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  • Appreciation

    A word of thanks for your long work and the cash you, Aanuvane, spent in researching and posting those numerous scrolls and tomes in the past few days.

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    Until my attention gets diverted again, I've decided to try and make a dent in filling in some gaps.

    Luckily none of the tome stuff I posted over the weekend cost me anything more than the purchase of the sortilege research book on a hybrid researcher - I cannot believe how many tomes are erroneously included in the hybrid kit. As best I can tell, those tomes are not likely going to be researchable in a tome binding kit

    If anyone has any requests for where to focus (class/level/era), feel free to post otherwise, I'm probably just going to focus on a combined "alphabet" and " spell line" approach.
    Aanuvane Bristlecone - Druid - Povar via Quellious via Rodcet Nife
    AKA Muertenie, Melodee, Orelinde, Nounie, Gnomess, Cininea Ashryn, Mairede or a host of additional alts. Maybe also be found on Rabon, Kynsh or Atracker.