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  • New Poisons Guide

    Updated for Underfoot Poisons!!

    The basic recipe for the new poisons are:

    *** Poison Vial + *** Emulsifier + *** Suspension + Base Component

    The Emulsifier is just a basic vendor sold component used to determine type of resist or add hate to a poison:

    Emulsifier - Used in most poisons
    E'ci Emusifier - Used to make a poison that checks against Cold Resist
    Ro Emulsifier - Used to make a poison that checks against Fire Resist
    Innoruuk Emulsifier - Used to make (ROG only) poisons that anger your victim

    The suspension determines how the poison acts:

    Suspension - Basic Suspension
    Ethereal Suspension - Poison fires more quickly
    Suffisive Suspension - Used for assist poisons (debuffs)
    Celestial Suspension - Fires all at once
    Thick Suspension - Used in poisons that can be given to non-rogues

    The poison vial used is based on the level you want for the final result. There is a normal version and a sealed version for each level. Sealed poison vials are used for the Rogue only DPS poisons. All other poisons use the Normal version.

    Level 85 - Chronal Infused
    Level 80 - Platinum Embossed
    Level 75 - Gold Embossed
    Level 70 - Embossed
    Level 65 - Etched
    Level 60 - Fine
    Level 55 - Refined
    Level 50 - Unadorned
    Level 45 - Plain
    Level 40 - Unrefined
    Level 35 - Simple
    Level 30 - Coarse
    Level 25 - Rough
    Level 20 - Crude
    Level 15 - Primitive (No sealed version that I saw)

    And so these aren't nearly as confusing, there is a Required Level on the actual item in game when you right click that shows the level it is used for.

    The Base component is the fun part to explain. There are 12 different types of base components found on the poison vendors. Each component has a specific effect. The level of the effect is determined by the Grade of the component. It appears that all grades of each component are purchasable up to level 40, with some purchasable all the way to 85. For the dropped components, you will have to refine those yourself.

    Components and Effects:
    Nigriventor - Direct Damage (All/All)
    Goramar - DD + Hate (All/All)
    Mamba - Self Only DD
    Taipan - DD that expends more quickly (More Procs for less damage and fades sooner)
    Choresine - Massive single use DD (12,415 for 85 version)

    Muscimol - Agro Debuff
    Oleander - Slow
    Larkspur - Snare
    Caladium - Clumsy
    Laburnum - Slow + Clumsy
    Privit - Accuracy debuff
    Delphinium - Evasion debuff

    You are actually able to have 2 different poisons up at once. One from the first group and one from the second.

    Now for the Grade of the component.

    85 - Purified Grade AA
    80 - Purified Grade A
    75 - Purified Grade B
    70 - Refined Grade AA
    65 - Refined Grade A
    60 - Concentrated Grade AA
    55 - Concentrated Grade A
    50 - Concentrated Grade B
    45 - Grade AA
    40 - Grade A
    35 - Grade B
    30 - Grade C
    25 - Grade D
    20 - Grade E
    15 - Weak

    Rogue Only DPS Components can be bought up to level 85 from vendor
    Utility Poison Components can be bought up to level 40 from vendor
    All/All DPS components can be bought up to level 40 from vendor. Dropped components from these do not need to be washed.

    The dropped components seem to come from Rogue Class and snake/plant mobs of the appropriate level range.

    Level 85 - Pristine Component
    Level 80 - Superior Component
    Level 75 - Quality Component
    Level 70 - Fine Component
    Level 65 - Fresh Component
    Level 60 - Stale Component
    Level 55 - Wilted Component
    Level 50 - Brittle Component
    Level 45 - Dry Component

    To get from the Raw component to the Base, there are a few vendor sold items.

    To get a basic result (level 45 Grade AA) You would combine the raw component + Neutral Wash in a Mortar.

    For a Concentrated Base, it is Raw + Neutral Wash + Waterbane Powder.

    For Refined, it is Raw + Neutral Wash + Waterbane Powder + Formic Acid.

    For Purified, it is Raw + Neutral Wash + Waterbane Powder + Formic Acid + Solusek Nodule.

    Raid Poisons

    Underfoot has introduced two new poisons designed to be used on raids. The recipe for these is unique, so I'm putting them in their own section.

    Tallon's Tactic
    - Chronal Infused Sealed Poison Vial
    - Purified Grade AA Mamba Venom
    - Purified Grade AA Privit Extract
    - Purified Grade AA Privit Extract
    - Innoruuk Emulsifier
    - Suspension Fluid

    Vallon's Tactic
    - Chronal Infused Sealed Poison Vial
    - Purified Grade AA Mamba Venom
    - Purified Grade AA Delphinium Extract
    - Purified Grade AA Delphinium Extract
    - Innoruuk Emulsifier
    - Suspension Fluid

    These poisons are designed to be used in concert with each other by two or more rogues. When one of them procs, it adds a debuff to the intended victim that increases the damage dealt by the opposite poison and vice-versa. The recipe for the level 85 version is listed. They can also be made in level 80 versions, but not any lower.
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    judging from the book, it may be that one type of vial is for rogue self use, the other is for ones you can trade?


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      Originally posted by Keaile View Post
      As I said before, most of these can be bought from vendors on test. For the dropped components however, they each have a quality. They appear to be global rare drops that drop in areas appropriate to their level. So...

      Level 85 - ** Component
      Level 80 - ** Component
      Level 75 - ** Component
      Level 70 - Fine Component
      Level 85 seems to be Pristine since I looted a Pristine Muscimol off a Rallosian slayer (or sentinel ?) in Toskirakk :

      Pristine Muscimol
      Class: ROG
      Race: ALL
      Size: SMALL
      Weight: 0.2
      Req Level: 85
      This item can be used in tradeskills.

      I uploaded it to Lucy.


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        Nice work Keaile, thanks a ton.
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          This is a great guide to get one started on the new system. Once you understand the basics there is no need to look up individual recipes when doing these combines.

          Thanks for all the work you put in Keaile, and sharing it
          Heartz Broken - Druzzil Ro


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            Wow... much better than mine, but heres the one i posted in SoD discussion and as well as on thesafehouse. Paired with yours, i think this is pretty much an all around perfect thread.


            Just posted a new Walkthrough of the new poisoncrafting algorythms. Check it out at

   ... post476066

            Or just read below. I am Siimba BTW. old charname for Gadai.

            _____________ DISCLAIMER=SPOILAGE________________
            I read, and i conglomerate, I do not create. The translation was in my own words, as i understand them, and the names of the poison lines were taken from the thread. I don't believe we are here for credit so much as working together, AS the manual suggests. There is a short algorythm summation at the end of this whole spiel though. Which will be all mine.

            This is my translation :


            These secrets you shall not share
            (warning to non rogues, dont touchy touchy)

            ----- Key -----

            The peace we grant is the peace of death

            (Peace of death = peacefully dead = to die peacefully)

            It is our Gift. It is a gift we share. It is a gift we do not reveal.

            (basic, help your fellow rogues, and dont get caught or else you die, by the enemy's hands, your fellow rogues, or your own.)

            The Gift is simple to create. While we can share simple gifts, and allow others to give the gift, there are many that only we can deliver.

            (again simple, "We can create poisons simply enough. While we can make poisons that are simple enough for other classes to use, There are many that only we as roguly rogues can apply safely, if at all."

            We and only we can use two gifts at a time. One gift simply delivers the gift directly, while the other allows us to more easily deliver the gift to others.

            (This one is a little more cryptic, "Only we as roguely rogues are allowed to apply two poisons at one time, since it takes quite a bit of finesse. One would be a direct proc type poison, and the optherbeing some sort of debuffing poison, either to make it easier for the poison to stick on the target, or something of the sort."

            Vials hold importance. They contain the efficacy of what is in. Quality matters more as the gift increases in its ability to give the gift.

            (Okay, "Vials are the main difference in each poison other than the base. The vials determine what level of poison you wish to create, and teh rest is built around that. As you increase the level of the vial, you must also match that with the level of other ingredients you are using to make any viable form of poison. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!"

            There are two. One is only for our main gift and seals their fate. The other is for the gifts we share and the gifts we use to assist.

            (Here we go again, "There are two types of vials we can use, the cheap kind WOOT!!! and the spensivv tipe... 8(... . So the cheap kind, like the consigned ones, are for our use only. They look like they got a little skull head floatingout of them. The expensive ones, are used for the ones we let other classes use, like the melee all/all ones, and the assist debuffer ones.)

            Next one needs the base of the gift. This base comes in many forms. These forms come in many grades. As the grade and quality improves, so does the power of the gift.

            (Alright, remember when i said to match the level of the vial with the level of the base and stuff? well here we go, " The base of the poison determines what kind of poison it will be. Since, as all chemist types know, in order to successfully apply a poison, one needs a micro particulate suspension base in order to keep the poison from settling, and remaining consistent throughout the construct and stuff... but you also need a properly processed base, which is what we wish to suspend. Think boiling salt water, that is a micro particulate suspension. This base can be constructed out of different herbs, glandular excretions, oil from toadskin, you know, the standard mind altering or body altering substances found in the great land of norrath. Think of a wood ef sniffing cinnamon bark. XD

            Type shared DD

            The gift of the Nigriventer is a shared gift that directly delivers the gift.

            (Nigriventer = Spider's Bite

            Line of poisons, DPS all/all. thick suspension, emulsifier, appropriate level base/vial combo.)

            The gift of the Gormar is for a shared gift that directly delivers a lesser gift along with irritating pain.

            (Gormar = Scorpion's Agony

            line of poisons. DoT methinks. No info on this one, but maybe like that one enchanter one that irritates the mob or something. im doing this all off the top of my head, so like, rough draft FTW. thick suspension, emulsifier, appropriate level base/vial combo.)

            Type R1 DD self

            The gift of the Mamba is for the basic gift that only we can use. It may also be used in the gift of the gods.

            (Mamba = Bite of the shissar

            line of spells. DD proc and i believe a stun component if it follows the line. It says you can use a godly emulsifier if i read it right. emulsifier/godly emulsifier one, suspension, appropriate level base/vial combo.)

            The gift of the Taipan is for the gift we can use that expends itself more quickly.

            (Taipan = Strike of the Shissar

            line of poisons. Think of the old school single cast DD line of poisons, where you had to sit and apply every single time you wanted to cast one. emulsifier, ethereal suspension, appropriate level vial/base.)

            The gift of the Choresine is for the fragile gift with the strongest sting that we give all at once.

            (Choresine = Strike of Ssraehza

            line of spells. think uber DD. emulsifier, celestial suspension, appropriate level vial/base combo)

            Type R2 assist self

            The gift of the Muscimol is for the assisting gift that makes the gifted forget the pain.

            (Muscimol = Quellious' Trauma

            line of poisons. I am thinking hate clear proc. to counteract that big DD welove so much. (emulsifier, suffusing suspension, appropriate vial/base)

            The gift of the oleander is for the assisting gift that makes the gifted slow in combat.

            (Oleander = Myrmidon's Sloth

            line of poisons. Ever wanted a constant spirit of sloth proc on your weapon that was uber cool and stuff? Here's your slow. emulsifier, suffusing suspension, appropriate level vial/base combo.)

            The gift of the Larkspur is for the assisting gift that makes the gifted slow of foot.

            (Larkspur = Messenger's Bane

            line of poisons. I am thinking a snare. like spine break. Oh... remember the days of spine break and jboots running around with throwing daggers bought from KFC kiting gnolls. YOU know what I'm talking about. emulsifier, suffising suspension, appropriate level vial/base combo.)

            The gift of the Caladium is for the assisting gift that makes the gifted clumsy in combat.

            (Caladium = Fighters Bane

            line of poisons. I am thinking a blind type poison. Miss more, get hit less, hit for less damage, your standard shammy cripple. Prolly a lot more beefy though. Emulsifier, Suffusing suspension, appropriate level vial/base combo.)

            The gift of the Laburnum is for the assisting gift that makes the gifted slow and clumsy in combat.

            (Laburnum = Warlord's Bane

            line of poisons. Slow and cripple. awesome, but probably not as effective of a slow OR a cripple as either of the others combined, via multiple rogues using each separately. For raids, i suggest guild rogues communicating which they are going to use. I have forever said that rogues are the most versatile class because of poisons, and am very glad they brougt them up to date, but back to what i was doing, emulsifier, suffusing suspension, appropriate level vial/base combo.)

            The gift of the Privit is for the assisting gift that makes the gifted miss in combat.

            (Privit = Archer's bane

            line of poisons. I am thinking straight accuracy debuff. Accuracy is not just for range though, i am thinking it works all around, if anyone has more direct knowledge on how accuracy affects different classes, feel free to quote/update this part.
            Emulsifier, Suffusing suspension, appropriate level vial/base.)
            The gift of the Delphinium is for the assisting gift that makes the gifted fail to evade strikes.

            Once one has the base of the gift, one will need to suspend the gift.

            (We went over micro particulate suspensions earlier. To further expand on the concept of a suspension, we will remember how different things evaporate. Water= slowly, alcohol = faster, gasoline = even faster, ether = really fast, and KY jelly = really slow... but it dissolves well in water. Think about making herbal tea, tinctures extracts and whatnot.

            Say we are using Valerian root as a (base). We all know what that is, a mild sedative. So, knowing that the (base is a mild sedative) and muscle relaxant, we can effectively state that (whatever we make), (will be) a (mild sedative) and muscle relaxant. Now, we canuse water for an initial (suspension), which is fine, to steep the herbs in, and have a nice tea. Or, we could steep the tea till the water turns dark brown, strain the herbs out, (boil the water off), and we will have a (condensed) form of what we just (Extracted) out of the roots. Now we can scrape this off the pan, which i would use a steel pan myself, shiny and can see everything. pour that into your mortar and pestle, and grind away till its a fine powder, now you have a (processed base), which should not take long, and then mix it into a vial with (slightly warm pure grain alcohol), and you have a (tincture). The alcohol is readily absorbed into the bloodstream, along with whatever is combined with it, so longas the particles are small enough. hence, proper grinding is essential, but always keep in mind, the smaller the particles, the easier it is absorbed. gloves are important... so is lack of wind.... With poisons, its not as innocet as making a tncture of valerian. Using these techniques without VERY strict guidelines and procedures, which you will all learn thrughout your poisoncrafting careers, is umm... very dangerous. and expensive. but enough about sub-modern chemistry.)

            The gift is suspended thickly for those gifts that are shared, allowing for safety for those less skilled at delivering gifts.
            (Thick suspension for Type Shared)

            It is simply suspended for the basics of what we give.
            (Suspension = Type R1)

            It is suspended from the ether when we deliver quickly.
            (ethereal suspension = single shot DD Typr R1)

            It is suspended from the celestial hosts when we give it all at once.
            (Celestial Suspension = Super single shot DD, Type R1)

            Finally, for the gifts that assist, we must suffuse the gift.
            (Suffusing suspension = Type Assist R2)

            Finally we must help the base of the gift to mix with the gift suspension. For this, we must emulsify.

            (Emulsifier = to combine or something. Heat is a regularly used emulsifier, so is acid. Anything that allows a merging of the two substances is an emulsifier.)

            Most gifts share the same emulsifier, but the gifts of the gods have their own.

            (Gift of the gods have their own emulsifier)

            While the gifts that only we can deliver will cost you little, they do require that you have skill in creating the gifts. You will find that you cannot make them until you have practiced making other gifts.

            (they are basically saying, you come through us, or go sit on your thumb and rotate, and dont think you can just jump in here and master our secrets like you're the baby Kerafyrm either. Practice makes perfect. Remember, this guide is an Algorythm transcribed into suggestive format. THIS IS LINGUISTIC CODE!!! its not hard, unless its in thieves cant, and we're supposed to be trained in TC Ciphers in any case. )

            Some assisting gifts do not gain in efficacy past a certain point. While this may be true, it is still important to improve the quality of the components of the gift in order to have them deliver properly to the gifted.

            (You may notice that some of the shared poisons you make are NOT doing more damage or slowing better or whatever it is that you expect them to do, but i can GUARANTEE that from what they just wrote, that they will land more efficiently, which is derived from thesame base form effic = to perform without unnecessary action. hence, efficacy = the state of performance without unnecessary action. efficiency = the state of active performing without unnecessary action. hence, BOOYA!!! this manual... its more efficient to write it all down in a linear format with TONS of extra information, so that WHILE you are looking everything up, you MUST take the time to learn. The pattern or algorythm is more important than the actual recipes. )

            In addition, some assisting gifts are complex enough that they take a much higher skill to construct as well as use.

            (Also, this stuffs gonna take a lot of effort, and with experience, max aas and skill are NOT enough, you MUST max your trophy unless you like to lose components on the regular. GET TO COMBINING YO!!!)

            TYPE R1 - Rogue Only (Direct - Stacks with R2 line)

            --- Normal DD ---

            <<<Bite of the Shissar>>>

            Level ## Vial
            Level ## Mamba Base
            Suspension Fluid

            --- Godly ---

            <<<E`ci's Lament>>>

            Level ## Vial
            Level ## Mamba Base
            Suspension Fluid
            E`ci Emulsifier

            <<<Solusek's Burn>>>

            Level ## Vial
            Level ## Mamba Base
            Suspension Fluid
            Ro Emulsifier

            --- FAST ---

            <<<Strike of the Shissar>>>

            Level ## Vial
            Level ## Taipan Base
            Ethereal Suspension Fluid

            --- SUPER FAST ---

            <<<Strike of Ssraeshza>>>

            Level ## Vial
            Level ## Choresine Base
            Celestial Suspension Fluid

            TYPE R2 - Rogue only (Assist - stacks with R1 line)


            <<<Fighter's Bane>>>

            level ## Caladium base
            level ## Vial
            Suffusing Suspension Fluid

            --- Snare ---

            <<<Messenger's Bane>>>

            level ## Larkspur base
            level ## Vial
            Suffusing Suspension Fluid

            --- Slow ---

            <<<Myrmidon's Sloth>>>

            level ## Oleander base
            level ## Vial
            Suffusing Suspension Fluid

            --- Hate concealer ---

            <<<Quellious' Trauma>>>

            level ## Muscimol base
            level ## Vial
            Suffusing Suspension Fluid

            --- Slow/cripple ---

            <<<Warlord's Bane>>>

            level ## Laburnum base
            level ## Vial
            Suffusing Suspension Fluid

            --- Accuracy Debuff ---

            <<<Archer's Bane>>>

            level ## Privit base
            level ## Vial
            Suffusing Suspension Fluid

            TYPE Shared - all/all (Does not stack with R2 or R1, i think. Will update as i actually test all of this.)

            --- DoT irritate??? ---

            <<<Scorpion's Agony>>>

            level ## Gormar base
            level ## Vial
            Thick Suspension Fluid

            --- DD ---

            <<<Spider's Bite>>>

            level ## Nigriventor base
            level ## Vial
            Thick Suspension Fluid

            If you or any of your friends have any questions about this, i am Gadai from fennin ro. feel free to message me. WOOT IMMORTALS RISING!!!

            (p.s. i know a lot of the form, names, and syntax was plaig... i mean errm... reconstructed... here. and the link for the original thread is there, if you wanna see credit go where its supposed to, thats where i got the... errm... reconstructed text from.)

            (P.P.S. If you dont like the way i type, sit and rotate. I happen to like my grammatical errs, and feel that they give my writing personality. so again, i say, sit and rotate.)

            (P.P.P.S. If you, LOVED my writing, please say, YO MACRO WHAT UP!!! when you respond to this thread. thanks.)

            Chosen Guardian Gadai Tiarna the Champion of Ak`Anon of Torvonnilous
            Agnostic Level 85 Shadowblade (Rogue)
            Fennin Ro/Torvonnilous

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            That's what life's about!!


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              Thank you for the helpful info!


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                My (old) Recipe Table
                The Guild website is no longer there, but I'm leaving the link for nostalgia's sake.

                The tables are now being Hosted on . I didn't move the tables, and I don't know who runs that site. I can not edit those tables, I am just happy somebody saved them before the guild site went away. Thank you Mystery Person.
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                  Why am I getting that Strike of the Shissar XIV is trivial 260? It seems it should be 452, correct? Eqtraders and VA's page listed above both give 452.
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                    Originally posted by Nihixul View Post
                    Why am I getting that Strike of the Shissar XIV is trivial 260? It seems it should be 452, correct? Eqtraders and VA's page listed above both give 452.
                    They adjusted the trivials on the rogue only DPS.

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                      My Recipe Table
                      some people are having trouble finding the tables.
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                        I am having trouble finding the tables ... I will keep searching.
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                          Found them -- thanks to this post