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  • Exalted book task

    Homecity from same person ya got your previous cultural aug books from.

    Kill 40 Darkroot shaman
    Make impressions of the totems darkroot shaman carry. 0/6
    Kill 20 Adult mammoths
    Make impressions of the molars of adult mammoths. 0/4

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    Apologies for the basic question, but how do you make the impressions? just have the relevant book in your backpack? My partner and I are both working toward the GM lvl symbol, have the new quest but not done any yet.

    Just need to finish the dratted Jonas aug quest.


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      That's correct, have the book on your person and it should update sooner or later.


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        Thanks .

        Finished the hand aug last night, finally so will be working on these later in the week.


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          Where are these mobs?

          I have scouted Direwind and Icefall and can't find darkroot shamen or adult mammoths. Allakhazam lists adult mammoths as mobs, so people have seen them. Are they rare spawns? With maxed tracking, I know there weren't any in either zone, and I searched each zone twice.
          I was told the adult mammoths spawn near the wizzie spires, but I only found elders up there. I have no idea where the darkroot shamen are supposed to spawn.


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            The darkroot shaman can spawn from any of the darkroot mobs inside the caves OTHER THAN the darkroot gardeners, darkroot vineherds and their attendant vinesnarls.

            The best spot I found was the south-east corner of the first room at the west entrance to the sporali caves (near the sporali gardeners).

            The adult mammoths seem to be on the same spawn spots as "a large mammoth" - you may need to kill those to get the ones you need to spawn. Or, persuade a beam-kiting Wizard to invite you and park yourself near the Wizard port-in spot so they dont lose their XP, but you should still get the kills and impressions.
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              I hate darkroot vineherds, killed me 3 times already and I only have 16 kills/1 impression to show for it!


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                The Darkroot Caves are to the far north of Direwind, almost run UNDER the AG gates. Darkroot are Sporali model mushrooms.

                It's easy to avoid the vineheards. Static spawn that don't wander, just don't go near them or aggro anything else that is near them.

                I agree with the previous poster about the first room from the west side camp spot. That's where I did most of my shammy kills - usually single pulls except when breaking the camp had a couple of doubles. Easy but slot to box.

                You can also camp the east side, outside the caves themselves, but the pulls are longer and slower and you're more likely to get snared by the time you get the deeper pulls back to camp.

                Mammoths are trivial if you have a FD puller or can do CoTH pulls (I box a mage) abet the adults are uncommon spawns and NEVER spawn alone 'till you break one of the two camps. Best spot I found there was the "peninsula" south from the western edge of the mammoth area, pull from the "pond" clusters nearly due north from that spot. The adults on the other side are too close to where a lot of orc hunter trains run through IMO, but it's viable to pull them to the peninsula if you don't mind LONG pulls. ALL of the adult spaws spots seem to be near one of the "ponds" in the mammoth area.

                The adults seem to be fixed spawn, can spawn from ANY spot that has a baby mammoth next to it (the babies do NOT have PHs). I *think* I remember at least one time a PH was something other than "a large mammoth" but not 100% sure about that. The baby mammoths don't hit hard, mabey half what the adults do, and 60-70% ballpark of the HPs, and are a little lower level. I have no idea if the adults can spawn near the wizzie spires, the camp I did for them was the central area "planes" mammoth herd.
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