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297 in Pottery - want to get 300 ...

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  • 297 in Pottery - want to get 300 ...

    I've burned through my supply of CRD making orbs. I've made over 200 starting at high 280s and still not at 300 yet.

    Every combine that I'm finding needs farming of something, which is either so rare no one has it or is so common everyone buys it up for other reasons so I still can't get my hands on what I need.

    Is there an easy 300+ pottery combine that I can do to squeeze out the last 3 skills?

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    dream dust and pottery ornaments. Dream dust is pretty common.

    Unfired Obsidian Scale Skean Ornament only takes one infused clay per combine.
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      I got there making tons of Cloudy orbs (powersources), which require Sunshard Ore. I had a ton on hand, and then bought more in the Bazaar (couple of years ago). If you're in the right level range (zone-wise), they are a fairly common drop.

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