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    I'm looking to start the cultural armor and figured I'd start with my monk as she has the most space and it would let me know how much inventory space I will need to clear on my higher lvl chars. The 4 ingredients for the first book are listed as: Bloodgil scales, a scroll, bloodstone ring, and cat's eye agate. The NPC says they can be found in Swamp of no hope and Lake of Ill Omen. I looked the first 3 items (the agate buyable on most JC merchants) up on allakhazams and found that the 3 mobs listed to drop them are all in Lake of Ill Omen. One item, (the bloodgil scales) is listed as dropping off 2 mobs, one lvl 35 and one lvl 58 . This seems extreme to me for the first step in armor for a lvl 20. I took my dru to Swamp of No Hope - hopping to track some low lvl bloodgil something or other, but the swamp is aptly named. So, after that long lead in, my questions are:

    1) Is there something killable by a lvl 20 that drops bloodgil scales? If so, where is it?
    2) Why do they send you to Swamp of No Hope when nothing on the list drops there?

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    They send you into SoNH because Bloodstone Ring and Cat's Eye Agate are random drops of non-specific mobs. The best place to get the Bloodgill Scales are at the entrance to Veksar. I know they are high for a lvl 20, but there was no other place I could find them.

    lvl 62 Necromance
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