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Looking for Illustrious Symbols on Tunare

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  • Looking for Illustrious Symbols on Tunare

    Looking to hook up with somebody who has completed the illustrious book of culture quest and can make illustrious armor symbols on Tunare. I have the quest now, just returned to game, but need to get symbols for my wife's armor and nobody I've spoken to online have this quest done, some didn't even know of it's existence.

    If you are a smith and have a toon on Tunare, please let me know, send tells in game to Deaddman, Monnanna or Hiyawathadan, I have the materials needed, and will pay you for your time.

    Thanks in advance
    Master Artisan Hiyawathadan
    100 Vah Shir Warrior

    The First Vah Shir Warrior in the 2100 Club

    300 Tailoring +15%
    300 Smithing +15%
    300 Jewelcraft +15%
    300 Baking +15%
    300 Fletching +15%
    300 Pottery +15%
    300 Brewing +12%