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    I may get flamed for this, but I have searched, and have as of yet found anything on this topic..

    I have tried to make the Human sewing kit.. The Human forge on Fennin Ro is broken and I am seeing all this info on everything being made.. I have tried in Both Freeport and Qeynos to make it. Is the kit made in a normal forge?

    Is the DoN Tailoring kits being made on Live servers? Is all this info coming from Live Servers, or test??

    Thank you


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    Since the beginning of this site in April of 1999, we've had a policy about NOT posting recipes/drops that are found only on Test

    copy n pasted...

    Is all this info coming from Live Servers, or test??

    not test. if you look at the DoN recipie msg board you will notice that info come from players that have dont these combines themself. -and not on test.

    where the cultural human forge is i dunno )
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      Make it in the forge that would normally be your cultural one, even if it is currently mislabeled. Works for erudites, at least.

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        it was working on quell at least before the last patch

        one in the warrior guild in freeport and the other in south qeynos

        now human tailoring is broken(as of before the patch. i haven't check it yet)