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Best place to farm spider silk

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    Originally posted by Jaasper
    Im looking for a zone like Jagged Pines only with spiders instead of animals.
    As long as that zone includes both Spiders and Spiderlings !
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      I've farmed EK many times with various combinations or solo on my 54 druid, 65 shaman, 65 SK, 60 monk. Even if you have the place completely to yourself and can kill at the pace of a level 65, don't expect too much more than 100 silks per hour, really more like somewhere between 80 to 120. 100 is very fair though, and very much the usual. I've never seen a crag spider drop 8 silks, but have seen them drop 7 plus a spell. So 8 is possible. Seen carrion spiders drop 4 at a shot too, so kill them also.

      Great place, but competition can make it silly. If it's too crowded and you're competing with rangers or bards who can track, you're kind of screwed.

      Especially since very few people hunting anything ever kill placeholders; they'd rather wait an hour for a pop than kill a few mobs and force a pop.

      I go there and kill stuff like crazy, which is great when I'm one of the few there to loot the results. But when I do it just so some tracker can thank me by zapping the mobs I spawn by killing placeholders...grrr!

      By the way, the snakes are placeholders for the spiders. But kill everything -- I have no idea what is a placeholder for the snakes! And you can get quite a lot of medium and high quality cat pelts while you're there. Bring a skinning knife and a sewing kit and you can skin them so they all become stackable low quality pelts, or just keep them and use or sell them. Or...bring a bunch of silk threads and just make a leather padding every time you loot a cat pelt -- and you'll loot tons. I've gotten three quality pelts at a time off the lions there. Hounds and different wolves drop wolf pelts too.


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        I love EK for farming silk. I go there and kill spiders and anything else that crosses my path til I see a griff on tracking ( druid here).
        The dire charm a griff, if you have dc, and I use the have griff attack any trash mob I see while I track down spiders.
        After a hour or so of this you will start to see less spiders, just stop tracking spiders ( kill any that come into your line of sight though) and slaughter your way all over the zone. Kill every snake, lion and wolf you can find for 20 mins and that zone will be loaded with spiders for you.
        And in the chance someone is in EK getting exp, tell them you will give a full set of buffs in exchange for silk, a lot people will do that for ya.


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          Why hasn't anyone mentioned the 4 spiders in befallen, easy mode silk + misc crap to sell to mages,even LR on some occasions.