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    Originally posted by Ocsid of Mith Marr, Oakwood Moonblaze, NPC01, Ellesidil, Balidil, Forthof, skeletonkeeper42

    In the interest of cutting down on getting the same posts ad Nauseum, and not wanting to increase the already unfair workload on our own Denmother, I've decided to write up a series of FAQ's for each of the 7 main tradeskills. I'll put up a few of the questions I know, allow for feedback/additions/corrections, then post my FAQ's to help the newbies and hopefully skip the frustration of the veterans.


    Q: How do I make (Whatever)?
    A: Go to and look it up!

    Q: How do I make (Some rumored, RL, or other recipe not listed)?
    A: If it's not there, and it's not on the message board (Check back a couple pages to be sure), NOBODY KNOWS! Most likely it isn't implemented yet, and may never be implemented. At the very least, nobody has discovered the recipe. Feel free to post attempts and DNC messages, but please check to be sure you're not repeating somebody.

    Q: I've gotten to 158 with Wu's Armor, now what?
    A: It used to be 115 with quivers, then 131 with Crystilline silk, now 158 with Wu's armor. From here you either do cultural tailoring if you can, or work on acrylia studded and reinforced armor (if you have the Luclin expansion, or someone willing to farm for you). If you don't have the Luclin expansion, and nobody to provide pelts and acrylia ore for you, you can start on the expensive/hard to find velious silk, fur, and leather armors that DO NOT TRIVIAL, EVER. Fleeting Quivers do trivial, though they are also hard to find and expensive to make.

    Q: Where do I buy a Skinning Knife?
    A: Smiths make them, the recipe is at

    Q: How do I raise my skill above 158?
    A: I just told you, Cultural, Acrylia or Velious tailoring!

    Q: Where do I buy a Deluxe (10-slot) Tailoring Kit?
    A: Long answer on this one. At one time, there were only small (2-slot) and large (8-slot) sewing kits. One patch, all large sewing kits became 10-slot. Eventually the recipies for Wu's armor were found which needed the extra space to make the bigger items. However, this ruined the Tailored Backpack market, since they had very low weight and could hold large items. First the weight was upped, and then finally the kits were re-named Deluxe Sewing Kits, and the vendors once again sold 8-slot large sewing kits. Since the 10-slot kits couldn't be bought anymore, Verant put up 10-slot looms in a number of cities, which anyone can use. So, you can only buy the 10-slot Tailoring kits off players who had them during that crucial period (maybe a month long).

    Q: I've gotten to skill 158, now what do I make?
    A: I know, this is the third time I've put this here, but it's nothing compared to the number of posts on the Tailoring board. Seems everybody wants the Velious armor, but nobody wants to be bothered to look at old threads. (I could make a joke about tailoring and thread, but I digress.)

    Q: Why should I do Tailoring?
    A: Because you want to make good monk armor, or lightweight armor for those who can wear leather, or you have the money to try out Velious Armors, or you want cultural tailored armor, or you want to save money on tailored backpacks. Just be ready for frustration and have access to vials of mana for the Wu's armor.

    Q: I just want to make the Shawl, what is the quickest way to do it?
    A: get your tailoring up to about 108-115, and then just start combining the shawl ingredients. It is quicker and FAR cheaper and easier to make the attempt several times, then to try to get your skill up to the trivial level, where you will probably need to make two or three tries anyway.

    Q: I have looted a Supurb XXXX Pelt. What is it for?
    A: As soon as we find out, rest assured, we'll shout it too the world. It's been bugging us since release.

    Q - What is the best class for tailoring ?
    A - Best is subjective, advantages of various classes are "Tracking", "Enchanting", "Solo ability" and "Pets for easy green farming". No class has all of these

    Q - What other skills should I work on ?
    A - Smithing to 100 and Brewing to 100 would help your tailoring and aren't too difficult (these are above the trivials for studs/boning/skinning knife and heady kiolas).

    Q: How much do you pay for pelts.
    A: Post this in the server specific board as it will probably get you a more pertinent price to you. I have seen people say they get all the HQ Bear pelts they need for 10 plat each; whereas I cannot get them for less than 40 plat each on Cazic.

    Q: Where do I get yew leaves?
    A: Forage them in Wakening Lands. It is also just lying on the ground in Wakening Lands, but it is a small green leaf on a green ground, so it is VERY dificult to see. There is no exact game "loc" where they are on the ground... the "pop" in diferent locations.

    Q: Where can I farm cash?
    A: Hill Giants in Rathe Mountains are good in non-prime-time. Ice Giants in Everfrost near Permafrost are good if you can handle the heavy gold. SolA is good, after selling all the Fine Steel.

    Q: How much does it cost to go from 158 to 250?
    A: About 72k (based on 92 skillups x 40 attempts/skillup x 20pp/attempt) (note this is ONLY an esitmate)

    Q: I made a (small/medium/large) tailored item using a (wolf/cat/bear) pelt, but in the item info it says (small/medium). What gives?
    A: The item info shown when you right click on it lists the size OF THE ITEM, not the size of who can wear it. This is only used to determine which containers it will fit in, not what races can use it.

    Q: Do Tailored Quivers really give Haste to Archery?
    A: Yes, Tailored quivers lower the delay on archery skill weapons. Effectively being a haste affect for those weapons.

    Q: If they do how much Haste do they give?
    A: The percentage reduction to Delay that they give is equal to the Wgt reduction listed for the quiver. If it says Wgt reduction 20% then it reduces your delay by 20% when using archery weapons.

    Any other Q's? Please reply to this message. Thanks.
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    Where can I farm most efficiently?

    Originally posted by Ellesidil

    Where can I farm most efficiently? This question is largely dependent on class and level, but I will try to make some generalizations for you. I will list areas with "relative" level ranges. This will be considered a "soloable" list as it is very hard to convince your friends to camp most of these mobs as they seldom have drops other than hides, silks, and furs. Please keep in mind, if your class would excel at soloing, you may be able to jump a few levels (casters) and if you were a tough soloer (meleers) you may want to consider dropping a level. That being said, and with the assumption that you understand this is a general list, here I go.

    The first thing you should do is make certain that everyone you know is aware that you are a nutcase (oops I mean tailor) and that you would really be thankful for any and all hides that they provide you. Do not get too specific on needs as all hides are worth something to you, perhaps you cannot make something from a puma skin for tailoring, but at least you can make some cash off of it. Being specific also causes problems as they will surely not remember that in 8 months you will need HQ Lion pelts even if you let them know. This way you are more likely to get everything, instead of just some things. Vendor Mining is another possibility which I will discuss in the next post.

    Level 1 to 5 -
    *You have seen the EQ traders board on tailoring and it is good.*

    Everfrost hands down, kill all the bears, wolves and spiders you see in the "canyons" near halas. These mobs are literally funneled to you through the canyons and have low hps and thus are relatively easy to kill at any level.

    Level 6 to 10 -
    *You start thinking, this isn't nearly as bad as all the people say it is, I can do this (skill level 40 with all the first 20 points put in from spare skill points).*

    Any of the commons and kill bears, cats, and spiders. Start low and increase the cons as you move up through the levels.

    Level 11 to 15 -
    *See, I am already starting the silk farming, and this is easy (skill level 50 and starting to feel it, but life is good).*

    Heart Spiders in Upper Guk, this may be a tough camp to break as the spiders are sociable, but once broken can be held easily as they are not kos. Get started on the silk gathering while you can still gain exp from them.

    I am cautious to include North Karana here for the number of times I missed the sound of flapping wings and was attacked while medding by griffawns. These creatures can and will kill the guards near the gypsy camp so they are less than reliable also. I do include it here for one major reason....Highland Lions....this should be only for the most ambitious tailors at this level as they can sometimes drop HQ Lion pelts, and the earlier you start accumulating them, the better. Killing lions and lionesses and grizzlies will give you the other pelts you need also. Last word here....caution.

    Level 16 to 20 -
    *Hey I got a HQ Lion skin, this is great, I am gonna make me a fleeting quiver, the minute I hit 158 (skill level 60 and still working on blacksmithing to get a reasonable success rate on studs).*

    North Karana for sure, just make sure to watch the griffawns and griffiths for certain. Get as many HQ Lion Pelts as you can and bank them, you will thank me later for that advice. Also learn another trick you will need, kill wisps for the Greater Light Stone and either turn it in for the book and exp (see quest on some other site), then sell the book for money, which you will soon realize you need a LOT of to continue your tailoring, or you can hang on to them to make Wu's Gauntlets.

    You can also start with Carrion spiders in EK and look longingly at the infamous Crag spiders, be careful with the Crag spiders, their poison is certain death at these levels, only hunt if you can avoid their poison (kiting, pets, stupid friend who wants Wu's armor for an alt *smiles*).

    ***Stay away from the Rogue lion, he is a placeholder for Tarbul Earthstrider, a mean and nasty giant, if he spawns, rely on poison avoidance number two or three if he agros on you.***

    Level 21 to 25 -
    *Here I am back to silk farming, well at least I am done blacksmithing and started brewing (tailoring skill at 65, brewing at 45, and smithing complete at 60).*

    Crag spiders in EK, you get to start competing with every powerhouse in tailoring. Kill lots of them, again trying the above methods to avoid their poison, with emphasis on the third option.

    Level 26 to 30 -
    *Learned that a higher skill value will give better success at heady kiolas so you are now a master brewer to lessen the pain of failures, tailoring skill still a paltry 75.*

    Spiders will still yield exp for a bit and getting better at killing them will never leave you upset.

    Never been there, but I hear Stonebrunt is awesome. Check it out.

    Also if you are into elven cultural check LoIO for Sabertooth tigers. Again, bank these pelts as you will not really be using them until your skill is over 158 (or should not be, the armor is relatively worthless for the skill required so these should be used to skill up).

    If you are into Halfling Cultural go to Warsilk's Woods and kill Brutes, the same rules apply to disposition of the skins.

    Level 31 to 35 -
    *"Handmade Backpacks for sale" has become your favorite shout as you now have become a real tailor, that is someone who has something people want to buy(tailoring skill of 85).*

    Stonebrunt is still a good option here, and will yield good results.

    The Overthere for the Elven Cultural, getting more Sabertooth hides is always a good thing.

    Warsilks will also yield exp with Skulking Brutes for Halfling Tailors.

    WARNING: This is for those psychotic druids who wanna prove themselves (I was one). It is remotely possible for you to gain exp hunting Othmir pups in Cobalt Scar. I say remotely because more often then not you WILL DIE. Some things which have to be done. 1. Have SoW up. 2. Use Harmony (at least two casts, if not three. 3. Pull with Dispel or snare, do not wait to see how many you have pulled, run towards the SS zone as fast as you can, using reverse camera angle, see how many you have. If you are lucky and only have one when you get to the top of the hill, snare and root and dot. If not, hit the SS zone in the tower. Again, that was only for the benefit of psycho druids with at least dubious CoV faction (a tough thing to get at this level, but not impossible).

    36 to 40 -
    *What do you mean I have to continue smithing.....wait, those vellious bits are expensive to fail on, I need to get to Rathe Mountains and get some cash (tailoring skill of 100 with reinforced armor), "Hey everyone I am a master tailor!!!"*

    Crystal Caverns to start collecting Vellium for Vellious Tailoring. Also begin leveling to get to the Vellious creatures who drop pelts.

    41 to 45 -
    *Noone cares that you are a master tailor, you spend money had over foot as you start paying newbies to make heady kiola for you and have to go back to the spiders to make it through Wu's armor (tailor skill of 120).*

    Start killing Raptors, panthers, and occasional Haze Panther in Wakening lands. Panthers and Haze panthers hit hard so try not to get hit. Raptors can be fear kited by druid fear or other fear spells so prove to be relatively easy with a zone nearby.

    46 to 50 -
    *"Hey I trivialized Wu's armor, now I am a REAL tailor" Still farming Rathe mountains and Smithing is at 175 to cut the loss on Vellious bit making*

    Continue getting exp and pelts off of all Vellious creatures who drop needed pelts. Start farming Crystal Caverns heavily for Vellium or get in a group and grab it in Velketer's Lab.

    51 to 57 -
    *"Combining Vellious items for free, just bring me the items and I will click combine" has become your mantra (skill level 159 with 25 failed attempts the first one being the fleeting quiver, but you got a skill up and that is better than the quiver).*

    Continue with the farming (you will need it) and continue the mindnumbing killing of Vellious mobs, your friends will start leaving you now, for sure if not at level 6.

    58 to 60 -
    *This tailoring gig sucks, but I will beat it if it is the last thing I do (tailoring at 170, smithing is still higher). Some day you will join the few, much like those who reach Sleeper's Tomb, you will be in a elite few, we call ourselves tailors, others call us nuts*

    You can solo pull Othmir now from the camp without worrying about adds, so now they start dying in droves....soon you will reach 250 you just know it!!! Then maybe someday you can convince your friends who have gotten their second character to 60 already to hunt Ice Burrowers in the wastes for you.

    49 Druid
    178 tailor
    175 smith - done for tailoring
    168 brewer - done for tailoring
    188 potter - done for tailoring
    150 fletcher - was bored one night
    103 jeweler - wanted to say a druid could master it
    145 baker - got hungry tailoring

    P.S. This was written while servers were down for Luclin expansion, only time I could find to write it (can't farm greens), and has no information about any "bridge" recipes.
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      I have heard of this thing called "vendor mining"

      Originally posted by Ellesidil
      {edit - Vendors no longer store items "below the counter" much to the dismay of many people who spent time 'mining' vendors. Other information in this post is still of interest, but references to hidden inventory slots are no longer valid. ~Lothay}

      I have heard of this thing called "vendor mining" what is that? In order to answer this question, you have to understand merchants and their inventory in EQ. When you sell a merchant an item, if they have an open visible slot, it fills that slot. What happens when a merchant has no visible open slot? The item you just sold them goes "under the counter". It is not deleted, just no visible. Knowing this, it is possible for a vendor to have 100 or more pelts that you may be interested and you cannot see them.

      Mining vendors can be a useful way to get a large number of pelts in a short amount of time. I personally do not use it when looking for specific pelts like HQ bear. It tends to be too costly for the return, but if you are looking for any quality pelt, it can be well worth your time. That being said, often the best places to mine are vendors that can have at least two or more of the following in various qualities cat, wolf,and bear pelts, and/or spider and spiderling silks.

      Where do I choose most often? The vendor in Everfrost, near the Halas zone line. Why would I travel that far, three major reasons. First and foremost, it is that far away from everywhere else and that will deter most people from going out there to mine. Secondly, there are wolves, bears, and spiderlings killed in large quantities in the canyons nearby. Third there are two vendors on top of each other and when I stand between them, I can buy from one, turn and click on the other and sell directly back to the other.

      How do you mine a vendor, well there are a couple of steps.

      1. Learn the relative value of a product and it's resale value to a vendor. Fine steel weapons are a prime example of a "no-no" when vendor mining. The cost to you is extravagant compared to the resale value to a vendor, can cost 60+ plat and sell for a mere 5 plat. The key to a successful mining mission is to spend as little as possible and get as much as possible in return.

      2. Gather up one (at least) of every item that you are looking to mine. This could include one of each quality pelt you are looking to buy, with a spider silk or spiderling silk. I call these "test" items.

      3. Once you have a relative idea of the cost of a certain item to buy and sell back, and a few "test" items, you look for the cheap stuff in the vendor's inventory that you can sell back for as much as half or more with high faction and charisma. Start purchasing as much as any given "good buy" as you can until a slot opens in the vendor's window. When a slot has opened, sell back one of the "test" items you are looking for. If that item appears in the open window, then the vendor has no more of that item "under the counter" and you should buy it back now. If it does not appear in the window then the vendor has at least one more of that "under the counter". I keep buying and selling "test" items until I have a feel for what the vendor has, then I decide if I am gonna mine the merchant.

      4. When you have determined that this merchant has at least one or more items that you are looking for, it is time to decide if you are gonna take the "plunge" and go for it. It really is a gamble as someone (like me) might have mined that merchant the day before and grabbed the bulk of the useful things that you are looking for, and the merchant only has one or two of each "test" item under the counter. There is no way to know this until you start finding the "test" items.

      5. When you have decided to go for it, there is a decision yet to make. Should you do a shout and ask people not to sell to this vendor, or not? I personally will do a quick "who" on the zone to see whether I think I will have someone try to take advantage of my mining the merchant and come when most of the junk is gone and start buying up all the goodies while I am selling. If not, I will usually announce it and let people know I am mining. Most will ask what I am doing and I will give a quick response, letting them know I will buy the pelts off of them directly for more than the merchant will pay. If I feel I will have competition, I will not announce it and simply keep going.

      Why would I choose to announce it? There is little more irritating than buying up a merchant for half an hour and start getting to the goodies than to have someone come and unload a bunch of fine steel weapons onto that merchant and cause me to buy them up to get back to the product I am looking for. Remember if the slot is open and someone sells something to the merchant that they do not have, it will appear in the open window.

      6. Now start buying all the cheap and good return items i.e. rusty weapons, bone chips, and the like. When you open a slot, close the window and see what appears, if it is not what you are looking for, choose the next item and repeat until you cannot buy any more. Find the nearest merchant and sell the stuff back to that merchant and begin again. Eventually, if noone beats you to it, you will run into the "test" items and any number of others that the merchant has to sell. Buy them up and repeat until you have your fill of items.

      Some general statements about mining.

      When you sell a "test" item and it does not appear in the window, if you do not mine the merchant you will not be able to get it back. If you decide not to mine the merchant, you will have to kill mobs until you get a replacement "test" item.

      I usually will not mine unless I have in excess of 500 plat to throw into it. Nothing more disconcerting then spending your last 200 plat and not finding your "test" items. The main reason for that is if the merchant has that much "junk", most likely noone has mined them for a while, and you could hit the jackpot with another 100 plat. Or not.

      Charisma and faction are key to the price you pay and the price you get, try raising faction in the area for a while before mining that merchant, it will cost you less in the long run.

      Mining is a result of a lot of luck and some preparation, some things to keep in mind, if your server has been down recently, or the merchant has been killed recently, they will loose their inventory. Never mine a merchant the day after a server comes up, and never mine merchants who are routinely killed for exp (Shady in EC Tunnel on my server).

      You can try to mine for only one item, but that tends to be a huge risk, when I am mining Everfrost, I keep the spider legs (baking), the bone chips (necro alt), the med and low quality pelts get made into padding, the ruined get made into patchwork for nearby low level players. The high quality gets made into backpacks (bear) and reinforced leather ((wolf)when I needed the skill ups, now they get downgraded for padding), and the polar bear pelts get traded for faction to continually get me to ally status in Halas (better prices). That is how I make the best of it.

      You can get as lucky as I have and pull over 200 ruined pelts, 75 low quality, 50 medium quality and 30 high quality bear pelts (same ratio and quantity of wolf pelts), 15 polar bear pelts (good for halas faction), too many bone chips to count (had to stop buying them when I ran out of room), and over 250 spiderling silks like I did in 3 hours in Everfrost once, or you could blow 500 plat and get 15 total pelts like I did one other time in Everfrost. It really is a gamble, but one I am willing to take occasionally in the game.

      Good luck, should you choose this method, I only do it when a friend needs padding and I could use some extra cash, we split the cost on the mining and usually make out fairly well.

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        Easiest method to 158 (may not be fastest)

        Originally posted by Ellesidil

        I am posting this in hopes that people interested in the shawl quest can use this method in attempts to PL tailoring.

        The below method could possibly be considered the easiest method to skill up tailoring. Noone has probably done this, so do not expect an answer to the time involved, or the cost as I just don't have the numbers. To qualify this, I looked for a method that would use the fewest "types" of components to make buying easier.

        Go to the auction zone on your server and start auctioning for silks and HQ cat pelts (pay more than anyone else and you will get faster results) also find a newbie and pay them to make heady kiolas for you, keep them employed until you have over 100 stacks (just a guess, but I bet not far off). Find a chanter to make you vials of mana or again offer exhorbitant amounts of money for stacks of them (10 to 15 stacks?).

        Make sure you have several packs of kiolas, silk swatches and patterns before sitting down to work.

        Put 21 points into your skill with trainer.

        Make woven mandrake (2 mandrake roots from vendor) to 66

        Then make cured silk masks, trivial 82.

        Then make tailored quivers, trivial 115.

        Make Wu's armor in this order:

        gorget or belt trivial 128 (one silk swatch)

        bracer or mask trivial 135 (one silk swatch)

        shoulders trivial 144 (one silk swatch)

        sleeves trivial 151 (two silk swatches)

        tunic trivial 158 (three silk swatches)

        When Wu's is trivial, start making attempts on the shawl, expect to fail several times before you succeed, or you may get lucky, who knows.

        Although there is possibly a faster way, depending on how readily you can hunt for the pieces needed for the shawl. Try it at skill level 1 and keep trying until you succeed. This may seem silly, but it is probably and quite possibly much faster. You have maybe a 5% chance of succeeding at skill level one, poor odds, but hey it could happen (your odds of success will probably not get much better until you get to 150+).

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          How to open looms:
          Loom opening can be tricky until you know the way.

          First of all, if the loom has a plaid pattern on it, it is NOT a loom. It's just an old-world prop.

          This is a loom from the side - the clickable area is highlighted.

          This is a loom from the front - the clickable area is higlighted.
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            Q: Do Tailored Quivers really give Haste to Archery?
            A: Yes, Tailored quivers lower the delay on archery skill weapons. Effectively being a haste affect for those weapons.

            Q: If they do how much Haste do they give?
            A: The percentage reduction to Delay that they give is equal to the Wgt reduction listed for the quiver. If it says Wgt reduction 20% then it reduces your delay by 20% when using archery weapons.

            Quiver haste is roughly 1/3 (one-third) of the listed weight reduction.

            For example, Fleeting quiver is 60% weight reduction, giving roughly 20% haste. The reason I say 'roughly' is that it's hard to accurately parse since there is no archery autofire, but 1/3 is pretty accurate.

            You don't have to be using the arrows that are in the quiver for it to work either, as long as it is the first quiver in your inventory (though not many carry multiple quivers, hehe) you will get the benefits of the haste - although the haste given is for archery only.

            In addition, the quiver haste also stacks with other worn haste, spell haste, and bard haste (for archery only though). So even if you are at 100% haste as well as overhasted with bard songs (haste v2 or v3) you will still get an additional 20% archery haste from a fleeting quiver.

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              This keeps popping up (and I know I panicked at least once):

              Q: Ack, one of my tailored bags (or kits, or other bags...) just became no drop! What happened?

              A: Any bag with a no drop item in it is tagged as no drop while the item is in it.


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                Deluxe Sewing Kits can be won in the Casino in Shadow Haven, and are often for sale on the merchants there.

                Tradeskills (Salvage 3):
                Baking, Brewing, Fletching, Jewel Craft, Pottery, Tailoring: 345
                Blacksmithing: 345 (Mastery 3)
                Fishing: 208
                Research: 80+1%
                Tinkering: 176+5% (Hazatink)


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                  Ceremonial Solstice Robes!

                  I had a JCM3/salvage 3 chanter from my guild do all the chain combines, imbued the emeralds myself but bought everything else. The silk swatches costed from 15 to 20p each. It was a hell of a lot of combines, but in the end, tailoring from 187 to 250 took me two weeks and 170k. I had 405 wisdom. The key is to fail. The first 25 skillups were off of nothing but fails. In the end, I don't think I needed more than 120 chains.

                  Instead of spending months farming those cursed Flawless Rockhopper hides that never drop and give no experience, go AA grind in OoW zones. The gear and runes you get grinding there you can sell in the bazaar and easily have 170k in a quarter of the time it takes to farm enough hides.

                  It's that simple! Be prepared to make a lot of combines though.
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                    Woah this is a kewl thread.I've been tailoring for 8+years in EQ and i learned some stuff:-)


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                      New recipes for Stalwart Leather items.

                      water flask, pattern for Cab tunics, faysilk filament, steely skyiron thread, Cab needle, immac marrow, immac leather tunic template.

                      rest are the same except for pattern and templates.
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