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300 tailors, sound off! =)

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  • Cha-Ching!

    (300) on Jan 1, 2008!!!

    Way to start off the new year!
    Mikaal Drazzminius
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    • Ding tailoring 300!!! Happened sometime last week - finally

      High Elf on 7th Hammer.

      Cliopatrah "Mistell Queen" Jonze
      78th Wizard - 7th Hammer
      Officer - Shattered Destinies


      • Ding 300 Tailor.

        My usual "luck".

        546 combines over two days for the last 12 skillups. Combination of Fine Silk/Leather Chest templates; Excellent, Superb, Flawless Silk and Leather Wrists and Gaunts.

        I don't want to know the cost for these ingrediants that it took.

        My trophy evolved at 298.

        No armor skillup bonuses for this poor dwarf.

        Now to finish Fletching from 285, before I can get Master Artisan. Frak you elves and Karanans. Dwarves and tree branches, bah.

        300 +12%: Baking, Blacksmithing, Brewing, Jewelcraft, Pottery, Tailoring and Poisonmaking.
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        Prexus: Stasis
        2400 / 102 (Including Poisonmaking) 15% Jewelcraft, Tailoring (so far)

        Thanks Tamaelia Dolath

        Gildana's Goods


        • Ding 300 ><
          Xislaben The Rising Sun - Crimson Tempest

          Dead Things


          • Hit 300 Tailoring in late December.

            I went the route of fine silk templates until I would plow through a stack of 500 silks and only get maybe 10 skill ups if I was lucky.

            Did the sacred symbol aug quest and burned through 255-300 in about another 500 silks. The skill up bonus is very apparent with the cultural items. either that or I had horrible luck then it change to amazing luck


            • [Thu Jan 03 16:59:30 2008] You have become better at Tailoring! (300)

              DE Mage - The combine Server

              Now working on that tailor trophy (PoR) opened few days ago. Grrr nightmarewood sap wont drop


              • Ding 300 Vah Shir Tailor On Bristlebane


                • 300 Human Tailor on Drinal
                  Runninandgunnin - Human Warrior of Drinal

                  All Tradeskill Mastery AA's maxed 3/3
                  Salvage 3/3

                  Grandmaster Artisan - 2,100 / 2,415 Club


                  • My sad story

                    I finally hit 300 tailoring! Level 80 druid on Seventh Hammer.

                    It has taken years to get there. I became interested in tradeskills when the quest came out for the Solstice Earring / Protection of the Cabbage spell. It was done as a guild effort and got everyone their first flowing thought item and it was awesome. From there, I decided I wanted to max my tradeskills. Silly druid.

                    I made solstice robes until my eyes bled. When I hit a skill level of 247 (max was 250 at the time), I packed away my tailoring kit and needle before I went to the nearest shopping mall with an uzi. Later on, I took a 3 year vacation from Everquest. I came back about 4 months ago, right before the new template ingredients starting dropping and people were only guessing at what these were for. Being the packrat that I am, I saved everything.

                    These saved items helped me to finally make it to Master Tailor and it was not nearly as hard as it was getting to 247. God bless whoever came up with the idea of these as a skillup path. I'm sure I owe you my sanity!

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                    • I made it! 300 Tailoring!


                      • Ding 300, another one down. Took me 3 hours too, way too long!!

                        JUST KIDDING!!


                        • Yay! 300 Half Elven tailor on Povar.

                          /soaks his calloused fingers in some soothing Faydark balm.
                          Your brain has performed an illegal operation and will now shut down...


                          • 300 for human... and now I get to start in on Vah Shir!
                            Thomen Feadannareil (85 HUM ENC)
                            Expert Artisan And Grandmaster Scrounger of Firiona Vie
                            Alchemy* 242, Baking 336, Blacksmithing 345, Brewing 336, Fletching 291, Jewelcraft 345, Pottery 345, Research 291, Tailoring 345, Tinkering 243**
                            * Available upon request from an anonymous shaman.
                            ** Subcontracted through Maolgann of Ak'Anon (83 GNM MAG)


                            • 300 Tailoring for a barbarian, can't remember when but it was before the end of December 07
                              Wildblood Beldarr The,
                              Official Lunatic of Mystical Lightfighters
                              An Erollisi Marr guild


                              • 300 Tailoring w/ Salvage 3 and 12% mod - Half Elf on Tribunal

                                5 down, 2 to go

                                Melodymaker <Vis Veres>
                                The Tribunal