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Organizing information about crafting re Binding Powders

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  • Organizing information about crafting re Binding Powders

    With thought focused on crafting to reach 350 skill, but of general use in understanding Binding Powders also.

    13 items called Focus (level) Spellcaster's Essence
    13 items called Focus Mass (level) Spellcaster's Essence
    NOTE: These are usable only by pure casters and are no trade. Others craft for count to 350 skill and destroy them.

    13 items called (level) Enchanted Spell Parchment -- use these in the big set below

    65 items called (level) Scroll of (type of damage)
    Note: at each level craft Fire Strike, Frost Strike, Pestilence, Poisoning, Static Strike. That's 13 times 5 equals 65.

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    Hi Paloverde -

    I don't know if you've seen this, but maybe this can help you too: Skilling up 301 to 350 spell research
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