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FAQ: Smithing

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    Q: How do I make celestial essence?
    A: Combine celestial solvent (sold on venders in Shadow Haven and Bazaar) in a mortar and pestle with a research page. You can check for a full list here.
    Would you mind saving folks the headache and mentioning that Scent of Marr is also sold on vendors?

    This item can be Vendor Purchased:
    Abysmal Sea
    Uiyvaniv Tu'Vrozix @ -191,229,96, in the hold
    Morris Addel @ -116, 238, 96, in the hold
    Villiani I'Xvoyt @ , in the hold
    Ostasy Atquai @ -120, 206, in the hold
    a clockwork merchant @ 1075, -1040, Library Mechanamagica, next to Tergon Brenclog
    East Commonlands
    Lyth Spellstar @ 270, 4912, -48, next to 3rd inn
    Plane of Knowledge
    Loran Thu`Leth @ -115, 1407, Western trader building
    South Qeynos
    Hanlore Escaval @ 305, -565, Inside The Herb Jar

    Piikaa Fishweed
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      Are the dyes for fine plate now completely obselete?

      Q: Are the dyes for fine plate armor and all the related components now completely obselete?

      My thought:
      A: Yes, unless the component has some other use.
      I tried combining Celestial Solvent, a Raw Rough Hide, Rough Hide Solution and a Skinning Knife. But the result was such an oxymoron, it opened a rift into another universe. I fell through into one of Nodyin's spreadsheets and was slain by a misplaced decimal.


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        Q: What drops Leather Paddings?
        A: Leather Paddings are tailored. Combine in a sewing kit a Low Quality cat, bear, or wolf pelt and a silk thread. Trivials around 41.

        Can also make them with Shadeling Silk thread and a LQ Rockhopper hide - which is how I've made most of the ones I've used.