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301 and up : my experiences

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  • 301 and up : my experiences

    This post will be heavily edited as I work my way through things.

    Ran around PoK scribing all the trade skill books I did not yet have. I was at 314 skill. Started with the lowest trivial listed and worked my way up. I gained skills on thickeners, inks and quills, making sure those combines came at the right time - since it is consistently 54 new recipes for every point.

    I am using 10 of each hide just for cleaning purposes and then there are quite a few more needed for spells. Level 1- 14 you can just purchase at the vendor. Totals needed for 15 - 49 will be approximately: 25 x Raw Hide ( 15 - 19), 41 X Raw Fine Hide ( 20 - 24), 25 x Raw Supple Hide ( 25 - 29), 34 x Raw Runic Hide ( 30 - 34), 23 x Raw Fine Runic Hide ( 35 - 39), 24 x Raw Supple Runic Hide ( 40 - 44) and 35 x Raw Fine Supple Runic Hide ( 45 - 49). Quite a bit more than I have or planned on.

    Still farming hides - can only take it for so many hours in a day. Mucktail Gnolls for 15-24 in Moors, Hedges and Trees for 25- 29 in Moors ( or Dalnirs for Coerced), Stonehive for 34-39 (sorry faction), Mesa for 40 - 44 ( the giants, centaurs, tuffein and all the fairies)

    4/20/17 : 3 month break. did other skills. Been following the list on this EQTraders website. It is taking a long time. I had all the papers saved up from years of playing, but still - you need 54 new recipes for a skill up. and it takes 5 minutes to transfer a stack of papers from mule to main toon, 5 minutes to run around buying items to make the cleanser, 10 minutes for the sub-combines and combines to make the cleanser, another 5 minutes to run around and get the items for the solution, 5 minutes to do the combines for the solution, another 5 minutes to combine the solution cleanser and papers to prep the papers. then, assuming a good connection, fast computer, awesome memory and speedy fingers, you can perhaps create 1 spell per minute? with the checking recipe, buying ink, quills, moving the items into the container and stuff. that's a total of 90 minutes ( approx.) for 1 skill up. if you take no breaks and don't mess up. In reality it is taking me about 3 hours per skill up. I am up to 330 now and just starting level 61 spells. So far this and smithing are the worst 2 to raise ( but I have not done baking or tailoring yet).

    4/26/17 : Spent the past 6 days on this trade only. up to 345. mad burn out. 35 hours for the 15 skill ups. just starting level 74 spells now. Glad I already had all the papers saved, would take many more hours to farm those.

    4/28/17 made it to 350. halfway through level 78 spells
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    I'm pretty sure that I got a skill up as I closed the gap so to speak on inks and quills.

    I also got a skill ups as I went through and did all 5 variations of scrolls that are made with the spellcaster's essences/powders.
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