69 - 82 Class 3 Wood Point Arrow
    83 - 102 Class 1 Wood Hooked Arrow
    103 - 122 Class 4 Bone Hooked Arrow
    123 - 135 Class 1 Ceramic Point Arrow
    136 - 162 Class 5 Wood Point Arrow
    163 - 182 Class 1 Wood Silver Tip Arrow
    183 - 202 Class 6 Wood Point Arrow

    203 - 227 Class 1 Serrated or Discord Arrow (GoD-Fletching)

    228 - 235 Shaped Darkwood Compound Bow
    236 - 250 Flame - Ice - Shadow Tipped Acrylia Arrow

    but I would do directly into acrylia arrows after GoD-arrow

    Tailoring Dorf on AB

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    0-54 Brewing Freebie: Work for Yitimis
    55 -122 Fetid Essence
    122-151 Skull Ale
    151-187 Shar Vahl Essence (virtually free, if you're willing to pick up/forage the Payala Friut. Also lets you skip lots of Hero's Brew)
    188 - 248 Minotaur Hero's Brew
    248 - 250 Kaladim Constitutional

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    Quote Originally Posted by Secone
    228 - 248 Shadowscream Steel Veil
    Why the Shadowscream Steel Veil, which is 3 shadows 1 orb, rather than Bracer to 228 and Boots to 248, both of which are 2 shadow 1 orb combines?

    I haven't looked at the relative mold prices, but the cost for the extra shadow (either in farming time or bazaar plat) seems highly likely to be much more than any banded mold differences.

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    woops my bad, that one. will fix it thx.
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    My Complete Tradeskill Guide 3.0
    (300 Brewer +15%) (300 Jewler+12%) (300 Baker) (300 Potter+12%)
    (286 Fletcher, Mastery1+8%) (300 Smith, Mastery3+12%) (253 Tailor+8%) (200 Fisher)
    Fumlefingre (286)+8% Tinker
    Snigemorder (300)+15% Poisonmaker

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    Also, for smithing to 188 there's the alternative of Steel Arrowheads for Karana worshippers - way cheaper/easier than Fine Plate. I just finished that and it was so simple.

    Mark of Karana, small brick of steel, water, file. Combine to 188. Approx 7 pp (bricks) per attempt.

    I carried my money to Surefall, bought the steel there, ran in to the nearby Ranger Guild forge and smithed my heart out. Center vendor in the next room sells water flasks, too.

    Thanks for the work on the guide!
    Lanys T'vyl
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    For Baking from 192-222 I would do Beer-battered Cragbeast Steaks or Beer-battered Hynid Steaks from GoD

    They take much less combines than Halas pies, and don't require any foraged ingrediants. If you can find the Cragbeast/Hynid meat from a vendor that a player has sold to, the rest of the ingreds are all store bought.

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    0 - 54 Baking Freebie: Ordin's Tasks
    55 - 135 Fish Rolls
    135 - 191 Patty Melt
    192 - 226 Halas 10lb Meat Pie
    227 - 242 Holy Cake
    243 - 250 Misty Thicket Picnic - Shoppinglist for 100 MTP tries

    you can skill to 143 with Bear Filets same with lion they are used in Halas 10lb Meat Pie which are a pain to make.
    after patty melt to 207 i recomendBeer Battered Crab Rolls
    Aellas 70 Cleric Vesshan

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    Using Aid Grimel for smithing should be listed as an alternative instead of a main route; it is not an option for everyone, as it requires certain flags.

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    The tinkering is very much a time vs money path. It's a good deal cheaper to jump straight into geerlok making at around 140ish or so if you make brewing geerlok than to mess around with aqualung/rebreather. If you're not adverse to farming it's a very cheap path.

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    Thumbs up this is a awsome thread

    thank you for taking the time to create it. i have sent my friends this link to use. i have a character that i want to do all trad skills in that i can. this really helps out.

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    Excellent info and links. Easy to follow as well.

    I'm around 150-178 in most of my trade skills and find the guide a very useful tool! Thanks for putting this all together.

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    Don't need to do HMPs or Holy Cakes.

    if you got GoD, go from patty melts to Beer-Battered Tuna Rolls then to Beer-Battered Cragbeast Steaks. From there, you do the MTPs.

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    Nice list! Not clear if this is the fastest or cheapest or most cost effective.

    I choose skill up routes that were the most cost effective. The difference between cheapest and most cost effective is selling. I choose to do tradeskills in part for the enjoyment of selling my goods to others. Anyway some viable alternatives:

    Golden Idol of Tunare to 223 to 242
    Star Ruby Encrusted Stein to 250

    Any theme LDON Smithing to 212
    Mistletoe Cutting Sickle 220 to 250
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    another fletching alternative for GoD peeps

    Serrated Arrowhead to 188
    Discord Arrowhead to 202

    then can use said arrowheads to max of 227 or so. that should cut bow cost out a bit.

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    For Jewelcrafting, a more cost efficient list would be:

    (2pp 5gp - 8pp)
    electrum malachite bracelet 74
    electrum lapis lazuli earring 76
    electrum turquoise engagement ring 79
    electrum hematite choker 82
    electrum cat eye bracelet 84
    electrum bloodstone necklace 87
    electrum onyx pendant 90
    electrum jasper earring 92
    electrum carnelian wedding ring 95
    electrum rose necklace 98
    electrum amber earring 100
    wolf's eye electrum bracelet 103
    jaded electrum bracelet 106
    electrum pearl choker 108
    topaz electrum earring 111

    (10pp 5gp - 100pp)
    gold malachite bracelet 146
    gold lapis lazuli earring 148
    gold turquoise engagement ring 151
    golden hematite choker 154
    golden cat eye bracelet 156
    gold bloodstone necklace 159
    gold onyx pendant 162
    jasper gold earring 164
    gold carnelian wedding ring 167
    golden star amulet 170
    golden amber earring 172
    wolf's eye golden bracelet 175
    golden jaded bracelet 178
    golden pearl choker 180
    imbued golden topaz earring 183
    golden peridot bracelet 186
    golden emerald bracelet 188
    golden opal amulet 191
    golden fire wedding ring 196
    golden star ruby ring 199
    fire emerald golden bracelet 202

    (105pp - 109pp)
    platinum malachite ring 218
    platinum lapis lazuli necklace 220
    platinum turquoise bracelet 223
    platinum hematite ring 226
    cat eye platinum necklace 228
    platinum bloodstone earring 231
    platinum onyx bracelet 234
    platinum jasper ring 236
    platinum carnelian wedding ring 239
    rose platinum engagement ring 242
    platinum amber ring 244
    wolf's eye platinum necklace 247
    jaded platinum ring 250

    Prices between brackets indicate estimated price of store bought gems and bars. This (as far as I know) is the most cost efficient way of increasing your jewelcrafting skill that doesn't involve using looted gems.

    Cappy aka Thoryn Truesilver

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    For those that find the above list too complicated or too long, and don't mind spending a few more gp or pp can use the following list. It's a lot shorter, so there's less recipes to figure out, but it raises the price also.

    electrum malachite bracelet 74 (2pp 5gp)
    electrum rose necklace 98 (3pp 5gp)
    topaz electrum earring 111 (8pp)
    gold malachite bracelet 146 (10pp 5gp)
    golden star amulet 170 (11pp 5gp)
    imbued golden topaz earring 183 (16pp)
    golden peridot bracelet 186 (21pp)
    golden emerald bracelet 188 (24pp)
    golden opal amulet 191 (28pp 5gp)
    golden fire wedding ring 196 (63pp)
    golden star ruby ring 199 (78pp 8gp)
    fire emerald golden bracelet 202 (100pp)
    rose platinum engagement ring 242 (106pp)
    jaded platinum ring 250 (109pp)

    Cappy aka Thoryn Truesilver

    Edit: typo

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    Thumbs up Thanks

    After a year of not knowing that this was here. Thanks. I will be hoping to get to 200 in each of the skills by Sat night. Thanks for the lists and input you all had.

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    I would recommend Acrylia Reinforced Gorget or Acrylia Reinforced Mask over the Acrylia Reinforced Belt - the reason being that the Gorget/Mask share the same trivial as the belt (242) but only require 1 acrylia boning, whereas the belt requires 2.


    Because you listed ribbons in your thread, you probably want to add robes as the alternatives for certain cultures - as you already have all those ribbons nice and handy! Robes saved my tailoring sanity from 190-250!

    Dark elf:
    Robe of the Cyclone 212
    Robe of Burnishing 213-222
    Robe of Wings 223-232
    Robe of Ellipse 233-242
    Robe of Argli (252) or Robe of Abrogation (262) 243-250

    Robe of the Radiant 212
    Robe of the Inverse 213-222
    Robe of the Etheral 223-232
    Robe of Dew 233-242
    Robe of Visage (252) or Robe of Tempest (262) 243-250

    Robe of Neglect 212
    Robe of Breath 213-222
    Robe of the Astral 223-232
    Robe of Tashani 233-242
    Robe of Expertise (252) or Robe of Intellect (262) 243-250

    High Elf:
    Robe of Sorcery 212
    Robe of Skewn 213-222
    Robe of Tears 223-232
    Robe of Slant 233-242
    Robe of Impulse (252) or Robe of Virtue (262) 243-250

    Robe of Mana 212
    Robe of Scent 213-222
    Robe of Concussion 223-232
    Robe of Lodestone 233-242
    Robe of Obliteration (252) or Robe of Capacity (262) 243-250

    Robe of Abatement 212
    Robe of Obligation 213-222
    Robe of Requisition 223-232
    Robe of Asylum 233-242
    Robe of Tenancy (252) or Robe of Misery (262) 243-250

    Meryddian B'Hala
    1750 and then some!
    Forged Souls | 7th Hammer

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    Alchemy for people who have GoD (concoctions sell back to vendor for very close to cost)

    0 - 54 Alchemy Freebie: Work for Lita
    55 - 82 Concoction of (X) I
    83 - 96 Concoction of (X) II
    97 - 111 Concoction of (X) III
    112 - 127 Concoction of (X) IV
    128 - 136 Kilva's Skin Of Flame
    137 - 143 Greater Potion Of Stability
    144 - 150 Greater Potion Of Power
    151 - 156 Greater Null Potion
    157 - 163 Greater Potion Of Heat
    164 - 176 Gate Potion
    177 - 180 Titan Potion
    181 - 191 Hawks Eye Tonic
    192 - 200 Elixir Of Concentration
    Kelse - 55th alchemist (128)
    baker (194) / brewer (175) / potter (154) / tailor (116) / fletcher (95) / jeweler (82) / smith (79)

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    In the fletching section, you list the Steel Guardian Arrows as an option for halflings. Actually, any Karana worshiper can make those. Also, the plural for Wood Elf is Wood Elves.

    In tailoring, from 66-76 should make picnic baskets (since you've already made a bunch of the woven mandrakes). You might also want to include the Solstice robe as a option from 188 to 210 since the failure rate should be high enough that it's not as cost prohibitive.

    In blacksmithing, you'll want to list the Ethereal Sheet Of Metal as starting at 211 (to match the numbering method you've used elsewhere).
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    The problem for expansion challenged folks (like me) is we dont have acess to most (if not all) the freebies, because they begin in zones we cant go to. should also come up with alternate routes to 54 for the expansion challenged.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Secone
    Could anyone give me some feedback to my TS Guide:

    0-54 Brewing Freebie: Work for Yitimis
    55 -122 Fetid Essence

    0 - 54 Baking Freebie: Ordin's Tasks
    55 - 135 Fish Rolls
    Id like to reccommend:

    0-122 Fetid Essence

    0-135 Fish Rolls

    If youve ever done the 'tasks' youll know they take FOR FREEKING EVER to complete. It takes... oh, id say about 3-4 times longer to run to Abysmal sea, and complete a task, then it takes to kill stuff and sell loot to make the plat to buy all the materials you need in PoK *and* actually do the combines all the way till they trivial.

    For brewing and baking, the tasks just arent worth the time. As far as the 'plat challeneged'? Have you done fetid essence and fish rolls? You know how cheap they are? Any lvl 1 newbie can make the plat in no time to get these skills maxed compared to just doing the tasks.
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    210 - 212 Ethereal Sheet Of Metal - RememberGeerlok Automated Hammer !

    for smithing, wouldnt ethereal rings be better, as they only require 1 block of ethereal metal?
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    Jewel Craft - Champagne Magnum to 196

    from 191 to 196 you can make Champagne Magnum for approximately 27ish plat

    Thank you for the great guide

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