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  • New weapon recipies

    Has anybody figured out how to make the new hilt and blade molds for the newly introduced elaborate, intricate, stalwart, style of weapons? I am seeing them for sale in the bazaar on Bertoxx but so far I cant figure out how to make the blade molds.

    The hilts are just a sketch, silk, and a large block of clay, then fire it with a firing sheet. Trivial at 222. I tried the same thing for a blade mold but no luck.

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    Same thing happened to me but the blade mold uses two large blocks of Clay iirc.


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      details are in the SoD data forum, just scroll through.
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        The recipes for hilts, staffs etc. are in a couple of the new smithing books. I can't remember off-hand which 2, but I think they were bought from one of the dwarf smithing merchants in PoK. Very handy for reference in-game.


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          Aye, all the non-scribed recipes are in the Fine Weapon Making Volumes. You can also check the guide in the Guides section of this Forum.


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            all unfired mold recipes added to database

            I've added all the unfired versions of all the mold recipes to the database. I'll add the fired versions shortly. As people make the molds, please post the trivials once they are confirmed!

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