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  • TInkering Tradeskill Guide submission

    Hey, I noticed the tradeskill guides are crazy out of date, if there is interest I will write new ones. I have composed a tinkering guide to start. I welcome any suggestions or modifications.

    Phinella’s Guide to Tinkering. Rain of Fear ed.

    Tinkering was the last of the...
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  • morromid
    started a topic Portable Forge needs a recall

    Portable Forge needs a recall

    I created the portable forge.

    It was created with me inside of it and I could not move, could not get out of it and could not get an outside camera view to see myself. I was stuck. /rewind did not help.

    Have fun at Parties, give your friends Portable Forges and watch...
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    Last edited by morromid; 04-13-2011, 07:05 PM. Reason: patch fixed the problem