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Complete JPF Druid Armor Walkthrough

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  • Complete JPF Druid Armor Walkthrough

    Submitted for your approval, Niami.


    This guide is split into three sections:
    PART I - a checklist of steps to complete each piece of armor
    PART II - a creature guide
    PART III - a transcript of the NPC text. The NPC text gives the steps in reverse (they tell you about the final product, then the subcombines, then the subsubcombines.) Thus, the checklist. The NPC text is worth a read, though, as the stories involved behind the armor are well done.

    Here are the known pieces (all have a recommended level of 35, DRU, ELF HEF HUM HFL):
    Leggings of the Pine – 15ac, 3str, 5agi, 15mana, 5sv fire, 5sv poison
    Gloves of the Pine - 9ac, 5str, 2wis, 10mana, 5sv disease
    Sleeves of the Pine - 11ac, 3dex, 3wis, 10hp, 10mana
    Boots of the Pine - 11ac, 2dex, 5sta, 5sv magic
    Circlet of the Pine - 10ac, 5wis, 20hp, 15mana, 5sv poison

    The Tunic is not complete due to a bug in a subcombine (Potameid Hairs are not marked as a tradeskill item and thus won’t combine.) Still bugged as of 7/23/03.
    The Bracer has yet to be completed. I expect it to be finished as soon as a rare drop in the Potameid caves is acquired.


    - This a set of midlevel druid questable armor available originating in the Jaggedpine Forest. By midlevel, I mean level 35-50. This armor is not the best that can be had at this level, better can be purchased cheaply from other players or looted from easier mobs than you will find here.

    - To turn anything in to the quest NPCs, you must have at least Warmly status with the Residents of Jaggedpine faction. You can increase this faction by killing the Darkpaw Gnolls and Poachers in the Jaggedpine Forest. You will lose faction if you kill any of the Jaggedpine animals (i.e. cats, bears, wolves) or treants. Griffons, basilisks and anacondas are free game.

    - You don’t have to be a druid to do the quests as the final product is tradable.

    - Two key quest NPCs, Nolan Greenwood and Cheyloh Greenwood are in the JPF Fort (the small village at the zone in.) Two other key quest NPCs, Jhaya Wyndrunner and Lerian Wyndrunner are in Surefall Glade behind the druid guildhouse.

    - The trivials on the sewing combines are unknown and seem to range all the way up past 169. All combines MUST be done in a large sewing kit.

    - Most faction hits from this quest give you positive Residents of Jaggedpine, Jaggedpine Treefolk, Protectors of the Pine and Guards of Qeynos. Also, negative Pirates of the Pine (for the Blackguards and Bladespurs.) The only odd faction hit is from Nyuae the Cruel for the Circlet of the Pine. You’ll take hits with The Dead and Queen Christanos Thex, and get better faction with Primordial Malice, King Naythox Thex, Keepers of the Art and Eldritch Collective.

    PART I


    Tunic of The Pine [broken]

    1. Kill Elishia Blackguard in JPF Poacher's Camp. Loot Flawless Panther Hide.
    2. Forage 1 Jaggedpine Sap and 1 Dew of the Hatchling in JPF.
    3. Give Flawless Panther Hide, Jaggedpine Sap and Dew of the Hatchling to Lerian Wyndrunner in SFG and get back Cured Panther Hide.
    NOTES: Lerian’s text that is triggered upon hand in is wrong (it’s the boot text, not the tunic text), but he gives back the correct item.
    4. Kill Potameid Maidens in JPF and loot Wisps of Potameid Hair.
    NOTES: The correct spelling is “wisps”, but Verant spells it “whisps”. They can drop from other Potameids as well, not just Maidens.
    5. Combine Wisps of Potameid Hair and Cured Panther Hide in tailoring kit to make Black Rawhide Tunic.
    NOTES: Combine doesn’t work currently. Trivial unknown.
    6. Kill Greshvoule in Permafrost and loot a Pouch of Polished Jade Stones.
    7. Give Pouch of Polished Jade Stones and Black Rawhide Tunic to Jhaya Wyndrunner in SFG. She returns to you the Jade Studded Rawhide Tunic.
    8. Kill the Silver Griffon in North Karana and loot Silver Griffon Feather.
    9. Give Silver Griffon Feather and Jade Studded Rawhide Tunic to Nolan Greenwood in JPF for Tunic of The Pine.

    Leggings of the Pine

    1. Forage 1 Shadowjade Moss in JPF.
    2. Kill Potameid Bewilders in JPF and loot a Thread of the Hatchling.
    3. Combine 1 Shadowjade Moss and 1 Thread of the Hatchling in a large sewing kit to make a Spool of Moss Thread.
    4. Kill a Darkpaw Mystic in the Darkpaw gnoll caves in JPF and loot the Ruined Rawhide Leggings.
    5. Give the Ruined Rawhide Leggings and Spool of Moss Thread to Lerian Wyndrunner in SFG. He returns to you the Moss-Threaded Rawhide Leggings.
    NOTES: Steps 3-5 are bugged. If you combine the Moss and Thread in a sewing kit, you receive back the Moss-Threaded Rawhide Leggings, thus making step 4 and 5 irrelevant.
    6. Kill Myraephe The Pure, a Potameid in JPF river, and loot the Polished Jade Acorns.
    7. Give the Polished Jade Acorns and Moss-Threaded Rawhide Leggings to Cheyloh Greenwood in the JPF Fort for Leggings of the Pine.

    Boots of the Pine

    1. Kill Fitorrin Baldespur in Tox Forest and loot the Jaggedpine Panther Hide.
    2. Forage two Shadowjade Fern Leaves and one Shadowjade Fern Seed in JPF.
    3. Give Lerian Wyndrunner in SFG the Jaggedpine Panther Hide, the Shadowjade Fern Seeds and two Shadowjade Fern Leaves. He returns to you a Shadowjade hide.
    4. Kill a Kobold Guardian in SolB and loot the Blackened Mithril Boots.
    5. Combine in a sewing kit the Shadowjade hide and the Blackened Mithril Boots to make Mithril Fern Boots (5ac, 10hp, 10mana).
    6. Kill Potameid Guardians in JPF and loot two Polished Jade Plates.
    7. Give the two Polished Jade Plates and Mithril Fern Boots to Cheyloh Greenwood in JPF for Boots of the Pine.

    Sleeves of the Pine

    1. Kill Frenzied Bullshark in Kedge Keep and loot Shark Rib.
    2. Kill Yranik Blackguard at the JPF Poacher's Camp and loot a Flayed Panther Hide.
    NOTES: See Elishia Blackguard Notes in Tunic checklist. He is also level 45.
    3. Give Shark Rib and Flayed Panther Hide to Lerian Wyndrunner in SFG in return for Rawhide Sleeves (6ac, 10health)
    4. Forage two Discarded Sharks Teeth in Kedge Keep.
    5. Combine the Rawhide Sleeves and the two Discarded Sharks Teeth in a sewing kit to make Shark Tooth Sleeves (9ac, 5hp).
    6. Kill Potameid Protectors in JPF and loot Polished Jade Leaves.
    7. Give Polished Jade Leaves and Shark Tooth Sleeves to Cheyloh Greenwood in JPF for Sleeves of the Pine.

    Gloves of the Pine

    1. Kill the Kobold Advisor in SolB and loot Blackened Mithril Netting.
    2. Kill Theoris Bladespur in East Karana and loot Tattered Panther Hide Gloves.
    3. Combine Blackened Mithril Netting and Tattered Panther Hide Gloves in Sewing kit to make Blackened Mithril Netted Gloves.
    4. Forage in JPF for 1 Shadowjade Fern Leaf and 1 Shadowjade Moss.
    5. Give Blackened Mithril Netted Gloves, 1 Shadowjade Fern Leaf and 1 Shadowjade Moss to Lerian Wyndrunner in SFG. He returns to you Forest Woven Gloves (5ac, 10hp, 10mana).
    6. Kill Potameid Matriarchs in JPF and loot Polished Jade Studs.
    7. Give Polished Jade Studs and Forest Woven Gloves to Cheyloh Greenwood in JPF for Gloves of the Pine.

    Circlet of the Pine

    1. Forage 2 Shadowjade Moss and 2 Shadowjade Fern Leaves.
    2. Combine 2 Shadowjade Moss and 2 Shadowjade Fern Leaves in a large sewing kit to make Shadowjade Weave (triv 68).
    3. Kill Nyuae the Cruel in OOT and loot Blackened Mithril Chain.
    4. Give Shadowjade Weave and Blackened Mithril Chain to Jhaya Wyndrunner in SFG. She will return to you Shadowjade Circlet (5ac, 10hp, 10 mana).
    5. Kill Lamerie the Alluring, a Potameid Temptress in JPF and loot Polished Jade Tear.
    6. Give Polished Jade Tear and Shadowjade Circlet to Cheyloh Greenwood in JPF for Circlet of the Pine.

    Bracelet of the Pine

    1. Kill Potameid Wildlings and loot a Potameid Braid.
    2. Forage 1 Shadowjade Moss and 1 Jaggedpine Needle in JPF.
    3. Combine 1 Potameid Braid, 1 Shadowjade Moss and 1 Jaggedpine Needle in a large tailoring kit to make Braids of the Pine.
    4. Kill Ryleen Bladespur in South Karana and loot the Black Rawhide Bracer.
    5. Give Black Rawhide Bracer and Braids of the Pine to Lerian Wyndrunner in SFG. He returns to you the Bracer of Braided Pine (3ac, 10mana).
    6. Kill Potameid Temptress in JPF and loot Polished Jade Blossoms.
    7. Give Polished Jade Blossoms and the Bracer of Braided Pine to Cheyloh Greenwood in JPF for Bracer of the Pine.




    The Blackguards are level 45 humans that can be rooted and snared. They spawn around the fire at the poacher camp in JPF. Every two hours one of five Blackguards will pop. They sometimes spawn randomly in the camp as well.

    Elishia Blackguard – 45 Rogue. Always drops the Flawless Panther Hide.

    Yranik Blackguard – 45 Rogue. Always drops a Flayed Panther Hide.


    The Bladespurs are level 32 and are IMMUNE to changes in run speed. They are a family of poachers scattered across the lands of Norrath.

    Fittorin Bladespur - level 32 Half Elf rogue who wanders the Tox forest near the Paineel zone line. He always drops the Jaggedpine Panther Hide.

    Ryleen Bladespur – Level 32 rogue in South Karana. Spawns along western wall of SK. Drops Black Rawhide Bracer every time.

    Theoris Bladespur - level 32 rogue in East Karana. He can usually be found on the side of the hill by the barbarian fishing village. He drops Tattered Panther Hide Gloves every time.


    Potameids reside in the river and underwater caves at the eastern end of JPF. Maidens, Wildlings, Guardians and Myraephe the Pure can be pulled out of the river. The rest are in the underwater caves behind the river. They are snare/root immune and cast fire/cold/magic damage spells as well as melee and proc. Some are slow/charm immune and see invis as well. Lamerie and Myraephe are uncommon spawns, but not ultra rare. River turtles that accompany them will not agro on you unless you are in wolfform.

    Bewilders - Level 48. Procs "Confusion" - unresistable fear like effect. Drops ultra rare Thread of The Hatchling.
    Guardians – Level 45. Immune to fire based spells and immune to Slow. Proc a low level fire based dd. Drops Polished Jade Plates rarely.
    Maidens – Level 38. Procs a low level cold dd. Drops Wisps of Potameid Hair uncommonly.
    Matriarchs – Level 45-50. Very high MR. May see invis. Rarely drop Polished Jade Studs.
    Protectors – Level 44. Proc a cold based dd . Rarely drop Polished Jade Leaves.
    Temptress – Level 45-50. May see invis. Procs "Confusion" - unresistable fear like effect. Rarely drops Polished Jade Blossoms.
    Wildlings – Level 44. Supposed to drop a Potameid Braid. One has yet to be seen.

    Lamerie the Alluring – Level 40ish. Only spawns inside the cave complex in the room immediately to the right of entry room. She has a placeholder which is a potameid bewilder. The bewilders always spawns in same spot along left wall as you enter half way to the other exit from the room. The bewilders can see through invis. Just keep killing the placeholder and she will appear eventually. She drops the polished jade tear every time.

    Myraephe the Pure – Level 40. Spawns outside in the river. Shares spawn table with non-quest rare named Cybill The Wild. Drops Polished Jade Acorns commonly.


    Darkpaw Mystic – Level 35ish, uncommon spawn in Darkpaw gnoll caves in JPF (not Brell gnoll caves.) Does NOT drop the Ruined Rawhide Leggings every time.

    Frenzied Bullshark – Level 38ish. Spawns in Kedge Keep. Placeholder is Bullshark. Always drops Shark Rib. Respawn time in Kedge is 12 mins.

    Greshvoule – Level 36 Barbarian Rogue. Greshvoule spawns in the Flag room in Permafrost. He’s always up after a server reset and always drops the Polished Jade Stones. Root and snare work.

    Kobold Advisor – Level 42 shaman with pet in SolB. Drops Blackened Mithril Netting uncommonly.

    Kobold Guardian – Level 42 shadowknight with pet and 400pt harm touch that spawns in SolB. Spawns at bottom of the king ramp. Drops Blackened Mithril Boots commonly.

    Nyuae the Cruel – Level 45 Dark Elf Necromancer in Ocean of Tears. She is on the raptor island and drops Blackened Mithril Chain every time.

    The Silver Griffon – Level 40 undead necromancer class spawning rarely in North Karana. It is snare/root resistant, has about 4k health and runs at SoW speed. Always drops Silver Griffon Feather.


    I’m missing a few entries (mostly the final turn in text.) Other wise, dive in. It’s quite a story.
    If anyone has the following text, please post under the Quest Requiring Tradeskills Forum.


    Find Nolan Greenwood in one of the three buildings in Jaggedpine Forest at the zone in gem.

    You say, 'Hail, Nolan Greenwood'

    Nolan Greenwood gives a gentle nod to Silverfur, 'Greetings. I am Nolan Greenwood, warder of the Jaggedpine and retainer of our [ancient ways]. The recent introduction of [outsiders] whose faith and loyalties mimic our own toward The Rainkeeper has led to the rebirth of a long lost excitement and use for my talents, thus my presence here today. Usually, I would not be so easily found for when presented with the choice, for I prefer the sanctuary of the open forest to the confining walls of my room here at Fort Jaggedpine.'

    You say, 'What ancient ways?'

    Nolan Greenwood says 'As with any culture, my friend, there are countless established ways of life, worship, law, and order. It would be impossible for me to explain all of our ancient ways in a single conversation -- and even more impossible would it be for you to understand them. You must experience and [accept them as your own] to fully understand.''

    You say, 'I accept them as my own.'

    Nolan Greenwood raises a brow and gives a gentle, warm smile to Silverfur's declaration, 'I see, and am very pleased to know that your interest has grown and your heart is opened to know the path of The Rainkeeper. As I retain the laws and order of nature that we of the Jaggedpine have sworn ourselves to, I will be more than willing to give you what words I can to guide you toward true discovery of what it means to be of The Rainkeeper's service and pledge. The rest shall be taught through your own experience in these [trials].'

    You say, 'What trials?'

    Nolan Greenwood says 'To show your devotion to the natural world and strengthen your abilities to protect it, you must engage in a symbiotic relationship with nature. As you give your devotion and one day your life to the natural world, it will equally provide the [tools] that will aid you to execute the duties and protection you have pledged to uphold.''

    You say, 'What tools?'

    Nolan Greenwood says 'Sustenance, shelter, and the necessities that we must have to survive are all provided by the world that we must protect. The wilderness will also lend its spiritual force to you, and it is the fullest potential of that spiritual force that I can see you and many other druids have yet to truly harness. Do not think that we reave these things from nature -- for as I said, our relationship must be mutual. If you invest the time and prayer to [ask of her], she shall provide the rest to these needs most willingly -- as a mother would her beloved child.''

    You say, 'How do I ask of her?'

    Nolan Greenwood says 'These questions are not of the vocal expression, my friend. To request nature's aid, you must go in-search of that aid. In that search, you will provide unto her nothing less than a service equal to what it is you seek. My beloved daughter, Cheyloh, and [I shall guide you] through this quest.''

    You say, 'How will you guide me?'

    Nolan Greenwood says 'I will give you the guidance of words and my knowledge of the details pertaining to your tasks. My experience and talents in the ways of making proper and the most efficient use of that which nature will grant you in gratitude of your service to her shall be at your disposal as necessary and appropriate. The first of your tasks will be to acquire and return to me two items -- [Silver Griffon Feathers] and a [Jade Studded Rawhide Tunic].''

    You say, 'What is a Silver Griffon Feather?'

    Nolan Greenwood says 'There is a beast known as the Silver Griffon whom lurks in the darkest of shadows cast by Luclin's light. Although this creature was born of those that are natural, the Silver Griffon himself is not. Once a great and powerful creature of the Karana Plains, the beast known as the Silver Griffon was killed and its spirit corrupted by the priests of The Plaguebringer when their scourge was brought upon those plains not too long past. Put this creature to rest and from its ethereal wings, bring me its silver feathers.''

    You say, 'What is a Jade Studded Rawhide Tunic?'

    Nolan Greenwood says 'As the Qeynos faithful of The Rainkeeper have come to us, we have sent some of our most adept brothers and sisters to them as an act of good faith in hope that our ways would be exchanged. One such adept is Jhaya Wyndrunner. She, like myself, is a keeper of our ways -- a former apprentice of mine, in fact, and a master in the arts of weaving. Speak to her about the Jade Studded Rawhide Tunic and she will give you further guidance on how you may acquire it.''

    Find Jhaya Wyndrunner in Surefall Glade. She is behind the druid training hall.

    You say, 'What is a Jade Studded Rawhide Tunic?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner gives a gentle, almost musical chuckle of delight, 'Nolan Greenwood must be quite excited to have his great talents be of interest and use once again. I will be more than willing to aid you in fulfilling my former mentor and dearest friend's task of you. Unfortunately, I am at a loss for the supplies that are necessary to aid you properly and my duties keep me safe in the Glade. I will need you to bring me two specific [items] and I will be happy to sew them into the tunic.'

    You say, 'What items?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'The items I require for this tunic will not be easy to acquire, my friend and I do apologize for the turmoil that you will likely plunge yourself into to fulfill this task -- but as is the way of those whom defend the natural world. The two items I need of you are the [Pouch of Polished Jade Stones] and a [Black Rawhide Tunic].''

    You say, 'What Pouch of Polished Jade Stones?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'Our artisans of the Jaggedpine pride themselves on the beauty and quality of their products. The jade stone has become a sort of a symbol to those of us in the Jaggedpine and it is used almost exclusively to decorate all of our powerful tools. Unfortunately, many others have found the potential of these stones and have begun to reave them from us and our craftsman have been too occupied with the recent events to make any great supply of these items. You must [find] one of the [stolen pouches].''

    You say, 'How do I find the stolen pouches?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'With the creation of the passageway in Blackburrow to the Jaggedpine Forest, many of the poachers that are native to Qeynos soil have secretly made their way into our woodlands. They maliciously destroy our beautiful and sacred beasts solely for the purpose of monetary profit. We were not prepared to encounter such individuals and these thieves raided many of our establishments at Fort Jaggedpine. The artisans were not spared these barbarous acts and many of our precious stones were stolen. I know the name of the one who may have these stones -- [Greshvoule].''

    You say, 'Who is Greshvoule?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner glares at the mention of the name, 'Greshvoule was one of many poachers to invade our forest after the construction of the subterranean passageway. He is a very cunning thief and a warrior not to be trifled with. He. . . killed one of our artisans and a dear friend of mine, Callisa, who specialized in the art of carving and polishing these jade stones. One of the rangers native to the glade graced me with his favor and found that the barbarian known as Greshvoule is hiding in Permafrost, trying to escape proper justice for his crimes against the glade. If you could find him and avenge the wrongs committed against my dear friend and the glade, I would be eternally grateful.'

    You say, 'What is a Black Rawhide Tunic?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'That is an item that you must forge with your own skills, my friend. We of the Jaggedpine use the resources that nature allows us to the fullest extent and it is our law that when we embrace nature's gifts, that the one whom has gained those gifts must use their own hands and work to earn that gift -- for she has granted it to you, and you alone. I can tell you [how to make the Black Rawhide Tunic] and perhaps make this task a bit easier for one as new to our ways as yourself, my friend.''

    You say, 'Tell me how to make the Black Rawhide Tunic?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'To make the tunic, you will need to acquire the appropriate materials. These materials are a [Cured Panther Hide] and [Whisps of Potameid Hair]. These two items, if properly sewn together, will make the Black Rawhide Tunic that you will need to further your task to Nolan. But be wary, my friend. The tailoring of this item is not for the inept of this skill. You must master the thread and needle to be successful in sewing the tunic.''

    You say, 'What Cured Panther Hide?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'The poachers that have invaded our forest are far from having any mutual arrangement with the world they carelessly reave from. One such poacher, Elishia Blackguard of the Blackguard family is known to 'specialized' in furs. She has been seen skinning the corpses of our forest panthers and despite how despicable her actions are she truly is worthy of her reputation. Likely if you find her, you will find a Flawless Panther Hide. Once you have retrieved the hide and the [gifts of the forest], take the items to my brother, Lerian, who you will find here in the glade.''

    You say, 'What gifts of the forest?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'The great pines in our forest are a constant and generous source of sap. You can harvest this sap without harming the woodlands by foraging. The second gift is the Dew of the Hatchling, which you shall also find without turmoil as the forest will freely give it if you take the time to seek it out.''

    You say, 'What whisps of potameid hair?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'When the folk of the Jaggedpine came to the forest many centuries ago, the Potameides and other nymphs were plentiful across the whole of Norrath's then untainted wilderness. The Potameides assisted our ancestors, teaching them how to harvest safely from the forest and had given us the gifts of their spiritual essence with their blessings. This essence was essential in developing the powerful tools that Nolan has you questing for now. But, as the time passed and civilizations grew, these spirits of nature perished when the nature they are bound to were interrupted with the construction of these cities. The Potameides of the Hatchling are the only naiads of Norrath that any know to still exist. It is this extinction that they face which has made acquiring this essence so [trying].''

    You say, 'Why is it so trying?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'The Potameides have become. . . hostile toward any mortal that dares to tread in their territory. This hostility is understandable, but it is not for natural reasons. Our neighbors to the north made a pact with Queen Nhyalia of the Hatchling, and the Potameides abide by this pact -- to destroy any that dares to cross the river. Some of us believe that they have become corrupt by abiding mortal requests and becoming pawns to our feral, wildling neighbors. Unfortunately, one must use force to retrieve the essence. But, do not be discouraged, my friend. The destruction of the Potameides is temporary, for as long as the river itself remains untainted, each spirit will return to guard her sacred home. You must seek out the Potameid Maidens, whose hair will hold the essence you need.''

    Much missing text from turn ins since subcombine is broken. Also, Lerian’s text when you turn in what he asks for is the boot quest text, not the tunic quest text.


    You say, 'Hail, Cheyloh Greenwood'

    Cheyloh Greenwood gives a warm smile, ''Greetings traveler and welcome to Fort Jaggedpine, our humble, though suitable home. If you have need of my [wears or talents], then please do not hesitate to inquire. I am always more than willing to share our ancient knowledge with our kin of the outside world.'

    You say, 'What are your wears and talents?'

    Cheyloh Greenwood says 'Here in the Jaggedpine, I serve as a seamstress and one of many protectors of our precious home. Our people will often come to me in search of my talents in the ways of weaving. Often times my father and his students will seek to borrow my knowledge of the natural world and The Rainkeeper to weave specific pieces of an [ancient suit of leather] worn by our most adept and dedicated of druids.''

    You say, 'What is the ancient suit of leather.'

    Cheyloh Greenwood says 'When our ancestors were young to the Jaggedpine and the Throne of Karana's Thunder was in the fledgling years of its establishment, a young seamstress and druid by the name of Hymara Cloudweaver discovered the laws of accepting nature's gifts in return for our services in protecting her. Hymara used these gifts of the wilderness to sew a complex suit of armor, which she then wove energies of the wilderness into. These gifts were used solely for the purpose of the protection of the pine, and we uphold her legacy to this day. The armor is acquired upon a [path of devotion] successfully walked by our most devoted of druids.''

    You say, 'What is the path of devotion?'

    Cheyloh Greenwood says 'One must protect nature to the fullest of their abilities in both faith and conviction to walk this path. The world they ward will in-turn present her sacred gifts unto those who walk this path with the true desire, intent, and fulfillment of their duties. To weave specific components of the armor, the druid uses these gifts of the nature and once that druid has [proven themselves worthy] of these gifts, one such as I would aid in the final steps to create the armor.''

    You say, 'I will prove myself worthy.'

    Cheyloh Greenwood raises a brow and gives another gentle smile toward Silverfur, 'Very well, my friend. If you wish to take upon yourself the task to prove your devotion to nature, I will be more than willing to lend my talents justly to your cause. There are several individual [pieces] to this mystic suit of armor, and each piece requires a test of your faith and dedication to that which you have declared your life to protect.'

    You say, 'What pieces?'

    Cheyloh Greenwood says 'My skills and knowledge of history extends my talents to the creation of the [leggings], [sleeves], [bracer], [boots], [gloves], and [circlet] of the Armor of the Pine. My father, Nolan Greenwood, is the only who holds the necessary faith and mastery in the knowledge of history that is needed to make the most sacred and powerful piece of this set -- the Tunic of the Pine. There are several components needed to complete each piece of armor that I specifically am able to create. Those components vary between each individual piece. You will need to endeavor through several tasks to complete the set, but as with nature, there is no true order to the tasks that you must complete. Tell me which piece you wish to [acquire], and I shall guide you as necessary.''

    You say, 'I wish to acquire leggings.'

    Cheyloh Greenwood says 'Very well, Silverfur. There are two components that you will need to return to me; [Polished Jade Acorns] and [Moss Threaded Rawhide Leggings]. But procuring those items will not be an easy task, and I can assure that you will plunge yourself into danger to complete it. However, you should not know fear of this for we must often selflessly endanger ourselves to fulfill our ultimate goal in protecting and preserving the purity of nature. Through these endeavors, your success will be rewarded by nature's recognition and she shall grant to you the gifts you will need to complete this task.''

    You say, 'What polished jade acorns?'

    Cheyloh Greenwood says 'Every piece of the Armor of the Pine requires a special stone. These stones have been carved into different shapes by our artisans and each one blessed by our elder warders of the pine. Unfortunately, the introduction of the poachers through the recently carved passageway between the forest and the den of Blackburrow has brought us a loss in these sacred items. The Blackguard family and their henchmen have raided our fort several times, stealing our materials to be sold illegally upon the underground market of Norrath. However, the poachers are very limited in their knowledge of this area and our ranger scouts have informed us that [Myraephe the Pure] killed the one who stole the specific stones we need.''

    You say, 'Who is Myraephe the Pure?'

    Cheyloh Greenwood says 'The Hatchling River -- a beautiful waterway jealously protected by the nymph spirits known as Potameides, fuels the lifeblood of this forest. These naiads are beautiful creatures, who were benevolent to us until the development of great cultures and the construction of great cities destroyed much of nymph kind. The Potameides felt the loss of their sisters and became hostile to all mortals alike, viewing our presence as a threat to their very existence. Myraephe is one of the ancient Potameides and our scouts have said that in recent days she wears a necklace made of Polished Stone Acorns. Seek Myraede and retrieve the acorns as you will, my friend. Know neither regret nor sorrow for your actions as the Potameides intentions have been influenced by the threat of the Unkempt Wood to the east. The Potameid spirit will return to protect the river it is bound to, so long as the river itself does not become corrupt.''

    You say, 'What are Moss Threaded Rawhide Leggings?'

    Cheyloh Greenwood says 'To procure this item, you will need to venture to Surefall Glade and speak with my beloved fiancée, Lerian Wyndrunner. His talents in the ways of leather and hide are unsurpassed by any of our people in the Jaggedpine and his devotion and faith to The Rainkeeper make him all the more important to your cause. Approach him and inquire about the Moss Threaded Rawhide Leggings. He will know of your task and will guide you well.''

    You say, 'What are Moss Threaded Rawhide Leggings?'

    Lerian Wyndrunner says 'Aaaahh. . . I see that you have chosen to embark on the sacred path of the Jaggedpine. No doubt my dearest Cheyloh has sent you, and if she has placed her trust in you and given you the sacred knowledge to embark on this ancient quest, then my services are at your disposal in this cause, my friend. To create the Moss Threaded Rawhide Leggings, you will need to obtain the [needed components] that I will work with to make the leggings.''

    You say, 'What are the needed components?'

    Lerian Wyndrunner says 'The recipe for the Moss Threaded Rawhide Leggings is very specific, and the materials that I am about to describe to you must be exact for the creation of the Leggings of the Pine to be properly completed. From you, I will need a pair of Ruined Rawhide Leggings and a [Spool of Moss Thread]. The ruined leggings you will likely find in the Shrine of Brell Serilis, located beneath our forest. When the gnolls first arrived in the Jaggedpine, they raided our fort several times and although no lives have yet to be lost specifically to their talons, something of which I give praise and thanks to The Rainkeeper for daily, the gnolls have stolen our supplies from time to time.''

    You say, 'What is a spool of moss thread?'

    Lerian Wyndrunner says 'This item you will need to use your own hands, patience, and devotion to the natural world to create. A mastery of the skill of weaving -- tailoring -- is very important when attempting to handle such a feat. The items that you must weave to make this enchanted thread are the Shadowjade Moss and Threads of the Hatchling. The Shadowjade Moss you will find as a gift from the Jaggedpine for your services to her. If you search carefully and with selfless patience, she will grant you a perfect specimen suitable for the creation of this item. The Threads of the Hatchling you must acquire from the Potameid Bewilders in the caves located off the Hatchling River. May The Rainkeeper guide you in your quest, my friend, and I look forward to your return.''


    You say, 'I wish to acquire a sleeves.'

    Cheyloh Greenwood says 'If that is your wish, my friend. You will need to seek out two items and return them to me. In the depths of the Potameid caves located off of the Hatchling River, you will find the Potameid Protectors. Our ranger scouts have found many of our sacred jade ornaments scattered throughout the possession of the Potameides. The reports indicate that it is the protectors who hold the Polished Jade Leaves, which you must acquire for the final product. The second item that you must return to me are the Shark Tooth Sleeves. Seek out Lerian Wyndrunner in Surefall Glade and he will guide you in obtaining the Shark Tooth Sleeves.''

    You say, 'What are shark tooth sleeves?'

    Lerian Wyndrunner says 'You seek to prove yourself upon the ancient and sacred path of the Jaggedpine, I see. You will need to procure two specific items for me so that I might make one of the components that you will need to produce the sleeves. Yes, my, friend, you will be making the final product with your own hands and patience, as is the ultimate test of this path -- to prove that you are willing and able to earn these items on your own accord. The items I need to make the Reinforced Rawhide Sleeves are a Shark Rib from one of the great behemoths of Kedge, and a Flayed Panther Hide. The hide you will find upon one of the poachers that have taken it upon themselves to establish an outpost in our forest. The one you will find to have such hide within their possession is Yranik Blackguard.''

    Hand in items to Lerian:

    Lerian Wyndrunner inspects the rib and the hide, checking for imperfections that might disable him from completing his work. Satisfied with the quality of the components, Lerian places the rib in the center of the hide, which is draped over his arm. He then begins to speak softly in an ancient, druidic tongue that is foreign to your ears and knowledge. As he speaks, the black fur of the hide seems to pierce the cartilage shark rib, binding it in-place. The rest of the hide folds back, wrapping itself around the druid's arm. Lerian then completes his chant and removes the Reinforced Rawhide Sleeves from his arm and offers it to Silverfur, 'There is [more that you must do], my friend, before this task is complete.''

    You say, 'What more must I do?'

    Lerian Wyndrunner says 'Return to Kedge and find two Discarded Shark Teeth. These teeth you will likely find at the bottom of the oceanic ruins and need not interfere with the corrupted, coerced slaves of Phinagel to acquire the teeth. Yes, we know of Phinagel and the gruesome legend that surrounds him -- remember, he is indeed very old and his 'accomplishments' with the Kedge race happened long before the Jaggedpine borders were sealed off. We are not entirely ignorant to the outside world -- it is just the modern times that have become a bit of a mystery. Once you have acquired the teeth, you will need to sew them onto the reinforced sleeves that I have just given you. Be sure you hold a master's eye in the art of tailoring when attempting this feat, for the thread is very thin and will break at the touch of an armature's attempt.''

    Hand in final components to Cheyloh:

    Cheyloh Greenwood says ‘Marvelously done, my friend. I cam pleased to know that the natural world has embraced and recognized you so. I have bound the moss thread to the Polished Jade Leaves and your sleeves are complete. Take them and wear them with the selfless knowledge that you are equal to all of nature’s most devoted warders.’


    You say, 'I wish to acquire bracer.'

    Cheyloh Greenwood says 'Then you shall work to obtain that which you desire, my friend. Nature's gifts are not given without justification and you must prove yourself worthy of this most sacred of our items. You must venture out into the wilds and procure the Polished Jade Blossoms and the Bracer of Braided Pine, both to be returned to me. The Jade Blossoms are not traditional flora -- they are of the jade stones carved by our artisans and blessed by our elders. You will likely find them in the Potameid Caves, where many of our recently lost charms have been discovered in the recent past. The Potameid Temptresses use the blossoms as charms around their necks, or so the scouts have reported. To acquire the bracer, you must seek out Lerian Wyndrunner, who currently resides in the Surefall Glade. Speak with him about the Bracer of Braided Pine and he shall guide you to fulfilling this task.''

    You say, 'What is the bracer of braided pine?'

    Lerian Wyndrunner says 'This is an item that you will need to work hard to obtain, my friend, but I shall guide you through this task -- if you can appeal to the world that you have dedicated your life to and receive her acceptance and gifts. I will need two specific items from you to create that which Cheyloh has requested of you. Those items are the Black Rawhide Bracer and the [Braids of Pine]. The rangers of the Jaggedpine Treefolk have informed me that Ryleen Bladespur, one of the poachers to have recently infested our forest, has made her way to South Karana to sell much of her stolen wears within the underground market of Norrath. Seek her out and you will find the bracer.''

    You say, 'What are braids of Pine?'

    Lerian Wyndrunner says 'This item you will need to make on your own by carefully weaving strands of Shadowjade Moss, Jaggedpine Needles, and Potameid Braids into one delicate strand. The forest will offer the Shadowjade Moss and Jaggedpine Needles to you if she deems you worthy of her gifts. The braids, however, you must take from the Potameid Wildlings of the Hatchling River. Be sure that your mastery in the ways of tailoring are in the forefront of your mind when you attempt this feat, for anything less will result in the destruction of these delicate materials.''


    You say, 'I wish to acquire boots.'

    Cheyloh Greenwood says 'Then you shall endeavor to earn such a gift. I will guide and aid you where I can, but it is you who will ultimately prove yourself worthy of this item and the sacred oath that is tied to it -- the oath of the guardian of nature. You must venture out into the world and procure several items that you will eventually return to me. The items I require are two Polished Jade Plates from the Potameid Guardians of the Hatchling River. Our rangers have reported much of our recently stolen jade ornaments to be in the possession of the Potameides -- the jade items likely came into their grasp after they killed the poachers who raid our fort. Lerian Wyndrunner, whom you shall find in Surefall Glade, will guide you through the acquisition of the second item -- the Mithril Fern Boots.''

    Turn in Mithril Fern Boots and two Polished Jade Plates to Cheyloh Greenwood.

    Cheyloh Greenwood says 'Aaaah. . . these will do nicely. Lerian's gifts upon the hide that you have expertly sewn into the boots have proved an extra enchantment that allowed me to appropriately fit the plates onto the toes and sides of the boots. You have earned this reward justly and without a selfish nature or compromise of your dedication to nature. May they serve you as you have served the world that has granted them to you.''

    Find Lerian Wyndrunner in Surefall Glade.

    You say, 'What mithril fern boots?'

    Lerian Wyndrunner says 'Cheyloh has caught the attentions of yet another druid seeking to prove themselves worthy of nature’s gifts. If she has placed her trust and faith in you with this, one of our most sacred of tests and equipment, then I shall guide and aid you in parallel to her faith, my friend. I will need you to seek out and return to me some Shadowjade Fern Seeds, 2 Shadowjade Fern Leaves, all of which you can forage from the Jaggedpine forest, and a Jaggedpine Panther Hide. To obtain this hide, you will seek out one known as Fitorrin Bladespur. The citizens of Qeynos have reported that he has taken a ship to Odus. As he is a criminal, Erudin may have already disposed of him, but that is unlikely for Fitorrin is well informed and education on the ways of the world for one of such a debased profession as he. It would be wise to search the forest of Toxxulia for his whereabouts.''

    Give Lerian the seeds, leaves and hide. He replies:

    Lerian Wyndrunner studies the hide carefully -- using his eyes, fingertips, and sense of smell to be sure that it is indeed of the panthers native to the Jaggedpine forest. Accepting the true identity of the hide, Lerian removes a small vial of clear oil and smears it across the flawless midnight fur. He then retrieves the seeds from the small pouch given to him by Silverfur, and begins to chant lowly and softly in his ancient druidic tongue. The seeds begin to sprout, growing at an unnatural pace from the nourishing oil. The fern imbeds itself in a beautiful design upon the hide as they grow -- their roots and the thin, delicate vines rendering the flora secure in its place. Lerian then offers the hide to Silverfur, 'You will need to seek out one other item -- the Blackened Mithril Boots from the kobold priest in Solusek's eye. Once you have the boots, you will need a master¿s knowledge of tailoring to carefully fit this hide over the boots before returning them to Cheyloh.'

    Hand in final components to Cheyloh:

    Cheyloh Greenwood says 'Aaaah. . . these will do nicely. Lerian's gifts upon the hide that you have expertly sewn into the boots have proved an extra enchantment that allowed me to appropriately fit the plates onto the toes and sides of the boots. You have earned this reward justly and without a selfish nature or compromise of your dedication to nature. May they serve you as you have served the world that has granted them to you.''


    You say, 'I wish to acquire gloves'

    Cheyloh Greenwood says 'You must continue to uphold the sacred duties that you have pledged your existence to and thus gain nature's recognition to fulfill this task. The items I require so that I might properly weave the gloves are Polished Jade Studs and Forest Woven Gloves. The Polished Jade Studs you will find in the Potameid Caves, where much of our sacred jade ornaments have found their way by the fates of the thieves and poachers who infest this land and frequently raid our homes. Our scouts believe the Potameid Matriarchs to hold the jade studs, and I would heed their advice to discourage any unnecessary danger to you. The Forest Woven Gloves will require further aid from a member of the Jaggedpine to obtain. Seek out my beloved, Lerian, in the Surefall Glade and inquire about the gloves. He will know who has sent you and what he must do to aid you.''

    You say, 'What are forest woven gloves?'

    Lerian Wyndrunner says 'The gloves you seek to acquire will take much patience and perseverance on your behalf to be successful in obtaining. I can guide you as to who and what you must seek and give you the proper instructions to fulfill your part before I can give the final touch to creating the Forest Woven Gloves. The task you must fulfill before returning to me to complete the final process in the item's creation is to use your own mastery in the ways of tailoring to create the Blackened Mithril Netted Gloves. There are two components for this item -- one is the Tattered Panther Hide Gloves, which you will likely find upon a renegade poacher known as Theoris Bladespur, who the scouts of the Glade have informed me currently resides in South Karana. The second item is the [Blackened Mithril Netting].''

    You say, 'What is Blackened Mithril Netting?'

    Lerian Wyndrunner says 'This material is new to the creation of the gloves, as the resource we had once used grows dangerously scarce. I have spoken with the craftsman of Qeynos and they have given me the knowledge of the Blackened Mithril, which can be found in the clutches of the kobold king's guard who resides in Solusek's Eye. The artisans of Qeynos say that the Blackened Mithril is light and its ability to hold an enchantment is unsurpassed by anything they have yet to find on Antonica, making it suitable for our intentions of creating this item. Once you have successfully made the Blackened Mithril Netted Gloves, you will need to return them to me with the Shadowjade Moss and Shadowjade Fern Leaves, both of which you can safely procure in the Jaggedpine, if the forest will allow you take of it.''

    Turn in Gloves, Moss and Leaves to Lerian.

    Lerian Wyndrunner examines the gloves, checking the item's stability and quality of make. Satisfied, Lerian then pulls the gloves onto his hands and proceeds to carefully cover the gloves with the dark emerald moss. He then closes his eyes and begins to whisper a soft chant in an ancient druidic language as he opens the small pouch and sprinkles the fern seeds across the palms and back of his hands. As he chants, his hands hold a soft emerald radiance and the seeds begin to sprout before your eyes. The tiny ferns weave in an out of the Mithril netting, binding the moss to the gloves and creating a beautiful design upon the back of each gloves. Lerian removes the gloves as his chant ends and extends them to Silverfur, a delicate, warm smile upon his face in silent approval.

    Hand in final items to Cheyloh.

    Cheyloh Greenwood says 'Well done, Solkinx. The Jade Studs have been easily bound to the enchantment of the Forest Woven Gloves. Although you will not see bindings to hold the studs in-place, know that they are quite secure. Lerian's gifts are not to be underestimated, nor taken for granted. You have earned this item selflessly in displaying your protection of the natural order of this world, and in-turn, your ward has blessed you in many ways with the creation of this item. May it protect you as you have protected the land and order that forged it.''


    You say, 'I wish to acquire a circlet.'

    Cheyloh Greenwood says 'Nature will provide to you what it is you provide to her -- if you protect her, she shall in-turn offer shelter and provide to you. I shall aid you, as is my duty here, but you must set out on your own before my aid can be granted. There are two items you must seek; a Polished Jade Tear that resides in the clutches of Lameriae the Alluring, a powerful Potameid Temptress who seduced and killed one of the Blackguard's most cunning of thieves and hunters. It is said that she holds the tear, which was given to her by the entranced Blackguard before he drowned to death. The second item you must retrieve for me is a Shadowjade Circlet that Jhaya Wyndrunner in Surefall Glade will aid you to acquire -- all you need to do approach and ask her.''

    You say, 'What shadowjade circlet?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'I see that Cheyloh has been keeping herself quite busy with the recent opening of our lands to Qeynos, and I am pleased to know that our brethren of the world beyond the Jaggedpine have an interest in our ways. I will aid you to create the circlet, but I must ask that you brave the wilds and turmoil of this world to retrieve two items that I will then weave into the circlet for you. The items I need are a Shadowjade Weave, which you will make with your own hands by weaving two Shadowjade Vines and two strands of Shadowjade Moss together -- both components you may find by foraging through the Jaggedpine forest. Be sure that your mastery of tailoring is up to par when attempting this feat, for the components are delicate and will be destroyed in the hands of the inexperienced. The second item I am in need of is a [Blackened Mithril Chain].''

    You say, 'What blackened mithril chain?'

    Jhaya Wyndrunner says 'The artisans of Qeynos have provided a wonderful counterpart to our natural, although nearly depleted resource that was once used when making this line of our sacred armor. Unfortunately, the one who last attempted to retrieve the chain was killed in Lavastorm by one of the poachers, who seek the Blackened Mithril for their own reasons -- likely to steal our recipe and sell the corrupted versions of these treasured items on the underground market of Norrath. In any case, we have heard that the chain was sold to one appropriately named Nyuae the Cruel -- a Teir'Dal enchantress. What her motives are, I am unsure of, but we do know that she has taken refuge in the Ocean of Tears. Retrieve the Blackened Mithril Chain and return it to me with the Shadowjade Weave.''

    Many thanks to Sentier for his help with this guide, as well as the many players who worked out each individual subquest.

    Silverfur Mangycoat
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    Silverfur Mangycoat
    Druid of The Nameless
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    Wow, that's wonderful! Thank you!! It might take a few days till we can use it, as the focus right now is on the more glaring issues with the database. But this is definitely a gem

    Great work!
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      I've added your guide, take a look.

      I added "Combining in a Coldain Tanners Kit or in a Deluxe Sewing Kit will not work." in the note about which containers work, for extra clarification. I also changed the "following" in "If anyone has the following text, please post under the Quest Requiring Tradeskills Forum" to "missing" and made a link to the forum. And I tweaked the formatting to add some bold to make the sections a little clearer.

      Look okay?
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        Wow, thanks Verdandi. It looks great.

        Two formatting requests:
        - In the first paragraph can you put the PART I/PART II/PART III sentences each on their own line?
        - In the second paragraph can you put each item with its stats on its own line?

        Otherwise it looks good. Your text changes are fine.

        I'll post here when the last two pieces are complete.

        - Silv
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          Whoops, missed a few line breaks there hehe. Fixes applied. I also noticed it wasn't showing your guild name because it was in the hallowed <> brackets. I removed em, so it shows now.

          You're very welcome, and thanks to you for the most excellent addition to the site!
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            Firstly, thanks Silverfur for the write-up. A comprehensive walk-through of the various textx has been sorely missed and early on there were numerous people on various forums abusing SoE for providing totally inadequate rewards to the quests when in fact it was interim items that were being discussed. That being said I think the overall risk/reward for these items is generally not good.

            A couple of my own notes on mobs/items, expecially potameids as I hunted them extensively for these quests.

            The wildlings do drop the braids, I have looted a number of them myself. The proc on the bewilders is a confusion effect, the temptress proc is a fear one. Note the fear proc overwrites illusion form so I recommend sow/soe over wolfform if you plan to hunt them. Lameriae in my experience can spawn in place of any of the bewilders in the caves although the spawn already mentioned is the easiest to go after (esp. solo).

            The tunic quest bug(s) are particularly irksome and I have personally /bugged it numerous times. I can't believe SoE hasn't fixed the bugs but have had the time to add in a new zone off JP!!

            After finishing the leggings quest some time back I lost the will to try for the blossom drop off the temptresses as it is a time consuming and often dangerous process as a solo druid (even at 65) to pull any decent number of the required mobs out of the cave (DC pet fighting in caves is dangerous due to fear/confusion procs).

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              Updates applied, thanks!
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                Bump for reposting

                This guide got lost when the main site crashed this week. Can you repost it to the Quest section on the main site again when you get a chance, Verdandi?


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                  We've only yet started planning for recovery and aren't yet ready to start readding stuff. It may be a while yet. But when the time comes I'll make sure this gets added. Thanks for the reminder.
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                    Wow, one might say I lost track of this....

                    It's been readded to the site with the updates noted in this thread. Now to fish through the other updates that may be loitering around here somewhere.
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