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Returning Smith needs help

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  • Returning Smith needs help

    Hey guys I'm working on getting back into the game and restarting Smithing and am lost. My current skill is 251 and since I've been gone I don't have alot of cash. What's a good and cheap skill up path for me from here?

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    Shadowscream armor is the cheepist path but requires ALOT of farming.
    MCS's aren't a path anymore since there trival was lowered to 252 iirc.
    After Shadowscream trivals around 268 iirc. You will be stuck doing templates and the coal can be expensive unfourtantly.But the resale on the templates aren't too bad .
    GL and WB:-)


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      Hey bro setup a buyer for cobalt and higher level ores. you can get them pretty cheap and use them to skillup. look me up ingame too and i can help you out.
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        Rhenium, tungsten and cobalt is the mantra, or was to me.


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          Another option

          Do the Sacred symbol quest and buy Bonded Loam to go with your Rhenium Ore.

          In the last two weeks I advanced 2 smiths from 242 to 300. One made only Sacred Symbols and needed 760 combines. The second (whose stats were 20 higher) had little Bonded Loam left to use and needed 1400 combines.
          Trophies: Fr-2 Jour-4 Exp-8 Mast-6 GM-29