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  • Handy tinkering links

    For the most complete EQ Tinkering information, we highly recommend</a> as well as their lovely Gnome Positioning System that tracks active tinkers on the various servers.

    While you're at it, don't forget the serverwide channel set up for tinkers:
    at serverwide.tinker (/join serverwide.tinker)

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    The Clockwork Tinkering Guide is the Clockwork Tinkers Union's contribution to helping spread Tinkering information. Features include:
    - An automated clockwork database for recipes, items, mobs, merchants, et al
    - Recipes/sub-recipes for any crafted item used in Tinkering recipes
    - FAQ
    - Fashion Gallery
    - Cost and pricing info

    A new way to view and navigate the data is underworks, along with a shopping list feature, and much much more.

    The Clockwork TInkering Guide's purpose is not out to compete with or eqtraders. It is just a tinkered labor of love.
    Mukaka Nudderbolts
    Clockwork Tinkers Union of Cazic-Thule
    Grandmaster Tinker
    Visit the Clockwork Tinkering Guide


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      Printable tinkering recipe chart

      I'd like to point folks to a printable (MS Word, landscape, 2 sided) full recipe list. (99% complete). Also, just a labor of love, but I find it useful to have
      a printout like this. Hope others find it useful: <-- updated Jan, 2009

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        Tinkering Compendium moved

        Current as of 9-22-05
        Dass Swiftruner,
        70th Rank Magician, Tinkerer(240+) and Grandmaster Potter.--
        Kyst, Druid of the 70th Circle and Grandmaster Baker
        Bedazzle, Enchanter of the 70th Orb and GM Jewler


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          Sadly, it looks as if most of the old tinkering sites are dead now. (I've been out of the loop somewhat, so perhaps they just moved? ...)

          The Clockwork Tinkering Guide and were both good sites.

 is still up, but as it references Clockwork Tinkering Guide, it's missing quite a bit.
          Redi of Qeynos
          Warder of Tunare
          http://www.thekeepers-eq.orgThe Keepers


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            Awww, that's a shame. I hate seeing venerable institutions like those disappear. We'd be open to putting more info on our site if it's no longer readily available. It'd just either have to be rewritten for us or permission granted by the original authors. If anyone's interested PM me, as I don't poke in here much.
            Retiree of EQ Traders...
            Venerable Heyokah Verdandi Snowblood
            Barbarian Prophet & Hierophant of Cabilis
            Journeyman Artisan & Blessed of Brell
            EQ Players Profile ~ Magelo Profile

            Smith Dandi wipes her sooty hands on her apron and smiles at you.


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              Please remove invalid information

              Its really frustrating to read some of these posts that once contained good info but are no longer available. Especially when they are no longer EQ oriented like the links to and the clockwork stuff.

              Why can't/won't the moderator remove these posts ??

              All it does is waste time for those of us looking for information.


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                I have had good response to bad and broken links by posting a message in Den Mother's Corner. Just try to identify what the link was and what page or message it was on. The more information they have, the easier for them to locate/correct the problem.


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                  I've made printable tinkering references that people can access at:


                  One sorted by Triv, the other by Alpha. I still join the serverwide.tinker channel when I'm on my gnomie and it's sad to see few people in it anymore.

                  Ok, yes, I know, the lists need minor patching up to fix a couple trivs and add newer tinkers. It'll get done. Sometime.
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                    Save even broken links!

                    Links to sites that are no longer running may still be useful when combined with .

                    For example, for the first link, :


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                      Sadly enough this post coupld probably be deleted or if not extremely pruned.

                      Working links:


                      Everything else is gone.


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                        Maybe appoint a moderator (even temporarily) for each TS group to keep up with this stuff? Over 10 years, a lot of sites have come and gone..

                        The same could be said/done for TS guides.. a lot are completely outdated.


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                          This thinking org link does not work anymore. It needs to be updated here and on the masterlist for starting skills. Instead it links to apartments. . .



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                            All Links Dead

                            As of January 18, 2010. None of them work.

                            A shame, as I was finally turning to my long-neglected gnome wizard.......


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                              Originally posted by Dianndara View Post
                              As of January 18, 2010. None of them work.

                              A shame, as I was finally turning to my long-neglected gnome wizard.......
                              I think when the forums changed appearance/setup Ngreth mentioned that old links may stop working...
                              Shawlweaver Sphynx on Cazic Thule
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