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do I need DoN to do cultural tailoring?

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  • do I need DoN to do cultural tailoring?

    stupid question but I cant find the answer -- do I need the DoN expansion to do the DoN cultural tailoring? From what I can see, it appears only the highest level requires acquiring things that are only found/killed in Don.


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    That is correct. DoN is only needed to make the Grandmaster level armors and symbols. Journeyman's, Expert's, and Master's can all be made without DoN.
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      Actually, you can even make the GM armor without having DoN. You only need DoN to do the task required for the GM SYMBOL book.
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        Umm ... I got DoN when it went live ...

        Can you get the quest for the Ancestral Armor book, and the 4 tasks for the aug books, if you don't have DoN?

        I know you'd be unable to do the GM aug book task without DoN, but is the guy giving out the task to those without DoN?