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Complete Tradeskill Guide 3.0

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  • KyrosKrane
    This guide is now OUTDATED. Please check the stickied guide at the top of this forum for the most recent version. -- Kyroskrane

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  • Sadidas
    oh why thank you very much.

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  • Prexis
    This is 2 guides old. Version 5.0 is stickied at the top of this section

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  • Sadidas
    Will some of this get updates with some of the new things in there?

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  • Fasteddy
    Thank you for all the effort and hard work it is obvious that you put into this fantastic guide Secone. Appreciated very much indeed!

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  • EprinZ
    Can also use :
    Glowing Green Silver is made via jewelcraft: 1 x Raw Silver + 1 x Lightstone + 1 x Section of Mesa Snake Pancreas, trivial 190.

    Glowing Emerald Pendant is made via jewelcraft: 1 x Glowing Green Silver + 1 x Emerald, trivial 190.

    for Jewelcraft.. first combine is all farmable, and is free =)

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  • wiskaway
    thank you for you time and effort..

    I have used it to become

    300+ baking
    200+ pottery
    188 + smithing

    and will soon be using it to get brewing up

    just a note to those who are doing baking I found that doing the tuna and crab recipes to get to 250 and then go strait for the misty thicket picnics till you max out your denmother rolling pin ( I hate to farm and this way had the least amount of it lol )

    but agian thanks for the wonderful guild


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  • Laeaddor
    Smithing to 190 combine, easy farming

    On Alla - Ciodaru and Kathryn- Ciodaru's Fifth Gift
    Here's part of the Ciodaru and Kathryn quest that yields a nice clicky +30 to non-wis/int stats. The whole quest is made up of tradeskill items at level 190 that can be bypassed by paying one of the trades NPCs in Crescent to do them for you. But since we're more interested in the skillups here at EQTraders, here are the smithing recipes. The farming is easy and can be done on various level mobs once you've done it once with Mesa mob drops, so you can either go low for easy drops, or try and find something you can xp on while farming. This particular round of combines gives three combines at 190 if you don't fail, so with just a bit of extra plat or farming you get three for just a bit more than the price of one. Thanks to Otswego on Alla for the write up on this;
    First off its Envenomed Athame.

    Combine One - Envenomed Steel
    Smithing: Trivial 190
    -Earthen Ooze Slime
    -Recluse Venom Sac
    -Small Brick of High Quality Ore

    Combine Two - Envenomed Steel Blade
    Smithing: Trivial 190
    -Envenomed Steel
    -Thin Blade Mold

    Combine Three - Envenomed Athame
    Smithing: Trivial 190
    -Envenomed Steel Blade
    -Large Snake Fang
    -Large Snake Fang
    -Snake Skin
    I'm linking this one because smithing is my only TS below 190, but there are combines with similar farming/vendor purchase to combine yields for fletching, tailoring, baking, JC and pottery. Laeaddor, 75 mage, human tailor (300), M3, S3, M, GM, augs and charms, Stromm [and working on the rest]

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  • Jazella
    Love this guide. I have used it on all my tradeskilling toons. And i direct alot of people who are new to tradeskills to it. Thanks for all your hard work on this!

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  • utania

    When looking at how I did it, remember I hate farming would rather xp in cash zones or farm cash items and buy the stuff in the bazaar

    I am a 75 dark elf shadowknight

    0-54 Abysmal Sea (freebie) Though TSS would be easier.
    55-90 Banded Mask
    91-102 Banded Cloak
    103-115 Banded Mail
    115-122 Embroidering Needle
    123-132 bile spine
    132-162 DoN tailoring container.

    Farm/buy spiderling silks and low/medium pelts. Medium pelts are often cheaper in the bazaar but can be skinned to low quality pelts
    163 - 168 Fine Plate Bracer
    169 - 175 Fine Plate Gauntlets
    176 - 179 Fine Plate Helm
    180 - 188 Fine Plate Breastplate

    Skyshrine is the best place for getting velium. Though crystal caverns was slightly closer if you were short of time.

    189 - 222 Enchanted Velium Bits
    I also tried making the ethereal metal rings at 210 skill, but given the ease of getting velium bits there wasn't really much point to doing it.

    I wouldn't recommend doing the aid grimmel quest like I did to get to 225, it was quicker than farming swirling shadows, wailing and shieking substances though when I had a wizard to port me back and forth.

    Sunshard pebbles - they are commonly sold from 30-55pp, my buyer bought tons for 20pp each.

    convert them to Copper conduit with a 182pp ore - 210 trivial jewelery or tinkering
    These can then be used in the following combines

    This recipe uses two conduits
    Copper Conduit Small Core - 236 trivial jewelery or tinkering

    233-239 Shining Energeiac Dagger

    This recipe uses three conduits ~750pp per attempt
    Copper Conduit Large Core -250 jewelery trivial

    240 - 255 Shining Energeiac Lance
    I didn't go all the way to 255 as it was getting expensive, instead i bought steppes ore from the bazaar for <300pp each, need magic clay but thats easy enough to blag.

    255 - 262 Smith Ceramic Clay

    263 - 265 Shadowscream cloak (val shar quest)

    100 tae ew blood + friendly enchanter got 4-5 skill ups
    50 combines at 289 didn't get me any skill ups

    Don master symbol quest gave great skill up chances for me and thats what i did for the rest of the skillups
    Crushed diamond dust + shissar scales

    Shame its 265+ is gonna change in the next month with the cultural changes, but until then this is pretty sweet for those with plenty of cash. Though probably not many crushed diamond dust left on bertox at the mo

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  • Maevenniia
    Originally posted by Unapuma View Post
    With the addition of TSS and TBS plus the upcoming changes to DoN cultural and both tailoring and smithing, someone should take the rein and start a new guide 4.0. I would but I don't have the ambition or inspiration to do the research for optimal skillup guide. (IOW, I am lazy =P)

    Let's wait and see what changes with Cultural, perhaps?

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  • Unapuma
    With the addition of TSS and TBS plus the upcoming changes to DoN cultural and both tailoring and smithing, someone should take the rein and start a new guide 4.0. I would but I don't have the ambition or inspiration to do the research for optimal skillup guide. (IOW, I am lazy =P)

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  • Asolandri
    Sunshard dust/pebble/ore is a sweet way to get skillups! They are multi-use and have some decent return on sell back to vendor, and would be a great addition to the guide.

    For example, 1 sunshard ore + 1 pure silver ingot is either a 290 triv JC or Tinker combine. Take the result and add an almost free vendor bought item for ANOTHER JC or Tinker combine that trivs at 303. Take the result and get a 3rd attempt at either Smith or Tailor this time for a 303 triv. Then sell to vendor or in bazaar. Really you can't beat that!

    Thanks to the Ogre for being so nice =)

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  • paalrh
    Well Ngreths shopping list is a tad off.

    Akeral (204, -23)
    18 loaf of bread
    23 Frosting
    21 Milk
    20 Spice
    1 Flour

    seeing as Akeral doesnt sell loaf of bread be hard buying it off him.

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  • fenrian
    Awsome guide.

    I would make 2 suggestions on alternate skill up paths.

    1st is on smithing;
    Medium Quality Folded Sheet Metal to 36 (save for later)
    Banded Bracer to 95
    Banded Cloak to 102
    Banded Mail to 115
    Fine Plate Bracer to 168 (uses the sheet metal saved from earlier
    Fine Plate Helm to 179
    Fine Plate Breastplate to 188

    I used this route today to skill my tinkerer up so he can do Yttrium combines for masters tinkered armor. I found 246 leather padding in bazaar and rest is vendor bought. I had 24 left over Paddings at the end. Took about 2 hours to reach 176skill which mods to 182 with geerlok(which is trivial for masters metal subcombines). Not sure how much it cost but was easily under 10k, prolly closer to 7k, so very cheap for the speed.

    The next is on Baking:
    Patty Melts to about 190ish
    then Misty Thicket Picnics to 300
    I started on MTP's at about 188 skill, they are dirt cheap to make, require almost no farmed components and sell decently in bazaar. I am still finding these stuffed on alts when I log them on and its been months since I did my last run of Baking.

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