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  • FAQ: Smithing

    Q: How do I make (Whatever)?
    A: Go to and look it up! Because Smithing has an abundance of different recipes, it has been broken down into smaller catagories on the site:
    * The Basics - rings, sheets, etc.
    * Tools and Implements - containers, files, baking supplies, etc.
    * Weapons
    * Armor (non-cultural)
    * Cultural Recipes

    Q: How do I make (Some rumored, RL, or other recipe not listed)?
    A: If it's not there, and it's not on the message board (Check back a couple pages to be sure), NOBODY KNOWS! Most likely it isn't implemented yet, and may never be implemented. At the very least, nobody has discovered the recipe. Feel free to post attempts and DNC messages, but please check to be sure you're not repeating somebody.

    Q: Where can I find _____ item?
    A: If it's a vendor-sold smithing supply, then it will be on in the Trade Supplies section. (There's also a button at the top of the smithing forums directly to the trade supplies section.) If you're looking for smithing temper supplies, the vendor-sold ones will be listed on the brewing trade supplies page.

    Q: What is ______ for?
    A: Please take a look in the EQTraders FAQ board here, at the "What is (____) used for?" thread.

    Don't see your item in the list? Then search the board. Still don't find it? Then either we don't know or they aren't used for Tradeskills. Make SURE you spelled it correctly though.

    Q: What's the fastest way to 250?
    A: Short answer: Nobody really knows. Since May 8th, Smithing was drastically changed. However, a lot of trivials have been narrowed down, so the best advice is to figure out which trivial is the closest above your skill and work to that.

    Q: What stat helps me raise smithing the fast?
    A: Wisdom, Intelligence or Strength - whichever is highest.

    Q: I've heard about this "Always works" or "never fail" forge or somethingorother in Dalnir's. Can I go there to smith?
    A: No. This is a quest-only forge, and normal smithing recipes do not work in it.

    Q: What drops Leather Paddings?
    A: Leather Paddings are tailored. Combine in a sewing kit a Low Quality cat, bear, or wolf pelt and a silk thread. Trivials around 41.

    Q: Where do I get Silk Threads?
    A: Silk Threads are made via tailoring. Combine in a sewing kit 2 spiderling silks. Trivials around 15, no fail.

    Q: Can I dye any armor?
    A: No, only Fine Plate armor can be dyed.

    Q: Can I remove the dye from armor?
    A: No, dying is not reversable.

    Information on how to make and use dyes can be found here.

    Q: Where can I find high quality ore?
    A: It is sold on 4 vendors throughout Norrath (Qeynos, Kaladim, Bazaar and Plane of Knowledge) in limited quantities. If they run out, you can check the Quests section of the main website for information on the restocking quest.

    Q: But I'm a poor smith. Where can I farm this ore?
    A: Goblins in Solusek A, Permafrost, High Keep. Additionally, you can now convert fine steel weapons into HQ ore by adding a flask of water to the weapon and combining in a forge.

    Q: I found some unrefined ore. What can I use it for?
    A: It is used in the quest for restocking the HQ ore vendors. See the quests section of the main site for details.

    Q: I found some crude iron ore/crude bronze ore. Surely there is some smithing use for this, isn't there?
    A: These are items needed for newbie armor quests, not for normal smithing.

    Q: What about this firey ore, deathsteel ore or black acrylia ore?
    A: They are used for making weapons. See the Recipes page for smithed weapons for details.

    Q: What is blue ore for?
    A: Hammer quest in Najena

    Q: What is Perfect Acrylia Ore for?
    A: The Beastlord Epic. If something drops this, you might want to see if any Beastlords in the zone need.

    Q: What is Yttrium Ore for?
    A: Serubane Weapons which are no drop and therefore cannot be made for profit.

    Q: Where do I get Black Acrylia Ore?
    A: Black Acrylia Ore only drops in Acrylia Caverns. The grimlings in Grimling Forest and other zones will no drop it.

    Q: Where is the best place to farm Acrylia?
    A: The 'best place' is a matter of opinion and level. Grimlings in Tenebrous Mountains, Grimling Forest (although rarely) and Acrylia Caverns all have a chance of dropping acrylia. Sambata in Dawnshroud in the cave also have a change to drop them as well as the ones in Scarlet Desert. Basically, find the place that is the most comfortable to hunt at your level, and that is probably the best place.

    Q: How can I make Shadowscream Armor?
    A: In order to make the armor, you must complete a quest in Shar Vahl to be able to obtain a special smithing hammer and anvil to use in the recipes. The quest can be found here.

    Q: What is Yttrium ore for?
    A: These make weapons you need to kill Seru with. You will need bricks of Yttrium for the metal and Meteor Dust, Shiknarichor, Fungoid Sap and Shissar Blood for the Quicksilver Temper, as well as a pommel mold and various weapon molds, depending on the type of weapon you want to make. The resulting weapon is no drop, so you cannot make them to sell.

    Q: But I saw Yttrium armor on a site, how do I make that?
    A: Yttrium armor drops off Seru, and is not player made.

    Q: Where do I get an imbued gem?
    A: Imbued gems are obtained by having a Cleric, Druid, Shaman or Wizard that is level 29 or higher cast an imbue spell on them. Wizards can only imbue Fire Opals (for Solusek Ro).

    Q: Do I need to worship the god(dess) to make an imbued item?
    A: No, anyone with a good smithing skill can make imbued items, you will only be able to wear the one for your diety though.

    Q: How do I get distilled mana, purified mana, viscous mana, clear mana and cloudy mana?
    A: Enchanters get a line of 5 spells that will make these for you. Each spell requires a poison vial and a certain amount of gems.
    - Viscous Mana is made with the spell Thicken Mana that Enchanters get at level 12. Each viscous mana requires 1 poison vial and 1 pearl.
    - Cloudy Mana is made with the spell Crystallize Mana that Enchanters get at level 20. Each cloudy mana requires 1 poison vial and 1 peridot.
    - Clear Mana is made with the spell Clarify Mana that Enchanters get at level 29. Each clear mana requires 1 poison vial and 1 emerald.
    - Distilled Mana is made with the spell Distill Mana that Enchanters get at level 39. Each distilled mana requires 1 poison vial and TWO sapphires.
    - Purified Mana is made with the spell Purify Mana that Enchanters get at level 49. Each purified mana requires 1 poison vial and FOUR rubies.

    Q: Where can I buy the spells to make the vials of mana?
    A: The brownies in Lesser Faydark sell them. Using an illusion to turn yourself into a wolf, elemental, etc. should up your faction enough to get them to sell to you.

    Q: How do I get ore enchanted for cultural recipes?
    A: You need to get an Enchanter level 49 or higher to enchant them for you. Keep in mind that only large bricks can be enchanted.

    Q: Where can I find cultural recipes?
    A: All cultural recipes can be found here.

    Q: Who can smithing cultural things?
    A: Only Ogres, Barbarians, High Elves, Humans, Dark Elves, Iksar and Dwarves can smith cultural armor. Wood Elves can make some cultural weapons. Trolls also have a form of cultural smithing, but it is primarily limited to improving existing weapons and shields.

    Q: Wait! I've seen cultural forges in other towns too, what are those for?
    A: Erudites, Halflings and Wood Elves all have cultural forges in their towns, but they are primarily used for tailoring to make things like studs, boning and even their cultural sewing kits. Ak`Anon's cultural forge currently sits cold as there is no known use for it at this time.

    Q: What about Half Elves and Vah Shir!?
    A: Half Elves currently cannot make their own cultural armor as they do not have a culture of their own. However, Half Elves have a larger selection than any other race for smithed armor. Vah Shir currently have no form of Cultural Smithing nor is it known if they will get cultural smithing at all. Only time will tell.

    Q: Is there any Solusek Ro imbued armor?
    A: As of right now, no. We also have no clue when or if it will be added.

    Q: Can I use an illusion in order to do another race's cultural tradeskill?
    A: No. Illusions do not fool tradeskill containers. You can ONLY practice the cultural tradeskill for your specific race, if there is one.

    Q: Can I imbue my cultural armor for any diety?
    A: No, cultural armor is limited to being imbued for only specific dieties. Humans have the largest selection of imbues because their Clerics and Druids have many options of which religion to choose from. Ogres can imbue for Innoruuk, Cazic-Thule, and Rallos Zek. Dwarves can imbue for Brell and Bristlebane. High Elves can only imbue for Tunare, Dark Elves for Innoruuk, Iksar for Cazic-Thule and Barbarians for Tribunal.

    Q: How do I make a temper?
    A: Tempers are produced by brewing and do have a chance of failing. Recipes for them can be found on the Tempers and Tanning Agents page. This page also contains a list of known places to get items for tempers.

    Q: How do I make Blue Diamond Dust?
    A: Place a Blue Diamond and Jar of Acid in a kiln and press combine. There is a chance of failure, so a good pottery skill is recommended.

    Q: I'm KoS in Thurgadin, is there someplace else I can get Velium Tempers?
    A: Besides having a friend or mule getting them for you, they can only be bought in Thurgadin. However, a skilled brewer can make these by combining a coldain heater (water, allspice, brown algae, shotglass) with four celestial essences.

    Q: How do I make celestial essence?
    A: Combine celestial solvent (sold on venders in Shadow Haven and Bazaar) in a mortar and pestle with a research page. You can check for a full list here.

    NOTE: Please only respond to this post with Q&A's you think should be added to this post. If you have a question you would like answered, search the threads, and if you still can't find it, start a new one. Thanks
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    Planes of Power FAQ
    NOTE: Will later be merged with the other FAQ.

    Q: Who can Imbue the stuff I need for the Planar recipes?
    A: Enchanters can cast any of the imbues, but several other classes can cast specific ones that make sense for the class to cast.

    Magicians: Imbue Fire, Water, Earth and Air
    Necromancers:Imbue Nightmare, Disease and Torment
    Shamans: Imbue War, Justice and Disease
    Clerics: Imbue Valor
    Druids: Imbue Storm.

    Q: How do I get the imbue spell?
    A: You must combine the appropriate components (eg raw diamond and nightmare mephit blood for Imbue Nightmare) and a copy of imbue diamond in a Planer Jewelcrafting Kit. Imbue Diamond can be bought in Norther Freeport. Raw diamonds drop in various PoP zones and the other component drops in the appropriate zone for the imbue (eg stormrider blood for Imbue Storms drops in Plane of Storms).

    Q: I tried making one of the new recipes, but it just won't work! I'm positive I'm using the right stuff, but I keep getting DNC. What am I doing wrong?
    A: All Planar recipes must be combined in the appropriate planar container. This means you must either go to Plane of Knowledge to do the combine or buy a kit in Plane of Knowledge to use.

    Q: Why is it telling me I'm too low to do this combine?
    A: With the release of PoP, Verant added code that could prevent people with too little skill of doing a combine. We haven't gotten many of the required skill levels figured out, but all of the ones we have know have been posted. Geerlok and other skill mod % items are taken into account, so you can actually have below the required skill and do the combine.

    Q: How does Tanaan Crafting Mastery work?
    A: For 3 AA points (obtained after level 51), you can train this skill. It allows you to get an additional tradeskill over 200. Be careful though. The first skill you get over 200 is the one you are stuck with for this, so if you have multiple tradeskills at 200, make sure you can get over 200 with the one you want as fast as you can so you don't make a mistake.
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      Q: How do I build my skills? Are there any guides?

      There are several located at the main site, on the Learn a Skill--Smithing page.

      Q: Is there a way to raise skill without farming?

      Realistically? No. While it is *possible* to get all of the items you need off of the vendors or traders, you will either invest a lot of time or a lot of platinum (or both) searching for the ingredients; a lot more than you would have spent if you gather your own components.
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        Q: What Items have Bonuses to the Smithing Skill

        Answer: in no paticular order(with links )

        Hammer of the Ironfrost Also refferred to as the "creator's hammer" i believe.

        Gauntlets of Dark Embers

        Massive Girdle of the Forge

        Cloak of the Khala Dun Recruit

        Geerlock Automated Hammer

        Grandmaster Smith's Hammer
        Arrakeen Naed'Shoj
        Smith and Priest of Tunare's Blessings


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          Q:Can cultural armors be smithed in different sizes?
          A:Unlike most craftable armors, Cultural armors cannot be smithed into different sizes using different molds, i.e. Large Teir Dal Reagent or Small Crimson Darkscale.


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            Something that should probably be at the top of the FAQ...

            ...and in bold.

            Q: How do I find something in this FAQ quickly?

            A: Most browsers have a "find" function that is quickly accessed by holding down the button "CTRL" and pressing the "F" button on your keyboard. This will give you a small window that will pop up. Type what you're looking for in the space provided, and keep in mind that the less things you type in, the better; the FAQ is not so big that you need to get very specific about what you are looking for, and if you overspecify or misspell what you're looking for you might turn up a false negative.
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              Q: Where is the best place to farm Acrylia?

              "Q Where is the best place to farm Acrylia?
              A The 'best place' is a matter of opinion and level. Grimlings in Tenebrous Mountains, Grimling Forest (although rarely) and Acrylia Caverns all have a chance of dropping acrylia. Sambata in Dawnshroud in the cave also have a change to drop them as well as the ones in Scarlet Desert. Basically, find the place that is the most comfortable to hunt at your level, and that is probably the best place."

              Acrylia also drops frequently in The Deep.
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                Q: What level is Enchant:[Adamantite, Brellium, Mithril, Steel]?
                A: Level 49 spell, Enchanter.


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                  Q: Frogloks have a Gukta forge. Where are the Froglok cultural recipes?
                  A: There currently is no use for the Gukta forge. It is possible that this will be used for Froglok cultural smithing or tailoring in the future, but there are no Froglok cultural recipes at this time.


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                    Q: Where are the Enchant spells purchased?
                    A: Listed on the TRADE SUPPLIES BY SKILL--SMITHING page is everything you need to know. Remember to use the CTRL + F (FIND) feature to quickly find what you're looking for.
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                      Q: When should I try Blue Diamond cultural?

                      A: You should be trying it when you feel comfortable with failing multiple combines of it. If you don't like to fail, try it at a high smithing skill. If you don't care about failure, you can try as low as 215. You won't get higher than a 50% chance or so on average to succeed on the stuff at 250, so keep that in mind before deciding when to click. You were warned.
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                        About the quest for the Luc. tools...

                        I have refferd to the FAQ section and click the link.
                        I come up with a response that it is no longer hosted
                        by that server and it redirects me to the home page.
                        I have searched and searched ofr the steps after completing
                        the 1st part of farmring the silly newb bugs and handed
                        in the frame. He told to to go get some oil and a mold or something and I will make the proper mold or something like that.
                        I will go do what he asks and see what I come up with and post it here later upon my many failures heh.

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                          Looks like we need to do some work on the Smithing FAQ. It's on my to-do list, but I'll bump it up in priority.

                          For now, you can find the stuff you need to know for Shadow Scream armor here.
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                            Q: What happened to the Coldain Velium Temper vendor?

                            A: Nimren Stonecutter in Thugadin no longer sells Coldain Velium Tempers (as of Dec, 2003). This may or may not be a temporary thing. Sony corrected a pricing error (from a previous patch) by removing the item from his inventory. CVTs can still be made by brewing so consult your local brewmaster.

                            [Edit: Sorry but I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out if I had the right vendor. I searched this whole FAQ page for the word "coldain" and only found 1 instance regarding being KoS. Nothing mentioned the vendor problem. It seems I'm behind the curve and all the previous threads have fallen off. I only found the info by using site's search engine and digging through a bunch of posts.

                            Please add this to a sticky and update the vendor info under the "Trade Supplies" section for others sake. Thanks. ]

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                              Originally posted by Cevinzol
                              Q: What happened to the Coldain Velium Temper vendor?

                              A: Nimren Stonecutter in Thugadin no longer sells Coldain Velium Tempers (as of Dec, 2003). This may or may not be a temporary thing. Sony corrected a pricing error (from a previous patch) by removing the item from his inventory.
                              He's selling coldain velium tempers again. The new price is 6 pp each which is a lot better than the old 26 pp.