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TSS charm recipe success rate

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  • TSS charm recipe success rate

    The 12 tradeskill charms from The Serpent's Spite expansion have a reduced or limited success rate for the final step in the kiln for some reason. Even though the trivial is 250, it's showing only 75% chance of success in the combine button at skill 350 instead of the expected 95%+. Which explains my high failure rate making these. Do we want to put a special note in the recipes about this?

    Alchemist Charm
    Artisan Charm
    Baker Charm
    Brewer Charm
    Fletcher Charm
    Jeweler Charm
    Mechanic Charm
    Potter Charm
    Researcher Charm
    Smith Charm
    Tailor Charm
    Toxicologist Charm

    I wonder what other recipes out there might have altered success rates?

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    Since there is no field for success rate and we don't know definitively what's driving this, I'm not inclined to add comments for this, but happy to stick it in the pottery forum for people to be able to see.
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