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Complete Guide to New SoD Weapon Making

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  • Complete Guide to New SoD Weapon Making

    While making the new weapons I found myself constantly refering to the vendor sold TS books Fine Weapon Making Volumes 1-3 and quickly tired of looking up how much clay was needed for a mold, or how many knot string was needed for a handle, so I wrote the following on a single page.

    Simple -req15,rec20- Crude WG Ore - thallium ore, sullied silk/pelt, alkaline loam, Firing Sheet, Thread filament, Brown coal, Hickory - Blessed aug - sullied spinn, viscous mana

    Ornate -req31,rec40- Fair WG Ore - fulginate ore, crude silk/rough pelt, malleable loam, Firing Sheet, Fiber filament, Dull Black coal, Elm - Revered aug - crude spinn, cloudy mana

    Intricate -req51,rec60- Malleable WG Ore - rhenium ore, fine silk/pelt, bonded loam, Quality Firing Sheet, Soft filament, Black Nitrous coal, Ashwood - Sacred aug - fine spinn, clear mana

    Elaborate -req66,rec70- Ductile WG Ore - cobalt ore, superb silk/pelt, soluble loam, Quality Firing Sheet, Silk filament, Toluene coal, Oak - Eminent aug - superb spinn, distilled mana

    Inured -req71,rec75- Rheumatic WG Ore - titanium ore, flawless silk/pelt, alkalai loam, High Quality Firing Sheet, Strand filament, Anthracite coal, Oak - Exalted aug - flawless spinn, distilled mana

    Elegant -req76,rec80- Ossified WG Ore - tantalum ore, exquis silk/pelt, porous loam, High Quality Firing Sheet, Mythical filament, Bituminous coal, Darkwood - Sublime aug - exquis spinn, purified mana

    Stalwart -req81,rec85- Steely WG Ore - vanadium ore, immaculate silk/pelt, spongy loam, High Quality Firing Sheet, Faysilk filament, Brimstone coal, Darkwood - Venerable aug - immac spinn, purified mana

    **Extravagant Infused -req86,rec90- Illustrious aug -

    **Glorious Infused -req91,rec95- Numinous aug -

    **Regal Infused -req96,rec100- Transcendent aug -

    **Due to how SOE did the recipes for these items, I have only listed their Name, Level Range and Augment to make it easier to locate their recipes on EQTC. Because of the variations between recipes for these 3 classes, I would need to relist every recipe for every weapon for each of the 3 classes, and it would be easier and faster to simply look them up on EQTC Search.

    SMITH: (smithy hammer, 1 sharpening stone, 1 cult ore, 1 coal, 1 loam + listed below)
    Weapon - amount WG Ore - molds/handles
    Dagger - 1 small brick - 1, 2, 21
    Great Axe - 2 blocks - 3, 17
    Great Sword - 2 blocks - 4, 5, 21
    Hammer - 1 block - 6, 16
    Hand Axe - 1 large brick - 7, 16
    Knights Sword - 1 block - 8, 9, 21
    Long Hammer - 1 block, 1 small brick - 6, 17
    Long Spear - 1 block - 10, 19
    Long Sword - 1 block - 8, 11, 21
    Mace - 1 block - 12, 16
    Reinforced Baton - 1 small brick - 13, 18
    Reinforced Staff - 1 large brick - 13, 20
    Short Spear - 1 large brick - 10, 17
    Ulak - 1 large brick - 14, 15, 21

    POTTERY: (1 sketch, 1 silk, + listed below)
    # - sketch - amount of clay
    1 - Small Hilt Shaped Mold sketch - 1 block
    2 - Small Blade Shaped Mold sketch - 1 large block
    3 - Large Axe Head Shaped Mold sketch - 4 large blocks
    4 - Large Blade Shaped Mold sketch - 4 large blocks
    5 - Large Hilt Shaped Mold sketch - 1 block, 1 large block
    6 - Hammer Head Shaped Mold sketch - 2 large blocks
    7 - Axe Head Shaped Mold sketch - 2 large blocks
    8 - Hilt Casting Shaped Mold sketch - 1 large block
    9 - Heavy Blade Shaped Mold sketch - 3 large blocks
    10 - Spear Head Shaped Mold sketch - 1 large block
    11 - Blade Shaped Mold sketch - 2 large blocks
    12 - Mace Shaped Mold sketch - 1 large block
    13 - Metal Wrap Shaped Mold sketch - 1 block
    14 - Ulak Blade Shaped Mold sketch - 1 large block

    FLETCH: (1 wood staff, planing tool, 1 silk, 1 knotted string measuring string as listed below)
    # - Handle Type - # of knots
    15 - Handle - 2 knots
    16 - Short Haft - 3 knots
    17 - Haft - 4 knots
    18 - Baton - 5 knots
    19 - Long Haft - 6 knots
    20 - Staff - NO knotted measuring string needed

    21 - pelt - hickory handled shears

    EXAMPLE: To make an Inured Ulak, starting at the top, you can see you would need a smithy hammer, 1 sharpening stone, 1 titanium ore, 1 coal, 1 alkalai loam, 1 block Rheumatic weapon grade ore, 1 Ulak Blade Shaped Mold pattern, 1 large block of clay, 1 high quality firing sheet (HQFS), 1 oak staff, planing tool, a 2 knot measuring string and 2 flawless silks.

    Using this you should no longer need to constantly refer back to the books.

    Tailored weapons use - embroidering needle, 1 or 2 pelts, filament, marrow, pattern, and an ore in the form of studs, barbs or fill.

    Leather Fist Wraps - 1 pelt - Studs - smithy hammer and ore in forge
    Leather Whip - 2 pelts - Barbs - file and ore in forge
    Sap - 1 pelt - Fill - smithy hammer, file and ore in forge

    The augments all require 1 vial of mana, 1 spinneret fluid, 1 uncut stone, 1 Blessed water of ?, 1 round cut tool.

    The augments come in 20 some odd varieties in 4 major catagories. The varieties are determined by the type of Blessed water used and determine the type of proc or effect the aug will have.
    The catagory is determined by which of 4 uncut stones are used and determine which type of weapon the augment will fit


    Nimble - Uncut Demantoid - 1Hs, 1Hb, H2H weapons
    Penetrating - Uncut Rubelite - Piercing weapons
    Vicious - Uncut Black Sapphire - 2H weapons
    Reaching - Uncut Combine Star - Range Weapons (Note: This type can also be made with Fletch skill.)

    EDIT: 1-20-2013- After a 4-5 year hiatus Ive started playing again some and decided to update this post to current standards. Ive added the Extravagant/Glorious/Regal lines, the Bow and bow augs, and made corrections such as changing patterns to sketches under pottery. Ive also added the types of, water needed and effect of the weapon augs.

    Weapon Augments:
    TYPE - Water - Effect
    Below - Blessed Water(BW) of Brell Serelis - Brell Serelis Protection Seep
    Brood - BW of Veeshan - + prismatic damage
    Compassion - BW of Rodcet Nife - Rodcet Nife Balm
    Decay - BW of Terris Thule - Terris Thule Strike
    Depths - BW of Prexus - + cold damage
    Devotion - BW of Erollisi Marr - + magic damage
    Farceur - BW of Bristlebane - + poison damage
    Firelord - BW of Fennin Ro - Fennin Ro Strike
    Growth - BW of Tunare - Tunare Balm
    Hate - BW of Innoruuk - Innoruuks Spite
    Infestation - BW of Bertoxxulous - + disease damage
    Integrity - BW of Mithaniel Marr - Mithaniel Marr Strike
    Judgement - BW of Tribunal - Tribunal Strike
    Malignancy - BW of Saryrn - Saryrn Strike
    Skeptic - Water of the Skeptic(for all except Exalted/Sublime/Venerable which use BW of the Skeptic) - greater + to base damage than the other augs
    Stillness - BW of Quellious - Quellious Calm
    Storms - BW of Karana - Karana Strike
    Terror - BW of Cazic Thule - Cazic Thule Strike
    Thaumaturgy - BW of Druzzil Ro - Druzzil Ro Strike
    Warmonger - BW of Rallos Zek - Rallos Zek Combat Seep
    Wildfire - BW of Solusek Ro - + fire damage
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    Nice one, thanks.
    Only error I see is that the tailored (hilt wrap) number should be 21, not 35.


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      Sharpening stone

      None of the combines appear to need a sharpening stone, I haven't checked them all, but none of the ones I have looked at so far do (Ornate Hammer/Mace, Intricate Mace, Inured Reinforced Baton).
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        Originally posted by ishanahan View Post
        None of the combines appear to need a sharpening stone, I haven't checked them all, but none of the ones I have looked at so far do (Ornate Hammer/Mace, Intricate Mace, Inured Reinforced Baton).
        The blades (axes, swords) need the sharpening stone. The blunt weapons don't need to be sharpened. I know, it sounds kind of obvious.
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          Thank you for the catch Luvimt. On my working sheet I originally numbered the weapons also, then realized that wasnt needed and dropped it for this post, hence the 35 on the wraps hehe. Ive edited it so it is correct now.


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            It wasnt totally complete, but now is.
            I added the tailored weapons. Added the coals and filaments used as well.


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              Nice Listing thanks for putting it up
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                About the "coal"

                You didn't list what coal was for which type - might want to add that in to your sheet. -- ok seems I was still looking at an old version of this page, hit refresh, and there the coals are....
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                  Sticky, please!
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                    Never mind, understand it now thanks.


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                      I've checked every vendor in PoK. Where do I find the pottery patterns?


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                        the pottery vendor outside the western trading building (the brew barrel)


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                          Hmm... don't see any pottery merchants or brew barrels outside of the Western trader building... so, I'm guessing you mean the Eastern trader building. In that case, I see 2 merchants: Bemli Takoth and Dalin Greskar. Neither of them are showing patterns for me.

                          I've looked for scrolls to scribe regarding pottery, thinking that in addition ot the smithing and jewelcrafting ones, I need pottery and brewing ones... but can't find them either.


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                            Bah... found them. They are called sketches... not patterns.


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                              anyone know where i can find the recipies for the symbols? I've got the ones for the weapons from the smithing npcs in the building by the guy that ports you to time but no symbols, anyone know as not clear what vial of mana or spinneret fluid you have to use.

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