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  • Poison 350 skill summary

    To reach 350 skill in poison making, you need to learn 543 recipes. The various series of game-wide dropped leaves and vendor-sold venoms, levels 15 (rank I) through 106 (rank XIX), can get you there, thanks to the additional rank of XIX recipes with the RoS expansion. These series were introduced as a rogue poison revamp in April 2009, midway through the Seeds of Destruction expansion.

    For the dropped leaves, I hope you have been collecting and saving them. You will need a minimum of about 6 of every different type (7 types) and level (up to 13 ranks), except for the lowest level of leaf, "Dry" (level 45), which you need 15 of each. Plus at least 1 each of all the different dropped Nigriventer Venoms and Gormar Venoms.

    For vendor supplies, in addition to PoK, you will also need to visit Argath and Shard's Landing and/or The Overthere (RoS).

    Note: To make the Consigned Bite of the Shissar recipes, you will need a Coffin Poison Bottle, which comes from the Grandmaster Assassin's Seal, which is quested.

    Poison recipes from game-wide leaves and venoms:

    19 Bite of the Shissar I - XIX
    19 Consigned Bite of the Shissar I - XIX
    32 Caladium Extract
    21 Delphinium Extract
    32 Laburnum Extract
    32 Larkspur Extract
    32 Muscimol Extract
    32 Oleander Extract
    18 Privit Extract
    19 Anger of the Shissar I - XIX
    9 Archer's Bane XI - XIX
    19 E`ci's Lament I - XIX
    16 Fighter's Bane IV - XIX
    19 Gelidran Lament I - XIX
    19 Hate of the Shissar I - XIX
    19 Messenger's Bane I - XIX
    10 Monk's Bane X - XIX
    19 Myrmidon's Sloth I - XIX
    19 Pyrilen Burn I - XIX
    19 Quellious' Trauma I - XIX
    19 Scorpion's Agony I - XIX
    19 Solusek's Burn I - XIX
    19 Spider's Bite I - XIX
    19 Strike of Ssraeshza I - XIX
    19 Strike of the Shissar I - XIX
    16 Warlord's Bane IV - XIX
    6 Tallon's Tactic XIV - XIX
    6 Vallon's Tactic XIV - XIX
    3 Hero's Toxin I - III
    subtotal 550

    Additional poison recipes:

    6 freebie Abysmal Sea and Crescent Reach tasks (Simple)
    4 freebie Abysmal Sea and Crescent Reach turn-ins (Simple)
    1 scribe book: Poison Maker's Scrawl
    5 scribe book: Peaceful Seas
    1 Grandmaster Assassin's Vial
    1 Toxicologist Ceramic Clay
    42(+?) miscellaneous old world, PoP, OoW

    total 610