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  • Nature's Touch

    In the data base here it is customary to name a spell and report there is no recipe, if that is the case. Spell: Nature's Touch is a level 60 heal spell for Druids. Alla reports no recipe for this. I am not seeing any reference to it here. I am concluding there is no recipe, but suggesting that the item be listed in the data base as other like items are.

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    I only add that "recipe bugged or unknown" reference if someone has tried to make it and cannot find a recipe. If you are confirming that you have experimented and cannot come up with a recipe, then I'll add that note.

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      I tried the recipe for Nature's Infusion, a 63 spell.
      • Ameliorating Thickener
      • Ink Additive of the Nameless
      • Ink of Tunare
        Quill of the Storm Warden
      • Substituting the 60 Fine Runic Papyrus for the Vellum Parchment
      These same components became the heal over time with a change of thickener. I do my experimentation first so that components have a chance of being reused.