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Complete Tradeskill Guide 7.1 (Serverwide Drop Edition) / Rev Apr 2012 (Beta)

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    Fantastic Update!

    At present this has been retained from 6.1 to integrate them into the lists...... as well were looking for comments to go to the main lists above for the Official 7.1 Reviso......
    Fantastic Update!

    Fantastic work! Thanks for taking the time to update this for all the wannabe Tradeskillers out there!

    A couple comments:

    For Alchemy:

    It might start getting a little more expensive, but it might also be worth mentioning Lucidem, Curzon, Urticaceae, Versluierd Fungus, Sunshard Powder and Aderirse Bur - the ingredients that make XI, XII, XIII Distillates and XI, XII, XIII skinspikes. Lucidem and Curzon can usually be found on vendors in various zones and the combines aren't that expensive yet.

    For Baking:

    Beer-Battered Minotaur Meat Souffle's are a good alternate path with a nice, usable result (trivial 363). Minotaur Meat is no more difficult to farm than chronal resonance dust.

    Also, Beer-Battered Timeless Hunter Sausage Souffle has a better result than the Barbequed (no more subcombines).

    For Brewing:

    The path of:
    Fetid Essence
    Ol'Tumjum's Fierce Brew
    Faydwer Shaker
    Minotaur Hero's Brew

    edit: Makes more sense if you skill up in Abysmal Sea. You can go from 122 - 248 barely moving. Jumjum spiced beer is OK if you're in Crescent Reach, Rivervale or Shadowhaven.

    For Jewel Craft,

    I would still maintain that for skilling up between 200 and 279ish, traditional platium bars with store bought gems may be more viable for people than coming up with the dropped gems.

    I would also add Dwerium practice items in there as an alternative from 274 - 300+.

    For Pottery:

    Again, going the traditional method of:

    Tradeskill quest to 54
    102 Unfired Small Bowl
    122 Unfired Medium Bowl
    148 Unfired Large Bowl
    188 Unfired Sealed Poison Vial (do combines with Crows Special Brew)
    199 Unfired Casserole Dish

    You can get to 199 barely moving in Crescent Reach or Abysmal Sea, its very inexpensive and it requires no farming at all. Unfired molds to 288 is a superb new skill path.

    However, I would still maintain that Unfired Star Ruby Encrusted Steins are a much better alternative than Unfired Faithstone of Decay. They have the same number of subcombines and the Stein only costs 70.218pp per try versus 213.399 and you only have to bug the enchanter for Large Blocks of Magic Clay instead of Large Blocks of Magic Clay and Distilled Mana.

    For Smithing and Tailoring:

    I completely agree that templates are the way to go!

    Two quick points:

    1. The cultural armor quests are quite simple (collect 4 items in 1 - 2 newbie zones). Its the SYMBOL pattern quests that are lengthy and involved and a total pain in the patootie.

    2. Going the step beyond template to actual armor probably isn't going to be a very viable path because coming up with the spinners, marrows and loams can be a pain. Also, the templates resell to vendors for small losses, the cultural armor can only be sold in bazaar or tributed.

    For Spell Research:

    An Alternative path to 316 is glowing energeiac rods (dull to 158, shining to 239). That's how I got there (before the new scroll path). It's also less level restricted than the scrolls. Since the spells to focus the essences are no drop and level limited, you can't get high research on a low level character without bugging someone to help you (admittedly its not a cheap path )

    Again, let me say thanks for all the work in updating what others before you had started!

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      I thought Drazz had actually been editing the lists as we went with any ideas that represented a material difference from the original postings? However, we're always looking for new suggestions and I actually started translating these skill up paths into guides and linking them to the front pages yesterday (though that could be slow to complete).
      Aanuvane Bristlecone - Druid - Povar via Quellious via Rodcet Nife
      AKA Muertenie, Melodee, Orelinde, Nounie, Gnomess, Cininea Ashryn, Mairede or a host of additional alts. Maybe also be found on Rabon, Kynsh or Atracker.


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        Poor Drazz has been swamped, I figured I'd Add on as I can a few needed Revisions , In fact I placed it hear as BETA ..... as it needs work a ton of work Indeed ....

        I intend to leave the guide alone as the original content , but merely add onto and extend it,

        I have found , I'll Likely be Adding a Credits item for posters/editors/Contributors , as I hope to meerley add on some great items Long since missing to the 6.1 Since SEEDS , House of Thule , and now Veil Of Alias. more ppl editing the merrier , long has the 6.1 been needing a few tweaks , as some information is scattered about in differing guides, or in the quick trivial lists. or guarded greedily among others as trade-skill gems .

        hopeful this will have Input from lowly users like me , and community moderators and the Trade-skiller community as a whole will help lob in a few things needed to get a new guide live.

        Thus far the 7.1 has imported the contents or the 6.1 and is newly revising , As since I have newly undertaken this task do note , I am like poor Drazz a swamped grad student however will be trying to wip up this guide into a Production version soon I hope. hopefully this will add few new skill up pathway alternatives into the 6.1 to now 7.1 that have been Missing for some time.

        Mainly I kinda got Irked that items were scattered out , I could either try to help out by doing something about it or keep Spewing my old military mouthful of expletives at my screen.
        but the 6.1 has been good to me yet its 'dated-ness' of late is becoming increasingly keenly apparent , ...

        Anyhow I'll Set up a Credits Page pro'lly soon I've a few Graduate papers to Kern out by Sunday fore I can get back to adding revisions in.

        slowly surely you shall all see changes or feel free to edit them in as this guides in beta for some one moves it to a Live Status.


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          Credits Page , Giving Credit to were Credit is Due....

          Credits Page , Giving Credit to were Credit is Due....

          Necrose99 hear trying to do this Tradeskill revission 7.1 Beta.

          Drazzminius, Complete Tradeskill Guide 6.0 & 6.1 for wich the 7.1 Beta Version Stems from.

          Drazzminius's Guide has been legendary , however needs some sprucing up.

          Aanuvane Database Druidess Author of a few TS Guides , and other Articles I will likely be taking from to add on to this guide.

          Shakespeer Complete Tradeskill Guide 5.0

          Complete Tradeskill Guide 5.0
          Revised January 6, 2009. Suggestions on corrections/recipes to include are welcome!

          Well, Secone has left the building and I've spent some time updating Secone's outdated tradeskill guide with additional links, updates and alternatives to make my revision the most comprehensive skillup guide around. So, credit goes to Secone for the original 3.0 guide that this is based on. EQ has changed and will continue to change and I'll keep this guide as up to date as possible, with updates reflected from posts, comments and my personal trade skilling, time permitting.

          Secone , original 3.0 guide

          Other Contributors, :

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          Last edited by necrose99; 04-25-2012, 05:45 AM.